Different Dads, Different Daughters - Chapter 4

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<span class="underline">Different Dads, Different Daughters - Chapter 4

The next morning Ryan woke to the definite sensation of something warm, wet, and wrapped around his hard and throbbingcock. Peeking under the covers his curiosity was rewarded with the deliriously sexy sight of Patty sucking him while she was in a state of pleasure and happiness. Mind you, if hed taken the time to look, he could have figured it out by the up and down motion of the covers, or by the air movement that her bobbing created. But just that lustful sight was worth the effort of his exploration.

Morning, Lover. Started breakfast without me, did you? he greeted his daughter. Without missing a beat, Patty waved one palm at her Dad as she continued to feast on his manhood. Mmm, that feels so good, Baby! I could get used to waking up this way every morning he added.

Sweeping back the covers just enough to get a better vision of his daughter enjoying her ministrations, he also realized that her sucking on him had gotten her as horny as he was. He could sense, rather than feel, that she had one hand tight between her legs, and was slowly but sensuously rubbing her clit, and probably had at least one finger slipping in and out of her cunt, too. Just the thought of her masturbating made his already stiff cock harden just that much more. It also made him even more horny, and he knew that he wanted to pleasure Patty as much as she was pleasuring him.

Baby, without rudely interrupting anything, is there a reason that you get the ‘Full Meal Deal while Im lying here in ‘starvation mode? I sure could use a drink of my favourite breakfast -- like ‘hot and tasty pussy juice! Patty moved to accommodate her Dads request, pivoting around on his cock so that she could straddle his face and present him with her version of breakfast in bed. Ryan immediately slid his tongue down her gash, starting just above her asshole and working slowly around to her rock-hard clit, then back again. He made a mental note that her outer labia lips were wetter on the trip down than they had been before he had tickled her love button. That nub was not only one of her most sensitive pleasure centres, but also the secret to dispensing more of that addictive nectar that he craved so much. He resigned himself to the possibility that hed need more exploration -- a lot more. He slipped his tongue into her honeypot with each pass up and down her slit. She pushed her hips into his face each time, rewarding him with a fresh pool of her juices.

Ryan had no idea how long Patty had been sucking him like that, but he became aware that his balls were beginning to tighten, pushing his hot white goo into his shaft. Should he warn her that he was about to blow his load into her, or should he just let it happen? Well, shed surprised him with her lusty slurping on his cock, so maybe he should return the favour and leave the announcement of his imminent orgasm for her to discover too. Besides, he could feel her cunt walls grasping and trying to pull his tongue deeper every time he dipped into her, so she was probably more centred on her own pleasure reaction than anywhere else. Only a miserable son-of-a-bitch would interrupt that. But his lust overcame his logic, and he just had to tell someone, anyone, of the unbelievable ecstasy his daughter was sucking out of him.

God, Baby! Youre gonna make me cum! So close! I can feel it, ready to fill you up withmy cream!

For the first time since hed woken up, Patty slipped his cock out of her mouth and groaned at him through her lust.

Dad, just shut the fuck up and eat my pussy! Im so close to squirting all over your face! If you stop licking my cunt, Im gonna grab your tongue, pull it out of you, and stuff it so far up my pussy that Ill have two sets of tonsils! You feel so damned good that . . .

Hed filled her up with his tongue again. Shed lost track of what she was going to say. She could feel his shaft twitching in her hand, signalling that he was about to finally give her a load of what she craved. Any time spent off his pole might delay that release, and she was hungry for his juice. Wrapping her lips around his cock again, she took it deep, letting it slide down her throat, her muscles to milk that gorgeous cock.

She could also feel that tingle start in her pussy as it spread up to her belly, then envelope her everyfibre. As her muscles tensed and she began to shake with her climax, her throatgrabbed Ryans cock and squeezed it with tight constrictions, forcing his cum to race up his shaft and explode from his jizz hole, then shoot straight down her throat to her waiting belly. As much as he wanted to scream of the exhilarating ecstasy that she was giving him, he concentrated as best he could on giving her simultaneous release from her own need, to experience the joy of her own delight. He tried, but the feeling in his groin was too strong and wonderful to focus on anything else.

Oh God, Baby! You feel so good! Im C-C-U-U-U-M-M-M-I-I-I-N-N-N-G-G-G! and with that he inhaled deeply and dived back between her legs, shoved his tongue up her cunt, and reached his hand under her to rub her clitoris as she joined him in Nirvana. Patty was overwhelmed by her own exploding cum, augmented with the realization that Ryans jism was blasting straight down her throat. The two sensations combined to take her to a plateau that overrode every other part of her consciousness. She was in such delight that she couldnt speak, couldnt think, couldnt even move, as she felt every drop of her Dads hot cream fill her belly. When she had taken all that he could give her, she let his cock slide back out of her throat, but not out of her hungry mouth. Licking and sucking on his cockhead, her focus returned to the orgasm that was still happening at the insistence of his tongue inside her cunt and his finger on her clit.

Laying on his back, Ryan continued to lick Pattys pussy, retrieving allher girl-cum within the range of his thirsty tongue while gently rubbing her clit as it slowly began to soften under his finger. They both massaged each others genitals as the effects of their mutual climax eased, allowing them to sink into the warm bliss of its afterglow. Finally regaining a modicum of normality, Patty let her Dads cock slip out of her mouth, rolled off him, and turned herself around so that she could curl up in the warmth of his chest, and his arms.

Baby, thats what I call ‘The Breakfast of Champions! Damn, but you taste so good!

Yeah, you taste good too, Dad, she whispered back.But I think I ate too much -- my belly is so full! You sure do cum a lot first thing in the morning, thats for sure. But it aint breaking my heart to feast on your juice. Give me a few minutes to relax a bit then Ill go make you some coffee.

As much as I need my morning coffee, Sweetheart, its gonna be a let-down after all that delicious pussy juice. Wonder if girl-cum is fattening?

She lightly slapped his exposed chest, lifting her head to look in his eyes at the same time, then quipped, Not as fattening as your jism if we get sloppy! Ewww, what a delicious thought, though!

Sorry, Patty, but your mother had me fixed before you were born, and all I can do now is shoot blanks. Did she need any more expansion of that, or would she understand? If she asked, he would explain, but only if she asked.

Blanks, eh? You can still give me all the cum I can handle. As much as Im glad we dont have to worry about unexpected surprises, it would be wonderful to give you a kid or two some day. But if we cant, we cant, she told him. Well, she knew what he meant by shooting blanks obviously, and seemed to take the news quite well.

I know, Love. Sometimes I miss that possibility too, although there hasnt been anyone willing to share the experience with me for a long time. Not until you. To be honest, I havent had time to even consider you and I becoming parents. I mean, there are ways, but were still too new to concern ourselves with that yet. Arent we?.

