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Artwork for the webcomic "Prince of Cats" by Kori Michele.

The time has come!  The Other Side Anthology is now KICKSTARTING!

The Other Side is a queer paranormal romance comic anthology. It will be a 200 page long, black and white, soft-bound book, featuring 19 gorgeous stories by 24 creators. It showcases a wide variety of styles, mediums, and approaches to the genre.  Each story delivers on a promise: bring one new story about unambiguously queer characters in love and paranormality into the world.  The book is carefully curated and thoughtfully edited, with beautiful artwork throughout. 
The Other Side Anthology is co-edited by anthology veterans Melanie Gillman and Kori Michele Handwerker. It will be printed in the United States and contributing artists are paid for their work.

Thank you for your support!  Check out the Kickstarter page for more info and a look at the art inside.  Please share this post and spread the word!

Hey Prince of Cats followers!

This is not exactly Prince of Cats related, but hear me out.  I’m co-editing this anthology of Queer Paranormal Romance Comics with fellow webcomicker Melanie Gillman.  For one thing, if you liked Prince of Cats, I think you’ll dig this.  For another, I have a comic in this anthology about a geeky college transguy and his goofy jock ghost boyfriend, a cute gay story with SIGNIFICANTLY less ambiguous supernatural elements than Prince of Cats had.

So please check it out, pledge if you can, the book is gorgeous and amazing and super queer. If you can’t, consider sharing this post and that link and helping us reach our goal -- not only to raise that dollar amount, but to get more queer genre stories into the world!  Thank you!

I’ll be tabling in the artist alley at OTAKON this weekend with the super-fabulous onelani!!!  Stop by table L-03 to pick up print issues of Prince of Cats, art prints, and maybe even get a commission!  I’m bringing the watercolors!  Hope to see you there!

Prince of Cats fans!  I will be at Otakon this weekend and will be selling Print issues, prints, 18+ comics, AND original comic pages  Also happy to do free Prince of Cats character sketches for fans if I’m not swamped!  Come by and say hi!

Positive, an eight-page Prince of Cats comic, will be printed exclusively in the PURITY Anthology.  The story focuses on Frank and Lee meeting again twenty-two years later and discovering how living their own lives has changed them.

I’ve been hinting at it all over, but I wanted to make an official announcement.  I’m very excited to tell this story!

If you’d like to read it, you’ll want to pre-order a copy of PURITY via the Kickstarter that is running from until March 25! 

PURITY is an 18+ publication showcasing a number of amazing artists and Positive does feature sexual content.

And here it is on the proper blog! <3

Lee and Frank (post-series portrait) commissioned from E.K.Weaver

I commissioned this piece from TJ & Amal artist bigbigtruck about seven months ago, when the end of Prince of Cats was fast approaching, but still a good distance away.

Originally I called it "That AU commission I got from E.K." but to be honest, it's not necessarily an AU (standing for Alternate Universe.)  At the end of the comic, Frank and Lee live only about an hour away from one another.  There are countless ways they could meet up again.  And if one of those ways lead to a renewed friendship or romance, then a scene of them relaxing on a mattress in a shitty apartment together wouldn't be that hard to envision as plausible.  Likely, even.

I'm so happy I had the opportunity to commission one of my greatest webcomic inspirations, and I hope you like it too!