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living after midnight | loving 'til the dawn

[Or; five times Steve doesn't realize he's envious (or what of), plus the one time he finally gets the thing he hadn't even known he wanted.]

Billy and Eddie are still high on adrenaline as the three of them stumble their way back to the motel, bumping into each other with every other step, singing loudly and interrupting themselves every other word by breaking into giggling, giddy laughter that’s entirely too loud for the time of night. Eddie’s waving the bandana he’s usually got stuffed in his back pocket around like a tiny flag as he tries to hop along on one foot, and Billy’s got his head thrown back to howl the lyrics as they circle back to the chorus.

“Living after midnight!”

Eddie whoops, nearly trips over himself, but then goes on, “Rocking to the dawn!”

“Loving ‘til the morning!” they shout together, and Steve, a few steps behind, can’t help but join in with, “Then I’m gone, I’m gone!”

Both Eddie and Billy whirl around in lurching unison, with matching grins on their faces.

“Stevie!” Eddie hollers, reaching for Steve, and Billy’s right there as well, grabbing at Steve and tugging him close, yelling, “Fucking yes, man!”

A light flickers on in a window above them, followed by an annoyed, “People are trying to sleep!”

“Fuck you!” Billy yells cheerfully, flipping the window the finger, and Eddie adds, “Yeah, get that stick outta your ass, man! Priest, woo!”

“Priest, baby!” Billy agrees as he pulls them all into motion again, and Steve’s laughing helplessly, his whole body buzzing, as he’s dragged along between them down the street.

As soon as they reach the motel, Steve kicks off his sneakers, shucks his shirt and jeans, and flops down on the bed he’d claimed earlier with an exhausted sigh. The five hour drive up to Chicago had been bad enough in this damn heat with no air conditioning, and that’d been followed by nearly two hours of queueing in the blazing sun because, “What’s the point of seeing them live if we’re not front row, dude?”

And then Steve had learned what a mosh pit was.

“Here.” Billy presses something cool against Steve’s cheek, making him hiss, and Steve shuffles upright enough to accept the can of beer with a slurred, “Thanks.”

Sitting cross-legged on the other bed, Eddie’s rolling a joint, fingers moving surely and deftly.

“How is it you can’t even walk properly anymore, but you’re still good at that?” Steve questions, impressed despite himself.

“Magic fingers,” Billy coos, smirking, as he joins Eddie on the other bed with two more beers. It makes Eddie choke on a snort of laughter, his cheeks turning faintly dusty as he mutters, “Shut the fuck up, dude, Jesus.”

They both ignore Steve’s confused, “What?” in favor of lightening up.

Eddie gets first hit, and blows the smoke up into Billy’s face with a wink before offering up the joint. Billy shoves him away, chuckling, and takes a lungful of his own, then stretches to hand the joint across to Steve before sprawling out next to Eddie.

Billy and Eddie talk mostly about the show as they smoke, and Steve’s content to listen between sips of beer and hits of the joint. He wouldn’t have chosen to go see Judas Priest, of all bands, if they’d left it up to him, and he’ll continue to bitch about their music mostly for the fun of it, but he can’t help but smile into his pillow, basking in their joyful reminiscing.

“Hey,” Steve finds himself mumbling at some point, on the verge of sleep, “Thanks for taking me along, guys.”

It’s early when he wakes up the next day, but the sun is already relentless where it shines in through the uncovered windows, because none of them had remembered to close the curtains last night. Groaning, Steve squints open one eye to assess the situation.

He’s feeling pretty gross and sweaty all over, and there’s a headache poking around in the back of his skull, but it’s far from the worst hangover he’s ever had. Turning his head, slow and careful, he takes a peek over at the other bed.

Eddie and Billy are still dead to the world. Billy’s shirtless, but he never got around to taking off his shorts and boots. Eddie’s managed to lose his shoes and pants, but he’s still in his vest, and he’s somehow ended up on his back, draped over Billy’s chest. It can’t be comfortable for either of them, and Steve feels sticky just from looking at them, but still.

They seem cozy.

Steve looks away quickly. Guiltily.

His eyes fall on the bedside table between their two beds. Apparently, both Eddie and Billy have taken off their jewelry at some point, and piled it into a little pile of silver and leather. Like a kind of heavy metal version of a dragon’s hoard.

Steve’s fingers itch, and before he fully realizes what he’s doing, he’s snatched one of the rings, and is holding it in his palm. The skull’s ruby eyes stare up at him, and Steve looks back, chewing his bottom lip.

“Fuck,” Billy grunts, making Steve startle and squeeze his eyes shut, pushing the hand with the ring under his pillow, “it’s hot as balls in here.”

The sound Eddie makes in response can’t be described as entirely human. “Just kill me, dude. Make the sun go away.”

There’s some shuffling around, then footsteps on the carpet, and finally, blessed darkness. The click of the fan being turned on, footsteps again, the squeak of springs, and when Steve risks another glance across the room, Billy’s back in bed, tucked into Eddie’s side this time around, with Eddie’s arm slung casually across his waist.

It takes Steve a long time to fall back asleep again.

[Come read the rest over on AO3.]

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