Ill warn you right now, Dad. I can accept not being able to carry your child. At my ripe old age, Im too young to even want to get pregnant. But if your balls ever dry up and I cant get my fair share of your jism, youre going in for a testicle transplant. And that isnt a threat, its a promise!.

Ill have to try and remember that, but it sounds painful! and he leaned down and kissed the top of her head, then in a moment of playfulness, tickled her waist lightly. Being super-sensitive there, Patty jumped in shock, and considered her usual retaliation move, which was to knee him in the nuts, but decided that she had no interest in damaging him there. After all, she really did love the taste of his cum, and that would be cutting her nose off to spite her face.

Having gotten his daughters undivided attention, Ryan tried looking at the clock, but found his view blocked by his daughters beautiful body. He had to get ready for work, and she needed to start thinking about going to school. As much as he adored being able to lounge with her curled up on his chest, her arms holding him tightly, the ugly realities of life needed to be addressed. They both should be getting on with their day right about now.

Patty, I cant see the clock. What time is it, anyway?.

Time for you to eat me again! she quipped as she lifted her head to see his clock, than amended, Almost a quarter to eight. Why? You in a hurry to be somewhere?

Hmm, tempting offer, but youve got school, and I have to go to work, unless youd rather live on the street, not eat, and go naked in the cold and damp of winter.

Reluctantly, Patty released her hold on her Dad, and began to crawl across his legs on her way out of bed. He grunted at her as she pushed against his stomach, then gave her a light swat on the ass. She hadnt been prepared for that, and her reflexes pushed her up into a kneeling position as she glared at him in mock disapproval.

Dad! There are better ways of getting a piece of ass from me than that, ya know! she joked, then added, as an afterthought,but, if you really want to play with it, I could always trap you in this bed for the rest of the day. As a matter of fact, I just may . . ..

Hmm, I guess Id better watch out, hadnt I? All this fucking is turning you into a perpetually raging set of hormones. Ill bet that if I gave you the chance, youd do me until my cock fell off!

Yeah, I would. Not too keen on that part where your cock falls off, though. Im getting your problem. Im becoming quite attached to it right where it is. Pun intended! Now get your fat ass out of that bed, and share a shower with me, and thats an order!

In his worst plantation-slave imitation, Ryan cringed as he mocked her.

‘Yes, Missy! Ize cummin Missy! Please doan beat me off, Missy!, and they both giggled at the silliness.

They showered without feeling and fondling each other too much, dried each other off, managed to get dressed, although the empty bed looked really tempting, and trundled downstairs to the kitchen. Patty made coffee for her Dad, and was tempted to join him with a cup of her own, but sometimes coffee affected her adversely, almost like a sugar high. Maybe tomorrow, she thought as she decided to pass. Soon Michelle was knocking on the door to walk with her friend as they did almost every morning. As Ryan answered the door, she looked straight at him as if trying to figure out whether he had condemned her for what she and her own father were doing, or if he had accepted it.

Hi, Michelle. Pattys almost ready.I think. Come on in, find a seat, and make yourself homely he teased her. He had always teased Michelle a little. Realizing that Ryan could still joke with her, she relaxed and walked to the table, sitting on one of the kitchen chairs. She stared at Ryan so hard that she was beginning to fear her eyes might burn a hole in him, but she also desperately searched his face for any kind of reaction, given that Patty had probably shared the secret with him. Ryan noted her concerned expression and quickly clued in to what was on her mind. No, he wasnt upset with her at all. Patty hadnt given him a blow-by-blow description of exactly what had happened, but it took two, and he doubted that Michelle was just an innocent party. If she had been his daughter, hed probably lust after her too, for she was as strikingly beautiful as Patricia, in her own way.

Michelle, relax, would you? Patty explained your situation to me last night, right after you called her, and Im not about to condemn you. Not until I get the whole story anyway, and I think Id like to talk to your Dad sometime this weekend, if hes interested.I guess you probably know something of the situation in this house, too. Its just that yours is a lot more complicated, and Im not so sure that theres a solution thatll work without somebody getting hurt. But I promised Patty that Id give it some thought, and for her sake mostly, Im hoping we can all put our heads together and come up with a small miracle. Okay?

The look of relief flooded over Michelles face as she jumped up and wrapped her arms around Ryans chest and hugged him for dear life. As much as his instincts wanted to hug her back, he held his arms up so that she could let go of him when she was ready. Patty picked that moment to walk into the room, and Ryan was grateful that he hadnt allowed himselfto hold Michelle.

Hey! Michelle Moscrop, you get your mitts off my Dad! Youve got your own Dad to love! You cant have this one! Not unless you want me to pull your boobs off and tie ‘em behind your back! Both girls giggled. Michelle released her grip on Ryan, only to re-establish it with her best friend.

You would, too, wouldnt you?, Michelle stated with a happiness that she hadnt felt inside her since the beginning of the last summer. With a somewhat more sombre tone, she continued as she addressed both of them, Actually, I really want to say Thanks, for caring and understanding, and for trying to think of something that Dad and I can do to make all this mess straighten out . . . or go away. Its getting to him, and its starting to get to me, too. In a way, were sort of counting on you, but if theres no answer, then there isnt. One way or the other, though, Ill always remember that you guys were there when I needed you.

Listen, you two, its time you were off to school. Now give me a kiss, then get the hell out of here, before I start something I cant finish. Ryan whined.

Michelle started to move towards him, but Patty stopped her with mock indignation.

Back off, Wench! Hes mine! and pushed past her to get to her Dad first. He bent over to give her a quick kiss, but she had something else in mind and kissed him harder than he was expecting. Definitely more passionately than a father and daughter should. As much as he would have loved to take it further, Ryan had to break off before his own lust made them late.

Okay, you two, scoot! and he spun his daughter around in his arms and lightly swatted her on the ass, then propelled her softly towards the door. Are you two going over to Michelles after school, or have you got something else in mind?

Maybe well come over here, if thats alright Dad Patty replied. I think Michelle could use some time backing up from the trees so she can understand the concept of a forest. Its too confusing at her place. Patty was referring to one of her Dads over-used adages, but it made sense. He wasnt about to discourage her logic as she wasnt too far from the truth.

Yeah, right! And Ill probably come home to find you both rolling around on the floor in a two-girl orgy! he teased right back. Patty gave him a look of disapproval, letting him know that she was only interested in heterosexual behaviour patterns. His subconscious noted, however, a quick bright gleam in Michelles eye that was gone almost before it started. That information was stored in the back of his brain, but his conscious mind missed it.

