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up in flames

SPOILER ALERT: Content from Last Sacrifice. Read at your own risk.

It was no secret Christian got his rebellious attitude from his aunt Natasha Ozera. Now, he was sure that was about the only thing he got from her.

Christian noticing when Rose looks exhausted, when she’s skipping meals, when her knuckles are completely raw and look ready to bleed. Christian noticing that, when she’s not with Lissa or doing school related stuff, she’s spending literally all of her time working out. Christian noticing that Lissa’s not as depressed but holy shit is Rose’s mental health getting worse. Christian noticing Rose bottling shit up.

Rose being protective as fuck of Christian. Rose punching people who say shit about him, because excuse you she’s the only one who’s allowed to make jabs at him. Rose agreeing to help teach moroi defense classes when Christian asks, and she grumbles about it and tells him there better be something covered in bacon in her future but she doesn’t really mind.

Rose and Christian being snarky awesome bros who actually care about each other.