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Hey, I'm Meg! A 26 yo Illustrator living in Atlanta. I graduated from SCAD in Savannah, GA.  Thumbnail icon art credit to http://wr3h.tumblr.com/
Anonymous asked:

Do you like poems?

yes! my favorites are The Tiger and the unnamed werewolf fridge poem


for context these are the poems

also I almost forgot but the r/ambien Gives Us The Sleep post takes a completely serious third place in my favorite poems list:

and COMING IN HOT at NUMBER FOUR on my list, it's Fragment 147! an accidental poem created when the original parchment containing a text by Sappho was used to stop a wine jug more than 2,000 years ago- eventually the wine dissolved most of the parchment, leaving just a few words and BOY do they prove that the Universe has a sense of irony.


programs when you uninstall them: can you fill out this survey to tell us why you uninstalled me? heh... is it because i’m useless? i’m despicable... you probably never wanted me anyways,,, i should probably just die

today I learned that no one knows who really created Digimon and the person who’s credited with it may not be a real person

this is fucking me up bc “we thought humans created it in the 90s but we’re discovering that it maybe created itself” is both a textbook horror plot and the canon of the digital world in like every iteration of the franchise


i made a comic in google slides for some ungodly reason

the long-awaited sequel, Untitled #2

Untitled #3 explores the formulaic entertainment mass-produced by the pawns of capitalism. Or I just wanted to say ass. One of the two.

Untitled #4: the plot thiccens. also there’s a plot apparently

Untitled #5. This whole comic is 23 strips long, and I’ll be doing daily uploads until it’s all posted. Thanks for the great response y’all.

Untitled #6. Okay so firstly, HOLY FUCK Y’ALL. I did NOT expect this comic to get notes, let alone fanart. The most recent strip will always be linked at the bottom of my pinned post, so you can check there to see if you’re caught up.

Untitled #7. Not much to say here. I hope you’re having a good day!

Untitled #8. The true plot begins.

Untitled #9. The Creator can possess Red because I, like Red, have a phenomenal ass. That’s it. It’s not that deep.

Untitled #10. *slaps roof of blue square* this bad boy can fit so much fucking existential despair

Untitled #11. Bet you didn’t expect the ass jokes comic to come to this now did you

Untitled #12. Red is fucking pissed at me. sorry buddy

Untitled #13. I indeed cannot have a comic without characters. Well played, Red.

Untitled #14. Red has his priorities straight.

Untitled #15. It would be funny if this were the last strip but I promise it isn’t. I put too much effort into the end of the comic to stop it now.

Untitled #16. Nice try, Red. Nice try.

Untitled #17. The paradox of omnipotence perpetually vexes me :(

Untitled #18. Let’s not have any ambiguity: Red’s dead. Hey, that rhymes! Neat!

Untitled #19. While strip 18 coincidentally did fall on April Fool’s, it wasn’t a prank. This comic has two characters now. Remember when this comic was about ass jokes?

Untitled #20. Three more strips to go. Holy shit.

Untitled #21. ass haha

Untitled #22. What am I going to do? Who knows… Find out tomorrow at roughly 8:30 AM EST!

Untitled #23.

Probably the happiest ending this comic could have had


I think like, the death of Vine and Rabbit, Wikipedia constantly needing to beg for money, Discord depending so heavily on venture capital, Facebook turning towards spying on users to generate a return on all the venture capital that got them started, Adobe creative suite turning into a subscription rather than a single product you buy, the strangulation of streaming entertainment as every company pulls their content and makes it exclusive to their service, are all great examples of how like, it really doesn't matter if something is legitimately useful, efficient, or beloved, it is next to impossible for a service to exist if it doesn't make shareholders increasing amounts of money year after year. Which may seem like a "no duh" type of statement, but it's a very simple window into how the profit motive makes products and services worse, not better. And how that's not just a matter of certain companies or ceos being bad and greedy on an individual level, but is an inescapable factor of an economy where existence is dependent on generating capital.