The rest of the day went relatively smoothly for all three of them. Ryan managed to get everything finished by the end of the day, and confirmed that he would take the following Monday off.

Patty and Michelle had three exams over five classes., with acceptable results. Of the two, Patty was the one that was more academically inclined, but Michelle was no slouch in her own right.

After school, they headed to McDermiads to relax, talk, and watch a little TV. Michelle seemed more comfortable than shed been for quite some time. She mentioned that she really appreciated being able to get away from the stresses for a while. The more she thought about it, the less she liked how her life was turning out, and the fact that her and her Dad were clandestine lovers made it that much more unbearable. The two girls talked, trying to figure out a way to remove the tensions while still keeping their family intact, but came up blank, even after almost two hours.

It was almost six oclock when Ryan walked in the door, and he was greeted by the sight of two very sombre girls sitting on the sofa, deep in thought. Usually Patty would tackle her homework as soon as she got home, even on a Friday, so that the rest of her day was hers. Tonight though, her books were sitting on the kitchen table, undisturbed and ignored. That usually signalled trouble.

Hey, you two! That orgy all finished up so soon? Did I miss anything I shouldnt have? he joked in an effort to lift their spirits. His humour went over like a lead balloon though.

Walking into the living room, he wanted to take his daughter in his arms and promise to make everything alright for her. She seemed deep in thought though, and interrupting her wasnt a good idea. Michelles presence also put a bit of a damper on things. Still, he desperately wanted to try to cheer them both up a bit.

Shit, Ive been to funerals that were more fun than you two. What gives? he voiced his concern.

Its nothing, Dad. Weve just been going through Michelles problem, and we both keep coming up blank. Damn it all anyways! I sure wish I had your brains sometimes, and this is one of those times Patty growled, but without malice towards anyone but herself.

Sounds like youre too close to the trees, too. How about I take you out for dinner tonight, and you let this one go for a bit. Michelle, youre welcome to join us . . . I think. That okay with you, Love?

Patty was still deep in thought, and her Dads words went in one ear and drifted out the other.

Umm, Earth calling Major Patricia! Come in Patty. Over Ryan called in an effort to return his daughters focus to the other two of them.

Huh? Oh. Sorry. My minds all over the map. What were you saying, Dad?

I said, why dont I take you out for dinner tonight? And Michelle looks like she could use a break too, if you dont mind her tagging along. Michelle, give your parents a call to make sure its okay with them. Oh, and if your Dads home, Id like to have him come over tomorrow afternoon so I can get his side of this whole thing. See what he says.

Both girls leaped off the sofa in joy and enthusiasm. Michelle went for the phone. Patty went for her Dads lips, kissing him as passionately as if they were wrapped in the throws of making love. There was no way he was going to refuse his daughter, and he returned her kiss. For the moment, there was no one else in the house in his mind, until Michelles voice on the phone to her Dad returned him to the real world.

Michelle returned to the living room, all full of smiles and happiness. Neither Patty nor Ryan had any idea of what had changed her outlook, but Ryan, for one, was thankful of the difference.

Dad says that it would be fine to go out with you two . . . but Im supposed to behave myself . . . and keep my paws off you. Sheesh, whats he think I am, a brazen hussy or something? He knows hes the only man I want to be with, and . . .

Her voice trailed off as soon as she realized that she had stepped over the boundary. Her bright mood collapsed, and there were tears starting to form in her eyes. She was beginning to understand why Patty just had to tell someone, not because she was scared of the situation, but because it felt so damned good inside.

Michelle, youre going to have to learn to curb that mouth until we can come up with a plan. I understand how you feel, and I cant say that youre wrong. I know Patty feels the same way. Matter of fact, Im kind of glad that you two could share with each other. It gives you both a bit of a release valve, doesnt it?

Thanks Mr. D. Patty thinks youre the greatest thing since ice cream, and Im beginning to think shes right. Oh, and Dad says that hell call you tomorrow just after lunch. Hes free most of the afternoon, and again on Sunday. Ive got to be honest with you though. Hes scared shitless, and his horny daughter isnt making it any easier for him. In fact were both fucking panicky. We really do appreciate your helping us try to sort this mess out. If you werent Pattys Dad, Id jump your bones! Realizing what she had said, combined with the look on Pattys face, she blushed, then whispered, Oops! That didnt come out too well, did it?.

Ryan chuckled softly, then put his arm out to offer Michelle a hug. He was beginning to realize that she was a very wonderful young lady, and he could understand just how easily Ben had found it to fall in love with her. After all, hadnt he had the same kind of experience with Patty?

At first Patty was feeling protective of her Dad, especially since she couldnt get her head around the idea of sharing him, even with her best friend. But as she realized that Michelle wasnt a threat, and that her Dad adored her and only her, she relaxed enough to give Michelle that look that welcomed her to share in their warmth and love, as long as everyone kept in mind that Ryan was her lover, and that she insisted on him being hers exclusively.

So, whos got a preference of where we go? The Arches, or is it going to be Burger King? Hell, one sawdust vendor is about the same as all the others!. Patty was well aware of her Dads aversion to fast food restaurants. Hed eaten in most of them and had survived, but he hated them. He preferred real food, as he called it, from a decent restaurant.

Umm, I think I have a hankering for . . . the Seven Seas, maybe? Patty volunteered. The Seven Seas was probably one of the best seafood restaurants in the area, and she shared her Dads love of the delicacies from the ocean, much to the disbelief of most people she knew. It was a deferral to their mutual enjoyment of the seafood smorgasbord. Many of their likes and dislikes were similar. They made her feel closer and more connected to her Dad.

Seven Seas, huh? You like seafood, Michelle?, Ryan inquired.

Some of it, but Im not a real big fan. Not like you and Patty. The Seven Seas sounds great to me, though.

Well, move your delightful derrieres and lets go and Ryan spun them both around, aimed them towards the front door, and gave them a gentle but insistent nudge. His efforts were rewarded with another round of cheerful giggles as both girls took the hint and gleefully ran out the door and jumped into the car.

Dinner turned out to be an enjoyable experience for both the girls. Ryan had ordered a rum and Coke, hoping that it might relax him enough to clear some of the fog in his mind. It was an exercise in futility, as Patty had snuck about half of it for herself. He tried to keep up with their conversations, but his mind was trying desperately to find some sort of solution. There was a key to this whole thing, but he couldnt put his finger on it. No matter what he tried, his attention was split between the company he enjoyed and the churning in his mind. He couldnt quite shake that nagging that would neither reveal itself nor go away.

