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Well, then the droid does belong to you.

Luke: the droid says he belongs to you

Obi Wan, who knows full well that is anakin’s fucking nightmare robot: i don’t recall

Motherfucker doesn’t need to be Force sensitive to know that there’s Skywalker fuckery afoot when R2-D2 shows up. This is the gentle knock on the door before the Skywalker Drama Van unloads like a clowncar.

Bold of you to claim there’s anything gentle about R2-D2


Those beeps are actually him calling Obi Wan a motherfucker

That look is the look of a man resigned to this fate.

not 2 be dramatic but those posts yall make that reunite poetry about a certain subject... that is what art is about

what is man but a spicy little pile of the intertextuality between everything that’s ever shaped him

like these separate pieces of art weren't meant to be companions to each other but here they are... linked together by the fact u a lil insignificant human liked them and saw the common themes between them... not 2 be dramatic but. that's love

is 28°c/84°f too hot or too cold for you?

if you think 84°f is "too cold" then you are one of those organisms that lives exclusively in deep sea sulfur vents and I don't know how you got an internet connection but it's cool that you're here

queer is a gender, sexuality, romantic orientation, political alignment, and mission statement, babey


queer is literally a slur that means weird and strange

and I most certainly am weird and strange, what else you got?

Whenever I read LotR and reach the battle between Eowyn and the Witch-king, I get the impression that the reason why the prophecy loophole works isn’t that the Witch-king is unkillable except for some illogical weakness nobody had thought about yet for misogynistic reasons, but that the Witch-king himself derives so much of his power from the fear he instills in others and from his own belief that he is unkillable. Eowyn doesn’t fear him, because she doesn’t fear death. When she twists his words right back at him, she’s not trying to exploit a prophecy loophole, she’s just making a play on the double meaning of the word «man» with fairly standard battlefield bravado.

But, crucially, it gets the Witch-king wondering if there might be an actual loophole in the prophecy. He starts doubting his own invincibility. There’s no logical reason why a woman might be able to kill him if a man cannot, but prophecies are tricky things. What if …

And this is what undoes him, in the end. This last minute doubt. The Witch-king, deep down, believes that Eowyn can kill him, thus making it possible for her to do so.

The elves care about the prophecy. The Witch-king cares about the prophecy. All the old, powerful beings of Middle Earth play by the rules of prophecy and live by the logic of Norse Sagas and Germanic legends.

Eowyn marches up to the Witch-king like Jared (19), goes “that sign won’t stop me because I can’t read”, and because the storybook logic, the fairytale logic, of the prophecy allows for her kill him, the Witch-king as a creature of stories and nightmares has to play by his own rules and die by her sword.

As people have pointed out before, the phrasing of Glorfindel’s words about the Witch-king allow for quite a number of the inhabitants of Middle Earth to kill him, if we’re only looking for possible loopholes in the prophecy.

not by the hand of man shall he fall

According to this, the Witch-king could technically be killed by elves, dwarves, ents, hobbits, orcs or maiar. Why doesn’t Legolas kill the Witch-king? Why doesn’t Gandalf?

As mentioned, elves are very aware of the story logic that governs Middle Earth. They see their own place in the narrative, they know which foes are beyond them. Gandalf, too, knows that he cannot be the one to kill the Witch-king, and the Witch-king knows that Gandalf cannot kill him. Through their combined beliefs, the outcome of their fight is predetermined.

Eowyn doesn’t know what she can or cannot do according to story logic. The Witch-king has killed her Theoden. She sees no reason why she shouldn’t avenge him. And when she hears the Witch-king tell her that no man can kill him, she simply decides that that rule doesn’t apply to her.

Eowyn isn’t the only person who could have been the exception to the rule, but she is the first person who decides to genuinely, honestly believe that she is the exception to the rule, and this is why she ultimately kills the Witch-king.

Babe, wake up, new religious observance dropped! [BEGIN IMAGE ID: screenshot of a tweet from user named “rogue barnacle @LtCatra” with profile photo of Catra from She-Ra carrying She-Ra’s sword. Text reads: “my very religious but supportive elderly neighbor asked me what I’m giving up for pride because I think she thinks it’s like lent and the pride parades are like mardi gras?? anyway I panicked and said oatmeal

5:02 AM 6/2/21″


it fucks me up that tolkien only died in 1973. dude has the vibe of a victorian scholar who wrote all his manuscripts by candlelight but then you look him up and realise that he knew what color tv was. what the fuck.


Tolkien had personal beef with the Beatles

Kinda fucked up and nasty how vampires drink blood, imo. Like. Pepsi costs a dollar seventy five


Not me I’m paying a dollar seventy five. At the hospital

I feel like we’re getting off topic


So is pepsi if you steal it?

Because it’s only a dollar seventy five


Why in God's name would a vampire drink pepsi


Why would anyone drink Pepsi?




That’s why I’m not a fan of the sexy vampire trope.

1. It’s overused and supports the current status quote of typical vampire supremacy:worshiping rich folk.

2. Vampires prey upon humans and therefore symbolize capitalists preying on the working class.

3. Werewolves are much sexier imo.


am I having a stroke????

you might want to go to the hospital then

I hear the Pepsi is cheaper there

they sell 20oz Pepsi at the dollar tree


no idea what just happened in the supernatural fandom but i just saw like six ominous posts in a row on my dash so my condolences and i hope i never find out what caused it