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This is where I'll be posting any art that I draw. Content may sometimes be NSFW. I mostly draw pony, But am starting to learn Anthro.

Really struggling to draw anything right now (major lack of motivation, and feeling like I’m not actually progressing no matter what I do) @beardie-arts suggested I work through it with some random scenes, so that’s that I’m going to be doing for a bit

Starting to get a handle on canine heads. need to learn expressions now as i refine my technique 

Looking to do some anthro practice

I’m hoping to do some anthro practice over the next week of so. So I’m open to character requests. Just send me a ref, and I’ll put them into consideration.

Images will be coloured sketches with a quality level similar to this:

Images will be a variety of SFW or NSFW (if you have a specific preference, let me know though)

Please note however. I will be selecting poses, and will also decide if I want to do the submitted character (If I feel it’s too complex for me, I’m likely to turn it down. and I’ll lean heavily towards female characters)

I’ll take refs through DMs, submissions, or on discord.

I'm still accepting characters for this.

Especially looking for non pony.

Refs aren't required to be anthro, I can work out the conversion.