They dropped Michelle off at her house, and Ryan talked quietly to Ben out of earshot of everyone else. About all they had accomplished was to arrange for Ben to drop over the next day just after lunch. As Ryan and Patty hopped into the car to return home, she turned to her Dad, and softly inquired, Dad, youve been half a million miles away all evening. Is everything okay? Do we have a problem? Is there anything I can do to help?. Her concern was genuine, he knew. It made him love her even more, if that was possible. But she was right. He had been preoccupied at dinner, and he owed her an apology for that, and for dragging this thing out without including her.

No, Im fine, Baby. Were not in any kind of danger . . . well, not that Im aware of, anyway. Ive just been wrestling with this situation that Ben and Michelle are stuck in. Theres something in my head that says theres a solution thatll work, but I cant quite get a grip on it, and its driving me nuts! But it wasnt very fair to you and Michelle tonight, having to put up with a distracted old man. I promise that Ill make it up to you, okay?

Patty looked at her Dad, then leaned over and kissed him lightly on the cheek. Thats okay, Dad. I kind of missed you tonight, but youre doing this for Michelle and her Dad, and I think thats pretty special. I mean, its not your problem really, but youre still trying to find an answer. Thats a part of who you are. Makes me proud to be your daughter.

Patty, theres a part of you thats like a little girl, and it makes me want to protect you at all costs. That part of you is so special to me. Im grateful that Ive been privileged to experience that. Then theres another part that reminds me youre at that age where youre a Hormone Princess, and you make me feel like Im 16 again, and I love you for that. But every once in a while, that part of you thats responsible for what youre becoming as a woman peeks through, and I feel awed at who that woman is going to be. What you just said was one of those sneak previews, and its what made me fall in love with you.

I love you too, Dad.

Patty gazed at her father, noting the haggard look in his eyes and the worry lines on his face.

Dad, you look like youre two degrees off being deep-fried. Maybe we should make an early night of it, and just curl up. Does that sound like a plan? she softly suggested.

Yeah. Yeah, I think Id like that. Can I assume that youre going to join me? You know, in my bed? Oops, make that our bed?

Yeah, you can assume , and I promise not to ravish you more than, say, 187 times before morning she quietly reassured him.

Only that many? Shit! I was looking forward to being fucked senseless, too! he whined in a semi-dejected tone. The twinkle in his eye spoke volumes to Pattys heart. God, she loved him so much!

Gee, the things a girl has to do for her Dad! she shot back at him, but with just as much love as she had received.

Once in the house, Ryan began to draw the curtains shut in the kitchen and dining room as Patty did the same for the living room. It was habit, really. Ryan cherished the privacy of their home. It was, for him, an oasis in a desert of noise, people, confusion, and bustling activity. He wasnt sure why Patty followed that same path, but knew in his heart that she shared the same need for privacy. Maybe because she needed the intimacy of a world that was their own. Or maybe, like him, it had become an unthinking habit. Whatever the reason, he became aware that they often thought the same thing at the same time without a word being spoken between them. It was almost magical, if that was the right word.

When the house was closed up and ready to offer its protection from the outside world, Ryan decided that hed really enjoy sitting quietly in the living room, listening to the stereo and sharing his space with his daughter. He mentioned it to her just as she was about to turn the stereo on, and she selected some of his favourite music CDs to put on. Another one of those magical moments, his heart told him.

I think Im going to mix myself a drink. You want a Coke while Im up?, he asked her.

Do I get my daily allotment of rum with it? she cheekily quipped.

Shit, you stole half my last one! What makes you think you deserve another after that stunt? he teased back. Oh what the hell. Throw the cat another goldfish and he poured her one, too. Hed have to watch that, as his daughter was starting to squeeze more and more drinks out of him. But she was responsible about it, not drinking enough to get more than relaxed, and she usually only drank about half of what he gave her anyway.

Returning to the living room, Ryan noted that Patty had dimmed the lights to a relaxing glow. She had removed her pants and shirt, but was still wearing her bra and panties. He had to admit that it was a nice touch, in that it said intimacy without screaming sex, and he appreciated the gesture. When he finally sat down, she unbuttoned his shirt, but left the option of removing it to him. He removed the shirt and his pants, but left his T-shirt and shorts on. It was warm enough that they werent cold, but not so warm that they could sit naked.

They sat quietly on the sofa, Ryans arm around Patty, and her head leaning softly on his shoulder with her arm over his stomach. As the music ended, Ryan finished his drink, leaned over and kissed his daughter softly on the forehead. She let out a low moan that almost sounded like a kitten purring, then raised her head to kiss him back just as softly on his jaw. She looked as tired as he felt. He quietly suggested that they call it a night, struggled to get up, then reached for her hand for the journey to their bedroom.

Dad, do you want to use the bathroom first, or can I? I can handle the rum, but the Coke is a problem,she joked. She knew she could hold it if need be, but if she had her druthers, shed rather not. That full bladder was beginning to hurt her belly.

Nah, I can wait. If the Coke has you that filled up, its gotta be getting painful. I can wait outside in the hall, if you want. All I need is to brush my teeth anyway.

Okay, you brush, and Ill pee, she stated.

By now Patty had dropped her panties and was sitting on the toilet. Her pose caught Ryan off-guard a bit, as he hadnt really seen that many women sitting and relieving themselves in his life. It wasnt any kind of a turn-on or anything, but there was a novelty factor here.

Whats the matter Dad, never seen a woman pee before? Patty exclaimed as she felt his eyes on her.

Oh, a couple of times, maybe, but its not something Im inclined to do a thesis on he replied. I guess if were going to share a bedroom, Id better get used to sharing a bathroom too, huh?

No, you dont have to share. Theres another one down the hall that youre welcome to! she teased back.

They made their way back to the bedroom where Ryan took off his T-shirt and shorts, then wearily sprawled on his back with his head propped up against the pile of pillows that edged the headboard. Patty was right behind him, still in her light nylon bra and matching panties. She tried to push her way under her Dads arm so that her shoulder would end up in his armpit, but Ryan wasnt about to budge.

Dad! What the hell? Im as tired as you are. Now let me curl up against you and get warm!.

Umm, Patricia, you remember what I said about pajamas?, he nudged at her memory.

Realizing that she still wore her lingerie, she pushed herself up into a kneeling position. Reaching behind her to unclasp her bra, she playfully hissed back, Fine! Be that way! Just for that I ought to smack you one with this thing!, and she removed her bra, exposing her soft and desirable breasts to her Dad, then slid her panties down to her knees, dropped to her butt on the bed, and slid them off and onto the floor.

There, you happy now?, she demanded in her best mock anger voice.

Oh yeah. Thats much better. Ryan raised his arm to invite her close to him as he wrapped his arm around her. He had been teasing her maybe a little too much today, but he loved her, and she knew it. If he hadnt been such a tease, she would have been really worried. Always being serious just wasnt her Dads style.

