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Kayla. ‘swan lady with the comics’.
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Hey Kayla! Hope you’re staying safe with these crazy ass storms in NSW right now! We had an honest-to-god tornado yesterday (a literal tornado in rural nsw, wtf)😬😅

Helloooo I’m all good thanks!! I heard about the tornado 😱😱 I hope you’re okay, I just saw some pics on NSW incident alerts! We’re doing natural disasters with my class atm so first thing they said to me this morning was about the tornado and asking if it could happen here. We haven’t had any storms, just non stop rain for a week.

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hiya swan queen!! Just wondering , have you read Rule of Wolves yet? If yes, what were your honest thoughts??

g'day nope! i don't think i'm going to read it TBH. i did however search up each of the crow's names (apart from nina for obvious reasons) and read about any mention of them.

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Hey! Didn't you use to have (like several years ago) a print of a swan in a bathtub or am I losing it?

feeling unhinged so going to listen to simon and garfunkel for an hour

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hey, this may be a bit random but im coming back from a long tumblr break and have forgotten, but have you written hp fan fiction??

yes i wrote the life and times

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i'd recommend The Rivers of London if you're into urban fantasy! the main character, Peter Grant, is both the funniest, nerdiest person and a giant idiot at the same time

Thanks I will look it up!

are you afraid of snakes because of a genuine phobia or are you afraid of snakes because you're australian?


I wouldn’t say I have a phobia but I am scared of them. I dunno if it’s cause if Australian or just cause they are bloody terrifying. I’m just as scared of the thought of a carpet python near me as a brown snake tbh. I don’t want to be anywhere near any snake no matter how venomous it is. I do have nightmares about snakes quite often lol maybe I do have a phobia 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

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how is the horse boy doing?

He is good and wonderful 😊😊😊 he’s made friends with my neighbours and now they feed him everyday through a hole in the fence 😂 they asked if that was okay and I said ‘sure but just know he is gonna come to that hole every time you are outside’ and they were like ‘that’s fine we love him’ here are some recent pics

Hmmm okay not an Aussie author but I recently read and enjoyed Foundryside by Robert Jackson Bennett. It's an adult fantasy with a cool magic system, good characters + heisty fun. The first two in the trilogy are currently out and I thought #2 was actually better than the first! Not sure what else to recommend but I hope you find something good


This sounds good too!! Thanks :)

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have you read Gideon the Ninth? it's a little out there, but I think you might like that

Nope but it sounds pretty good! Honestly I'm a bit sick of reading about Feisty Angry Beautiful people I wanna read books about WEIRDOS who are nice and if they are bad at everything then that's a bonus too. No more competent characters, bring me the dumb asses!


Thank god for a competent woman.


Okay, so I was gonna talk about this in the tags, but no I’m gonna actually comment properly. The thing about the guys at the beginning is that between their attention being focused on the goose and that cautious, jumpy behavior, they are basically telling the goose with their body language that they’re a threat. Kinda like how dogs use stance to instigate play, the guys’ stances very much indicate an attack of some sort (to a wild animal).

So what lady does in just walking confidently forward without worrying about the goose at all, is broadcast herself not as a threat, and honestly the only reason the goose really postures at her at all is probably bc it was already riled up by the other ppl.

And here’s the real zinger. I know a lot of people are always talking about how violent and aggressive geese are, and it’s not exactly true. Part of it is just that they’re large enough that when they posture, humans actually perceive it as a threat (in my experience, songbirds and hummingbirds can be some of the most agrro, they’re just not dangerous at all). The other part of it is that geese typically get treated like shit by people. I see kids chasing geese all the time at parks and adults are constantly shooing them away. So, in a lot of ways we’ve taught them to see us as threats.

So basically, geese can absolutely be dangerous! But not any more so than a deer is. And when people see a deer, their responses are usually respectful but calm - maybe getting a little closer for a picture but that’s it. And that respect for deer keeps the relationship between our species safer bc it’s not typically antagonistic or aggressive.

Anyways, the point of this whole rant was mostly just to say this. Treat a goose as if it’s just another animal that needs a bit of space, and you’ll probably not have any issues with them.

What kind of book are you looking for?


At the moment I’m enjoying thrillers! And the usual suspects of fantasy, heists, YA, and Aussie authors

Anonymous asked:

If you’re looking for a YA book that’s so terrible that it’s actually fkn hilarious, try From Blood and Ash by jennifer armentrout.

No thank you I would rather read something good!

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Have you read the gentleman bastards series?? They’re VERY long and unfinished (the author is doing a bit of a George RR Martin) but they’re pretty good!!

I have and they are some of my favourite books ever!!!! Locke and Jean 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 I just hope book 4 is out before I die

Got me first jab of AZ I hate Gladys more than anything online teaching is actually way easier than normal teaching but 600 emails a day oh my my my do not like and it’s boring I miss me students had the best ever lamington today and rewatching parks and rec just be nice to jerry for gods sake anyone got any book recs no punctuation here cause I’m trying to be like my student who wrote a 500000 word answer in google slides today without a single full stop bye hope you’re all well