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You may call me Doctor Grim. I am in no way an actual doctor, but neither are most plague doctors.Β 

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"But how do I get popular on tumblr if there's no algorithm??"

1: Being internet popular is not a good goal to have. Having your skill recognised is. But those two things are not the same.

2: You have to actually interact with the other human beings on this site. There is no shortcut.

Extremely important addition.

Being tumblr famous gets you ONE THING and that is yelled at

Don't use Facebook (including Instagram and WhatsApp), Twitter, TikTok, Tumblr, really any social media app or messenger, forum, or even Discord if you are seeking an abortion. Only use things like Signal (assuming it's still safe) that are heavily point-to-point encrypted.

Tech corporations aren't your friends, they will rat you out to fascists.

As several people pointed out in the notes already, but don’t trust Signal either. Only communicate through messengers or emailers that allow you to encrypt your messages. If you live near folk that will help you, please only speak to them about it instead and on over any apps.

By the way - choose to not use products with PFAS if you can. Obviously the typical consumer has no control over (necessary) fire-fighting foams, but we do have the ability to choose our own cookware.

Ooh. Please please make more self-inserts. Not only is it fun you have no idea how much it can help you be kind to yourself. Have the hero of the franchise fall in love with you for what you think are your annoying quirks. Have the wisest man in that fictional world, tell others that your are the kindest and the smartest person he has ever met. Have the evil guy fall for you and revoke his evil ways cuz youre just that hot. Allow yourself to be loved by the fictional characters you look up to and in time you may also begin see how wonderful you really are.

Do you ever think about autistic medieval nuns. I'm pretty sure there were some, it's statistically impossible there weren't nuns that were on the spectrum. Other nuns at the monastery looking at them like "Sister Margary always looks to be in peace and so content with this life, why cannot I be such a good nun as well" and then immediately start grieving about the sin of envy or some shit.

Meanwhile Margary has zero fucking idea that anyone is staring at her, busy thinking "oh man I sure fucking love having the same meal at the same time every single day, and then going back to my simple repetitive work where Nobody Fucking Talks At Me all day."

the more shit i see about Riverdale out of context only further convinces me that it's actually some sort of AU where the creators are avid fans of archie comics and Silent Hill and they wanted to create a crossover AU without explicitly making the connections to Silent Hill