Patty curled up in the sanctuary of her Dads warmth, soaking up the love like a sponge. She had rested her leg on top of his so that her calf covered his knees, and his flaccid penis rested lazily against her thigh. She looked down at it longingly, then up into her Dads eyes for his permission to touch and fondle him. Those eyes didnt say Yes, but they didnt say No, either. Patty moved her hand up to Ryans chest and began to draw lazy figure eights with light finger strokes in his chest hair. The effect was mesmerizing on him, and he could feel the waves of sleep begin to cover and enclose him. Just before sleep overcame him, his daughters slow and even breathing told him that she was out for the night.

He awoke the next morning in exactly the same position as he had fallen asleep. Patty hadnt moved an inch all night either, and in fact her fingers were still woven around his chest hair. He gave himself the luxury of waking up slowly while drifting in and out of sleep. When he was more awake than asleep, he moved his head and softly kissed his daughters skull, lingering there as he inhaled the delicious feminine scent of her beautiful hair. She looked so restful and at peace curled up in his arms like this, and he really didnt have the heart to disturb her.

Morning, Dad, she greeted him a few moments later, still only partially awake.

Morning, Sweetheart. I think we were both exhausted last night, because you never moved all night, and I dont think I did either, he told her softly.

Mmm, I think youre right. I remember that I was just about to feel for the softness of your cock and then I dont remember anything else. Did I ever get to it?.

No, not while I was awake, but I have no idea what happened after that.

Patty slid her hand down her Dads chest, over his stomach and through his pubic hair, then gently began to fondle his cock. It was more of a reunion with an old friend than anything else, but it felt good in her hand. As Ryan slowly woke up enough for the feelings to surface in his groin, his manhood began to become firm and semi-erect, resulting in a desire in Patty to slowly and gently pump this beautiful organ that was capable of giving her so much pleasure. A part of her just wanted to luxuriate with the feel of touching him . Ryan was enjoying the attention too, but the thought of making love just then wasnt strong enough to arouse him to full erection. Normally that would bother him, but this time her sensual touch was more than enough. In response he gently rubbed his hands across her back and shoulders, drinking in the sensation of her soft smooth skin. They were at peace with the world and with each other.

Fighting hard, Ryan finally broke out of her hypnotic magnetism and lightly patted her ass, leaving his palm to rest on her cheek. His touch was comforting to her, and she loved the feel of her ass being patted and held. They continued to cuddle like that for several minutes before Ryan kissed her head one more time, then struggled to force his body to move before hypnosis took over.

Come on, Beautiful, wed better get up. Besides, the feel of your fingers on my cock is liable to hypnotize me into total lethargy for the rest of the morning. Ben‘s going to arrive and well still be here, naked as a couple of newborns, and then whatll he tell Michelle?.

Yeah, youre right, Dad. But your hand on my bum feels so good.

Yep, know exactly what you mean. My cock feels the same way with your fingers sliding on it. I keep thinking I should be getting hard, especially with all the attention youre giving it, but it feels so damned good the way youre stroking it that a hard-on would almost be a distraction. So lets get up, get some breakfast, and maybe Ill be able to do some serious thinking later on.

Reluctantly they pried themselves out of the warmth and comfort of the big bed. Patty stumbled into the bathroom, and as the sound of her relieving herself drifted into his conscience, he suddenly realized that his own bladder was two notches above full. As soon as he heard the toilet flush, he almost burst through the door in agony, feeling that pissing on the floor, or her, was becoming a real possibility.

Oh God, Baby! Ive gotta go so bad! Can I get you to hop off that as quick as you can, please?. Patty had never witnessed a man urinate, and stood up quickly without even wiping herself to make room for her Dad, but was rivetted to the spot as she watched the yellow stream emanating from his cock.

What, youve never seen a man pee before?, Ryan teased her. He remembered her comment from the night before, and this was the perfect opportunity to turn it back at her without a chance of any maliciousness.

They strolled back to the bedroom to get dressed, then realized that half their clothes were still downstairs on the living room floor. Ryan volunteered to pick up the laundry if Patty would start the coffee. Today was Saturday, and she decided to treat herself to a cup so that she could share the time with her Dad.

After a couple of pieces of toast each with their coffee, Patty glanced at the clock and remembered that she was supposed to meet Michelle so they could go to the mall. Usually one or the other of them would look for clothes, but Patty had a feeling that today would be more of a case of just hanging out together, waiting to discover if their Dads came up with any ideas. The suspense was killing both of them, but there was nothing else to do but wait until someone came up with a magical solution.

The girls met about a half hour later at McDermiads house. Ryan and Patty exchanged kisses and a couple of I love you squeezes, then he was on his own to ponder Moscrops dilemma some more. That pesky but elusive something in the back of his mind kept making its presence known but wouldnt come forward enough for Ryan to recognize it, and that bothered him, too.

Just after noon, Ben knocked on the door, and Ryan welcomed him in, mixed a couple of drinks and sat down at the kitchen table with him. They discussed the incident which had started his situation while Ben and Michellehad been camping, and expanded the information to include the reasons that the affair had continued all this time. As Ryan listened to Ben, he could understand how something that accidental had managed to grow to the current level. With all the cards on the table, Ryan was still coming to the same conclusions as before, and vocalized his impressions with Ben.

Ben, I really dont see how this can be satisfactorily resolved, to be honest. If you decide to remain with Dianne, Michelle gives up her lover. On the other hand, if you decide that youd be happier with your daughter, Michelle loses her mother. If your wife presses, and she most likely will, youll probably end up in jail. There has to be another option somewhere.

Yeah, I hear what youre saying,Ben replied, and sometimes I think that both women would be better off if I was dead! Seeing and feeling the damage Ive caused is killing me anyway, so why not just finish the job off?

Thats just as bad. Your wife will never know what drove you over the edge and will spend years wondering and worrying. On the other hand, Michelle will know, and youd doom her to a life of guilt and regret. Thats a pretty shitty legacy to leave her. To be honest, I havent got any answers for you. I wish I did. Theres something in the back of my head that keeps trying to come out, but I just cant get a grip on it yet, and its driving me nuts! Can you two hang in there for a couple of weeks, until maybe something clicks?

Yeah, we can . . . well, I can anyway, Ben confessed. I guess I shouldnt speak for my daughter, but shes a lot stronger than I realized before. Damn, Ryan, there are times when I really hate myself for fucking her life up like this. If I had half her strength we wouldnt be in this mess. But I dont, and we are.Shit! What am I gonna do?

Ben, just hang in there, and keep this low-key. We have a cabin up at Lake Sinclair. Youre welcome to use it if you want. You know, another one of those father - daughter camping trips? But the cabin idea is still only a band-aid solution. Itll give you some time to either find a better solution or discover a way to ease back out. Scars heal, but the ones of the heart take a long time.

