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i literally hate to do this but i accidentally put myself in a bad spot trying to pay for essentials and basically paid for the wrong ones. i'm trans/queer/autistic/physically disabled and already work full time. my water was shut off today and it’s going to cost 150$ to pay the bill and i can’t pay it at all. i already knew i wasn't going to pay for my hormones or medical care this month but this has made things so much worse. please help.

if you'd like to see more examples, see my art tag and/or art twitter.

prices start at 20$ for a sketch like the one above. flat color like images 1 and 2 start at 60$, and full color like the last start at 80$. price can go up depending on complexity. please send me an ask, dm me, or add me on discord (posschamp#9585) for a quote.

Anonymous asked:

Hello! I stumbled across your floral undead idea, and I was wondering if I could borrow some of the zombie concepts for a fic I'm writing (which won't be posted for a while lol); it's a mash of Hanahaki disease and the apocalypse setting, plus steampunk if you're curious. I'd give credit, of course, but I thought I'd ask before I got far into my fic.

Thank you for asking, please use the idea with credit!!! Combining steampunk sounds so neat omg


Vampires when they sip on your blood and catch extra strength Tylenol, at least two psychiatric meds, two cups of coffee, weed, and microplastics 


Idea: Male-exclusive race in a fantasy setting or mmorpg catered to man lovers

  • Designed simarily to how female-exclusive races are depicted: beautifully ageless, mysterious, constantly oggled by humans, and the opposite sex is either extremely rare or doesn’t exist (Gerudo, Asari, Viera, Amazonians).
  • Ancient Greek theme - created from lovingly sculpted enchanted stone.
  • Called Sparstones (Spartan + Stone).
  • Handsome but dumb as rocks.
  • Skin tones are obsidian, marble, bronze, gemstone etc.
  • Worships gorgons as their goddesses (Medusa, Sthenos, & Euryale).
  • To honour the petrifying gaze of their deities, Sparstones naturally pose and serve face when looked at.
  • Wears skimp- i mean gladiator armour 😏
  • Due to their inability to swim or breathe, they can build peaceful cities underwater and are good neighbours with mermaids.
  • Despite their hypermasculine appearances and possessing the lowest INT stat compared to other races, Sparstones are primarily spellcasters - a result of their magical nature as Goddess-enchanted stones.
  • The Sparstone’s leader is made of molten gold, dripping with fine jewelery, and is the first known woman of their race. Her name is Midas.

tumblr users: i hate tiktok it's the worst

every post of a tiktok video: 12,746 reblogs, 45,094 likes

yes but the experience of occassionally seeing a curated-by-my-homies tiktok vid on my dash is so violently different from the endless stream of scrolling through algorithmic video content. i crave variety. what is my social media experience without walls of text interrupted randomly by videos of ducks and pictures of weird vegan brownies.

Mages must be the worst patients in a fantasy setting. Medic: She’s going cold. I think we might lose her. Cryomancer, who was taking a nap: Please get off me. Nurse: No pulse… You shouldn’t be alive… Necromancer: And…?

Surgeon: Do you want this heart transplant or not? Cleric, whose open ribcage is bursting with light, stitching the flesh back together: Sorry, reflex. Doctor: You’re overheating! Pyromancer: