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Fandom elder, single, rooted in the pacific northwest. She/Her. I'm definitely more of an internet introvert but love making new friends! I am still proud Glee and Klaine trash and always will be. I collect fandoms rather than moving on, so other fandoms featured here include The X-Files, LOTR, Gilmore Girls, Snowbaz (from Carry On), Check Please, Orphan Black, Ted Lasso, and RTD era Doctor Who, mixed with liberal politics and intersectional feminism and whatever else catches my fancy. I tag liberally. I don't believe in and don't support conspiracy theories. I write fan fiction, slowly, and none of my fic are abandoned. No, not even that one.
@100wednesday drabble - Our Flag Means Death

“Who stole my oranges??”

The crew looked over from their duties, Roach angrily bobbing up through the floorboards from below. A raving jack-in-the-box who thankfully needed both hands to steady his climb, leaving his kitchen knife safely unweilded.

“Should we get more from Nana?” Oluwande asked.

Jim rolled their eyes. “...how the fucking seagull found her with that note...”

“Brilliant creatures,” Buttons muttered. “Two day shipping.”

“Let’s not jump to conclusions,” Stede insisted. “Surely it’s an innocent mistake.”

Last Night

“It’s made of oranges?” Ed asked, spreading the mask on his face. “I’ll fucking glow.”

“Like the sun,” Stede swooned.

These two crack me up every time! I don't know what kind of training even goes into being a news anchor but I feel like the bulk of it is nailing the 'anchor voice' 😂😂😂

Glee Musical Retrospective: Defying Gravity (Wheels)

Sung by: Rachel Berry and Kurt Hummel Original Artist(s): from Wicked Original Soundtrack

As legend has it - Chris Colfer wanted to sing this for some high school choir thing and was told no - because boys do not sing this song. He told Glee creator Ryan Murphy the story - and bam, this story line exists. We are all luckier for it.

Strap in, kids, this is going to be a long one. ;)

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With so many elections coming up worldwide it's probably a good time to remind everyone that tumblr once got infested with agents trying to convince everyone not to vote, or not to vote left because the candidates weren't morally pure enough.

Also a reminder that they were better at tumblr than most of us, comrade interloper was great at memeing. Like, the talent!

Anyway don't fall for it. There is no morally pure option.

Pride and the City

Rating: Explicit Fandom: Glee Relationship: Blaine Anderson/Kurt Hummel Characters: Kurt Hummel, Blaine Anderson, Rachel Berry, Santana Lopez, Quinn Fabray, Mercedes Jones, Sebastian Smythe, Sam Evans (Glee), Original Male Character(s), Original Female Character(s) Additional Tags: Alternate Universe, Sex and the City Adaptation, Writer Kurt Hummel, Fashion Designer Blaine Anderson, Romance, Drama, Humor, Sexual Humor, Sexual Content, Kurt is Carrie and Blaine is Big - but much better!, I'm not going to list every sexual act in the tags, all of the characters have a lot of sex with a lot of people, but this is definitely a Klaine fic Summary: Sex and the City AU: Kurt Hummel writes for an online New York City based queer publication, maintaining a lifestyle blog that covers everything from fashion to sex and relationships. In his attempt to establish and make a name for himself, Kurt has been unlucky in love. In a city of over eight million, how is it that all the men he finds are duds? In the process of researching the tragic state of romance in the city, he might just fall into an unexpected romance of his own.

shut up it’s Talking About Hawkeye’s Memory Time

First of all, let’s establish the fact that MASH is a retrospective told, out-of-order, by one or more unreliable narrators. It’s clear that the events are being relayed to us by the characters themselves, not shown to us objectively by an outside force; episodes like “the Interview” show us that pretty clearly, and the amount of “Dear Dad/Peg/Sis/Sigmund/Uncle Abdul” episodes we get heavily imply that the show is just a collection of letters home. I say it’s told out of order because even if you ignore the fact that the president changes between Eisenhower and Truman more than once, and Hawkeye has been at the 4077 for over two years in season 1 and under two years in season 4, there’s episodes like “A War for All Seasons” that deliberately mess up any coherent timeline you could try to piece together in the show. If the time skips/double-backs don’t convince you that the narrator(s) of the show is unreliable, think about the situation they’re retelling: three years in a war zone, most of which they spent drunk. Not only that, the main character has a history of repressing or altering certain memories. And on that note, I wanna talk about this image:


if you had asked me as a child what colour the sky was, i would have confidently said blue and yellow. because i grew up on the baltic coast next to one of the most travelled ship routes of the world, and the unfiltered sulfur pouring out of the exhausts of nearly a hundred cargo ships every day turned into a thick layer of sickly yellow laying over the horizon. especially on sunny summer days, it settled of the sea like the cheap imitation of a sunset, out of place during the bright daylight.

then, from one summer to the next, the yellow slowly but surely faded away. because a new legislation passed - one which heavily penalised airborne ship emissions in the area. and while the silhouettes of ships across the passage never became less frequent, their backdrop was now such a pure blue that its hard to imagine that it was ever different.

i think about this everytime someone tells me that climate legislation doesn't work, everytime a new media story declaring our helplessness in the face of certain environmental doom makes the rounds. don't get me wrong - the situation we are facing in terms of climate change and environmental destruction is certainly terrifying. but everyday, people are working tirelessly to implement law and policy that could change that fact. and because of those people, a newly bright blue sky touches down over the baltic sea. and that has to count for something, i think.