Yeah, I know exactly what you mean, Ben said quietly. I guess, in a way I have to thank my daughter for opening up this can of worms. If she hadnt confessed to Patty, you and I wouldnt be having this conversation. Ryan, I really appreciatethis. Getting it off my chest has helped. To find someone else thats in a similar position makes it a little easier. To be able to talk openly and honestly with that person takes a couple of tons off your shoulders. So thank you, even if its just to lend an ear.

No problem, Ben. Michelles over here quite a bit, but Ill do my best to stay out of her head with this. Her and Patty get along so well, and if anything were to happen that broke up their friendship, Im not so sure that my daughter would be able to shrug it off very easily. So theres a selfish aspect to the whole dynamic as well. But anytime you want to talk, or just drop in for a drink, you know where I live.

After Ben left, Ryan was still mulling over their conversation. That uneasy feeling in the back of his mind kept making itself felt. He finally gave up, mixed himself a drink, and sat back to listen to. He also came to the conclusion that the house felt really empty without Patty there, but conceded that she was entitled to her own space. Besides, she and Michelle deserved their girl time together, and the friendship did both of them good. In the middle of all his reflections, the girls exploded through the door, and Patty pounced on her Dad with hugs and kisses, as though theyd been separatedfor months instead of hours. He was consciously aware of just how much hed missed her, too.

So Dad. Did you and Ben figure anything out?, Patty asked with a hopeful look on her face.

No, not really. Ive offered the cabin to them if they want to get away for a weekend, but thats not really a solution, is it? Whats driving me crazy is a feeling that theres something Ive missed, but Ill be damned if I can figure out what it is. Shit, Ive been sitting here for two hours and Im no closer than I was before. But its there, and I cant let go of it

Michelle, who was standing at the edge of the room, moved to the sofa and sat on Ryans other side. The look on her face spoke volumes about the turmoil inside her, and he could see the tears welling up in her eyes. He put his arm around her, trying to give her a reassuring squeeze, and she folded into his shoulder for a moment as if grasping for any threads of hope.

Thanks for trying, Mr. D. I was hoping that there might be a way, but I guess Im going to have to face the fact that Dad and I have crossed the line too far, and theres no way out of this without one or both of us getting hurt. I just wish it wasnt Dad that had to go through hell because of me she said in resignation. Ryan could see the depth of the love she felt for her father and his heart went out to her.

Michelle, I keep telling Patty that ‘the opera aint over til the fat lady sings, and Im going to tell you the same thing. Until the shit hits the fan, theres still a chance that something will come along. In the meantime, Ill keep struggling with it, and pick Pattys brains for ideas or information. Oh, if I need to pick your brains too, are you okay with that? It might get pretty personal and embarrassing, but theres something in the back of my head that says this can be worked out. I just cant put my finger on what that something is.

Sure, Mr. D. From the way that Patty tells it, if anyone can come up with an idea, its you she complimented him. And as shes my best friend, I truly believe her. Im just not convinced yet that the fan isnt going to get hit before that idea comes along. Ill tell you what, though. Im scare shitless at the moment.

After Michelle left for home, Patty and Ryan sat on the sofa in an effort to console each other. He could feel her discomfort, and it bothered him. His daughters friend was hurting, and Patty wanted to help. That was a part of who she was. But a 16-year old girl shouldnt have to deal with that kind of crap. Ever.

Looking up at her Dad for reassurance, Patty whispered, Dad? Will we ever have to go through this kind of thing? Did I fuck up by telling Michelle? Fuck, Im getting really scared! If I lost you, I dont know what Id do!, and the tears started to slip down her cheeks.

No, Baby, I cant see us going through anything like Moscrops situation. Theres only you and I involved, and we can work out almost anything together. Matter of fact, I realized this afternoon while I was sitting here, that if it werent for you, Id have probably never made it this far after your mother left. So if nothing else, you can be proud of yourself for giving an old man hope he tried to reassure her. And as for telling Michelle, it doesnt matter now whether it was good, bad, or indifferent. Whats done is done.

Patty gazed in her Dads eyes with that warm look of love. Ryan cherished that look, but more importantly, it finally brought that nagging piece of information to his conscious brain that had been bothering him for the last two days.

Got it! he exclaimed loudly. His enthusiasm caught Patty unawares.

Got what? she wondered. What are you talking about, Dad?

I think I might have an answer for Ben and Michelle! Whats their phone number? Its time to pick some brains! he roared enthusiastically. Give Michelle a call. Tell her to get her Dad over here right after supper. Both of them. The four of us are gonna do some planning and plotting tonight!

Sure, Dad, but are you gonna give me a hint? Patty inquired.

Sweetie, as much as I love you, no. I want to spend the evening planning some strategy, but if Im right, were gonna have one of those ‘happy ever after endings to this story. Now give Michelle a call, please. Lets see if they can make it over tonight. Then I wont have to recite this twice and get part of it wrong.

Patty phoned her friend and passed on her Dads message, adding that she had no idea what he was thinking, but the enthusiasm level was off the dial. Michelle conferred with her Dad, and they all agreed on 8:00 that evening.

Ben and Michelle were a little early, but waiting wasnt their idea of a fun time. The possibility of a solution to their problem made impatience forgivable in Ryans opinion, and he welcomed them in. They all sat in the livingroom. Ben and Michelle took the sofa while Ryan sat on one of the loungers and Patty sat on his knee.

So whats this plan you have? Ben asked, the look of guarded hope on his face.

Not really a plan yet, but a concept. You two have been fighting to keep your secret from Dianne, and it dawned on me that youre being counter-productive with that. Instead of keeping her out of the loop, why not bring her into it? Ryan suggested.

Not sure I understand what youre driving at, Ryan Ben queried. Just how are we supposed t do that? Somehow, I dont think blurting out that Michelle and I are sleeping together is going to thrill my wife.

Ben, its like this. I was teasing the girls about the two of them having sex together. Just joking at the time, and I didnt think much about it. Anyway, Patty gave me one of those looks that implied I had stepped over one of her boundaries, so I shut up. But I saw something in Michelles eye that didnt quite register. She seemed to find the concept intriguing. I think Michelle and her mother together as lovers is that key youre looking for. Once thats established, the rest should fall into place. The only catch is whether or not Michelle is interested in seducing her mother. Michelle?

Michelle was lost in thought as she contemplated the idea. While she had her misgivings, there was a naughty appeal to Ryan‘s suggestion. Shed never thought about her mother that way, but until recently, she hadnt thought about her Dad that way either. The more she thought about it, the better she liked the concept.

