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Prompt Guy!!! I love you,amigo. Today I'm getting my results got the Junior Certificate (the second biggest state exam for irish students). Wish me luck please


Good luck, amigo! You got this! 

Amigo! How are you doing? Did you ever get a chance to travel the way you wanted to?


Hey amigo, I am fine, how are you? The blog has been restored! Yes and no. The first person I visited (in France) became my girlfriend and we dated for a year and a half. My travel adventure pretty much ended there. No regrets though!

I really hope you get writing-prompt-s back online. You were my favourite blog. 😥


Awh thank you! I will do whatever it takes! I can be very persistent.

Wait, were you always in charge of that blog? How long was it running??


Hey! Not always. About 4/5 years. 


@writing-prompt-s where are you? All the prompts and stories I submitted are gone and I am incredibly upset


Hi this is Prompt Guy from @writing-prompt-s, the blog has been terminated and I don’t know why. I have sent Tumblr an email and called twice but I have low confidence in that they will ever get back to me. I am sad and sorry that all your work and that of others is gone and I hope Tumblr replies soon with a solution. Fingers crossed.

I think the reason I enjoy Ghibli so much is it romanticizes the little things. It makes me want to bake, study, clean the house, garden, and more while listening to happy music and occasionally picking wildflowers and lying in the grass. It helps me find joy in day-to-day life and that’s honestly sooo important for my mental health.

Once an Amigo, always an Amigo

If this post gets 30 notes I will bestow you all with a very inspirational word


Oh no, it’s Valentine’s Day


To all my Valentine-less amigos out there, I will be your Valentine!

Send me a ‘Is there something you want to tell me, amigo?

And I will respond with a super generic love confession.


I just confessed my love to a few hundred amigos and I just wanted to ask all of you...can you keep this a secret from my future SO? Very much appreciated. Thanks.