Collection: Examples Tracker

A lot of my course is based around collections of problems that accompany the lecture series. These are called examples papers. The examples papers then form the base for most material covered in supervisions (small group tutorials). Quite often, supervisors will ask for specific examples papers to be completed for a particular supervision.

In order to size up how far behind I am on my examples, I use this collection that I have called my Examples Tracker.

Each of my eight modules has half a side of paper, and each examples paper has its section beneath the relevant module. I then draw a square to represent each question on an examples paper. The squares are organised into the topics the same way they are on the papers themselves. When we cover the material for a topic, I put a dot in the middle of the squares for its examples and when I have completed a question, it gets a cross.

Examples papers are made available gradually throughout term so I only have the squares for the papers that have been issued so far.

This way I can see how many examples I can do compared to how many I have done and it helps to make me feel less overwhelmed by my workload.