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Sitting pretty at Cistus Nursery (home to beautiful and unusual plants and a terrific design sense). Shown (from R to L): Excilis Tote, Backpack Tote, and Merces Cross. Note: we're moving our blog to: http://www.oroxleather.com/blogs/news

Blog, blog, blog. We’d like to present our new blog, conveniently housed inside our website. We're moving to: http://www.oroxleather.com/blogs/news We’ll share: images and words that inspire us; stories about our production and design processes; and we’ll let you know about new products and events. We’ll offer you a glimpse into our store, workshop, and creative lives. Please take a peek and if you like what you see you can subscribe. All the best from everyone at Orox.

It's the weekend. Enjoy it! http://www.oroxleather.com/products/merces-tote-cacao

It's looking more and more like spring time here! Come by and pay us a visit. We'll be here all weekend crafting products and talking to customers (our #1 and #2 favorite things).

In the garden. Cistus Nursery on Sauvie Island. Backpack tote: http://www.oroxleather.com/collections/bags-purses/products/backpack-tote-green-tan

Oaxacan Memories – An ongoing series of cherished places and scenes from our first home. Oaxaca is a city of bustling markets full of treasures and memories waiting to be found.

With the slow accumulation of days, seasons, and years our products look better and better. Levi's Utilis phone case (on the left) looks supple and gently worn after two years of everyday use. Here's to many more! http://www.oroxleather.com/collections/tech-goods/products/utilis-classic-iphone-6-47-natural

Not afraid of rain! Drawstring rucksack (http://www.oroxleather.com/collections/bags-purses/products/drawstring-rucksack-grey-black) and Classic Camera Strap (http://www.oroxleather.com/collections/tech-goods/products/classic-camera-strap-mahogany)

Hello, spring! Here's a lovely shot from our recent photo shoot at Cistus Nursery on Sauvie Island. Cistus is a magical place specializing in drought tolerant plants some of which are native to Mexico - well worth a visit! Model: @sacajalida Shown: Viator Tote in grey / tan. http://www.oroxleather.com/products/viator-tote-grey-tan Cistus Nursery: http://www.cistus.com/

Mitla, once an important Zapotec center and now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is an easy trip from the city of Oaxaca. We love the bold and contemporary looking geometric designs so much that we used them for the background of our new website.

“House-building, measuring, sawing the boards, / Blacksmithing, glass-blowing, nailmaking, coopering, tin-roofing, shingle-dressing, / … / The work and tools of the rigger, grappler, sail-maker, block-maker,” Walt Whitman, “A Song for Occupations” We created our Tradesman Aprons for all of you and more. http://www.oroxleather.com/products/tradesman-apron-canvas-tan-brown

Here's to a beautiful and organized day. Citus Cord Minder and iPad Sleeve. http://www.oroxleather.com/collections/tech-goods/products/citus-cord-minder-brass-tan http://www.oroxleather.com/collections/tech-goods/products/ipad-sleeve-tan

It’s always a treat when the tide is right and this secret world is temporarily revealed.

In Mexico today is the Day of the Artisan. Thanks to all who have come before us and to everyone who is keeping old traditions alive and creating new ones. Vive Mexico! Viven artesanias!

“I tramp a perpetual journey, (come listen all!) / My signs are a rain-proof coat, good shoes, and a staff cut from the woods” – Walt Whitman. And you’ll probably want a Backpack Tote for the journey. http://www.oroxleather.com/products/backpack-tote-grey-black

Everything looks good with green! Happy Saint Patrick's Day from everyone at Orox Leather Co.! Shown: Merces Tote http://www.oroxleather.com/collections/purses/products/merces-tote-cacao

Oaxacan Memories – An ongoing series of cherished places and scenes from our first home. The streets of Oaxaca are filled with beauty and surprise at every turn.

Thanks to PopWrapped for selecting our Viator Tote as the bag to have in their Unofficial Guide to SXSW (South by Southwest) 2015! http://bit.ly/1BK2JjC http://www.oroxleather.com/products/viator-tote-black-black

Here's to a relaxing and rejuvenating Sunday. ¡Salud!