Umm, and just how am I supposed to do this? Crawl into bed with Mom and ravish her body, I suppose? Shes liable to pull my boobs of and . . .. Michelle dropped the cliche, feeling that maybe it was getting a bit overused. This isnt going to work, ya know. Moms a bit of a prude that way. I cant see her openly advertising that she wants to have sex with her daughter. Theres no way Im going to just walk up and ask her, either. So, how do we get Mom on our side?

Honey, your Mom isnt as repressed as you might think, Ben jumped in, and Ill bet youd be surprised at just how much she enjoys sex once she drops that guarded position of hers. The question is, are you comfortable having sex with another woman? Its kind of a turn-on for me to think of you two girls enjoying each others bodies. I cant speak for you, Michelle. Only you know how you feel about the idea. Ben interjected.

Michelle went back to thinking, weighing the possibilities, and wondering what it would be like to have sex with another woman. Especially if that woman was her mother. The idea wasnt uncomfortable to her, and she began to look forward to trying to seduce her own mother. She even felt her panties getting wet as she fantasized about it.

Yeah, I could handle having sex with Mom. The question is, could she handle having sex with me? Thats going to be the catch, isnt it?, Michelle volunteered. And how am I supposed to get her to open up that much?

Watch for the opportunity, Michelle. When it comes along, and it will, thats when you make your move. You two girls have already seduced Ben and me out of our clothes, so we know you can do it. All you have to do is set up some kind of signal with your Dad so that he can catch you two girls in the act, so to speak. The rest is just a matter of following your instincts. But once your mother is caught in that web you girls spin so well, shell come around Ryan counselled.

That just might work!, Ben agreed. The thought of a threesome never crossed my mind, but it would be fun. Just thinking about it is getting me horny! Ben put his arm around Michelle, and gazing into her eyes with hope and lust, he kissed her hard as she responded with equal passion.

Hey you two! Get a room somewhere! Patty moaned. The sight of Michelle kissing her Dad brought back the memory of when Patty had watched the two engaged in oral sex, and her panties betrayed her excitement. Right after the Moscrops left, she was bound and determined to give her Dad a blowjob, at least. A good fuck would be better. Her cunt tingled at the thought of his hard cock buried deep inside her, filling her, spurting his cum and coating her cunt walls with its heat. If Ben hadnt been there, she would have slipped her fingers in her pussy and fingered herself.

So why dont you two go make your plans? The sooner you start, the sooner you three can be a family again. Maybe not the same family you once were, but Ill bet you become a closer family. I know Patty and I are Ryan mentioned. Just keep us posted on whats happening, so we dont spill the beans accidentally when Diannes around.

Ben and Michelle got up and left, thanking both McDermiads for the meeting, and the ideas. Walking down the driveway with their arms around each other, Patty mused to her Dad, Something tells me those two arent going straight home. She waved to her friend, but Michelles concentration was somewhere else.

Dad, you really think this is going to work? Its kind of a long shot, ya know Patty asked her Dad as she closed the front door. What if it doesnt work, and blows up in their faces?

Think about it, Patty. If it works, theyre all happy campers. If it doesnt theyll end up where they would have gone anyway. But my gut tells me that itll work. Have some faith, girl! Ryan assured his daughter.

Yeah, you could be right, but I still think someones whistling in the dark. I guess well just hae to let Michelle and her Dad work the details out, then stand back and wait for the fur to fly Patty mused.

They cleaned up the evenings dishes, then retired to bed. It had been an interesting day.

Dad, can we make love? My pussy is soaking wet!

Ryan said nothing. He was too busy scooping up his daughter to carry her upstairs. But she insisted that he put her down and let her walk herself.

Pattys blouse made it half way up the stairs, with her bra being shed on the top landing. Her pants lay in the middle of the hall and her panties came off just outside the bedroom door. Ryan arrived in their bedroom, his own clothing shed.

As Patty clambered onto the bed, Ryan flung himself over the foot of it, landing beside her in a mock football tackle, his arm around her waist and his fingers digging into her skin as he began to tickle her there. Being extremely ticklish anyway, Patty laughed as she squirmed to escape his assault by rolling into his chest and curling herself into a fetal position until his attack ceased. She only had seconds to wait, then unfolded as she sought the warmth and strength of his arms, and those arms were all too willing to accommodate her.

Patty locked her sweet lips with Ryans, her tongue pushing and duelling with his. Swirling and circling his tongue, she dragged it over the top, down the side, across the bottom, and back up the other side, then tickled the roof of his palette. The sensations made Ryan seek the soft smoothness of her breast, his fingers circling her areola as they zeroed in on her nipple. Tickling, teasing, and pulling it lovingly, he caressed her nipple until it hardened and presented itself proudly. Pattys moans of lust escaped her throat, muffled by the kiss that they still shared, and she raised her chest to get closer to the magical feeling he squeezed out of her tit.

Oh God, Dad! I need that, so bad! My boob just loves what you do to it, but I still have two, and the other one is feeling left out. Kiss it, suck it, make my titty hard! she lustfully demanded.

Ryan moved his lips to her other breast and began to circle her other areola with his tongue, then captured her nipple between his lips as he sucked and teased it until it became as hard as the one between his fingers. He could feel her chest heave as she gasped in delight at his attention to her body.

Shit, that feels so wonderful! I could lie here all night and let you suck my tits!.

He could also smell the delicious scent of her wet pussy, and it called to him like a siren. Sliding down slowly towards her love pit, he mumbled to her, Mmm, you taste so good! But I finished supper . . . , and he kissed her ribs, . . . and I havent . . ., he added as he scooped his tongue in her belly button, . . .had my . . . , then, as he ran his nose lightly through her pubic fuzz, whispered, . . . dessert yet. His tongue finally found her clit.. Patty pushed her hips up violently to meet his probe, spreading her legs as wide as she could to accommodate his thirsting lips and the tongue now devouring her silky wet pussy.

Dad, youre a fucking cunt tease! she growled hoarsely at him. Suck it! Lick it! Eat my pussy! Taste my juice! and Ryan obliged her by sliding his tongue deep in her gash, spreading her outer lips in a quest for his first taste of her wetness. Pausing for a moment at her entrance, he teased her inner lips until they opened to invite him deeper, then speared her cunt on himself as his daughter pushed her pussy hard against his mouth. He rammed his tongue as far up her love tunnel as he could. The suction on him felt as strong as a vacuum cleaner on a shag carpet, and he briefly thought she might even pull it out of his mouth! He withdrew from her to the sounds of her disappointed moan, slipping down to her puckered sphincter and gently rimming around the edge of it before probing deeper. Patty gasped at the intrusion, but pushed against him in a bid for more of the same. Her sphincter muscles relaxed as a welcome to his probe.

Oh God, Dad! What youre doing to my ass! I never knew I was so sensitive back there!

Ryan moved back up to her nub. By the time hed licked, teased, and tasted every part of her, his cock was hard as a rock. He kissed his way up to her belly, her breasts, and finally returned to her lips. Laying sprawled between her open thighs, the tip of his cock tickled her entrance, and she strained her hips in an attempt to capture and posses his meaty manhood. Patty was divided between the immediacy of his kiss and the desperate greed of her cunt to possess that gorgeous hard cock of his.

God dammit!, she growled in his ear, quit that damned teasing shit and get in me! Dad, I need you moreright now than Ive ever needed anything before in my life! Fill me up! Give me all that hard cock of yours! she pleaded, and as much as Ryan enjoyed driving her into a frenzy of lust and want, his own need to be inside her overpowered everything else.

Fighting the urge to plow deep into her in one quick stroke, his cockhead entered her hole and paused just long enough for her to coat him with her juices. He slid in gently but insistently until his shaft was buried to the hilt. Pressing himself as deep as he could, his pubic bone split open her lips in search of her clitoris, which pressed into his pubic hair. Pattys deep gasp at the relief of his intrusion was followed by quick releases from her lungs as she refilled them again and again. As he began long and slow strokes in and out of her cunt, she began to match his rhythm and pace with her own hip thrusts. She wound her legs around his waist, trapping him inside her, forcing him to massage her vaginal walls as they pulsed and gripped his cock tightly. She celebrated with a deep growl of ecstasy.

Between the pounding of her Dads cock in her cunt, the friction on her clit, his fondling and kneading on her tits, and the insistence of his tongues demand, Patty almost felt overwhelmed. Her breath came in small, ragged gasps, and that tingling sensation in her clit migrated throughout her entire crotch, then shot down to her toes and up to the top of her head, filling every part in between. Within seconds, her orgasmic pleasure burst all through her in a riotous spray of colour, light, and feeling. Her body convulsed and shook from the overwhelming impact of it all.

Oh God, Dad! Feels so-o-o-o . . .g-o-o-o-d! Take me! Fill me up with your cock! Spray your spunk inside me! Y-e-s-s-s-s! Dad!Im C-C-U-U-U-M-M-M-I-I-I-N-N-N-G-G-G! and the power of her climax washed over her so that she couldnt speak another syllable, just scream in absolute joy and delight at where he had taken her.

The power of her orgasm seemed to spill into Ryans body and mind even as it flowed through Pattys. His balls tightened, preparing to prime his throbbing cock with a massive load of hot white spunk, the pressure at the base building and building until he could feel the first of his wad start its journey to his cockhead on its way into Pattys simmering vagina. The walls of her pussy grasped, pulled, and milked his shaft so violently that he almost didnt have to move a muscle to coax his jism out and into her waiting womb. As the first spurt erupted out of his jizz slit, his senses burst into a white hot light throughout him, repeated with each blast of his baby batter. Rope after rope of his sticky white cream gushed into Pattys hungry cunt.

Oh God, Baby! What your cunts doing to my cock! Youre milking the cum right out of me! Fuck! You feel so goddamned good! and as his orgasm raced throughout his body, he added, Patty, Im filling that beautiful cunt of yours, so good! Shit, youre making me . . . Im C-C-U-U-U-M-M-M-I-I-I-N-N-N-G-G-G!!

Pattys cunt wrung out not only all the seed in his balls, but also all the love and caring in his soul; the love that his daughter inspired, nurtured, and fostered in his heart. He was hers, completely, and that realization spread across the entire spectrum of his existence with an aura of warm humility. She was now the centre of his world, his universe, his reason for being. She had a way of letting him know that it was mutual, that it was uniquely a part of her, of his daughter, of his lover. That understanding made it possible to shut out the rest of the world as they revelled in an existence that was shared by just the two of them.

With his last remaining reserves of strength, Ryan rolled onto his back, holding his daughter tightly to him in a desperate need to remain connected to her, both physically and emotionally. With the warmth of both her Dads love, and his body, Patty clung to him with a hunger born of the special bond they had found, and nurtured between them. He made her feel loved, cherished, wanted, and complete. The question of how shed survived without his loving drifted in and out of her fading consciousness. The fear that she would ever have to, from this day on, never reared its ugly head. She was wrapped in his arms, safe, warm, and protected for all time. For as long as there was still life in her body, shed promised herself that shed do whatever had to be done to keep and nurture the shared emotions that bound them together.

Laying on her Dads chest, Patty nuzzled his ear, her head resting delicately on his shoulder. In spite of the threatening waves of sleep that washed over her consciousness, she felt an overwhelming demand in her soul to let him know how he made her feel at this moment.

Dad? she whispered softly into his ear, I love you. I remember, just a few days ago, wondering how Id ever get you to let me into your heart like this. Now that you have, I cant comprehend the concept of not being here, and I never want to be anywhere else, for as long as I live. Thank you, for being my Dad, for being my best friend, for loving me like you do, for trusting me with your heart.

Ryan rolled his head just enough to give his daughter a kiss on the tip of her nose that echoed his own state of mind. She might be his daughter, and she was definitely his lover. But she was more than that. She was something in excess of the sum of her parts to him. It was through her love, warmth, and the connections shed fostered between them that he found the peace and tranquillity in his life that had eluded him for almost half a decade. Hed hold her in that protected place, that special spot in his heart, for as long as she wanted to be there.

I love you too, Princess, he answered her, so very much. I thought that when your mother and I were together, nothing could surpass that bond we had. But I think I was wrong. Being here with you, holding you, sharing this life were building together? Im beginning to find that I might have been a little too hasty before. And while there may be someone out there thats as special as you, Im definitely not in the market to look. Youre the answer to every prayer Ive ever had.

The tears threatened to leak out of Ryans eyes, and he welcomed them. They represented the heralding arrival of a happiness that had eluded him for so long. He squeezed his daughter to him just a little tighter, hoping against hope that theyd never encounter anything that would threaten this closeness they both craved. His embrace was acknowledged with the warmth of his daughters breath as she exhaled against the skin on his neck. Shed fallen asleep in the arms of the man that she knew would keep her safe from the rest of the world.

Maybe there is such a thing as God, and maybe there isnt. It could be that human destiny is controlled by an incomprehensible cosmic entity. Its also possible that the human race is a one-shot chemical anomaly., a fluke. At that moment in time, Ryan didnt know, didnt care. All he knew was that the young woman, laying in his arms as she slept, had found a place in his heart that would never be occupied by anyone else. Ever. A delicious sense of gratitude permeated his very being, even as sleep claimed his consciousness, replacing it with the relaxation of much-needed sleep.

Life was good.