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Instead of fight Andrew vs Jean about being Renee's gay best friend, consider...

Andrew, Renee and Jean being the friendship trio of gays wielding knives. Homosexual and dangerous. They have matching Adidas tracksuits. Renee paints their nails black. Jean teaches them cursing in french.

Aelin's sacrifice

I know people reading ToG books were sometimes tired of Aelin and her master plans that she doesn't tell to anyone, and I was too but then I realized something. Something that is very important and explains it, but many people forget about it and prefer to blame everything on Aelin's arrogant and bitchy attitude.

But think about that.

Last time she shared her plan with anyone, she lost Sam. Her boyfriend, her love, was gone, because he went alone and got caught. I didn't see a lot of people connecting that to her decisions.

Also, so many sacrifices were made for her, that I think she doesn't want anyone to protect her this way, by sacrificing themselves.

She lost parents, uncle and Lady Marion (also Elide's mother!), so she could live and fight for Terrasen.

She lost Sam only because Arobynn wanted to teach her a lesson. She lived because Sam's murderer was happy with brutally torturing and killing only him. Taking Sam's as offering from Arobynn, so Celeana could be captured and brought to Endovier. And still live, just broken, as her master wanted.

Next she lost Nehemia, because she wanted Aelin to finally become true herself. Because she wanted to protect her from betrayal. Because this sacrifice was needed to push her back to being Galathynius princess.

Finally, through the years, she lost so many people fighting for Terassen, that were not even sure if she still exists. But they fought for the country they loved, Aelin loved, to keep the spirit of other people. They didn't hesitate to die for it. So one day she could go back home and help them.

I think after all this, Aelin was done with sacrifices. She couldn't bear a thought of people losing their life for her. She didn't thought she's worthy of it. She preferred to die herself, so she can save those people. Her loved ones, like Rowan, Lysandra, Aedion, Elide, Dorian and Chaol and people of Terassen.

So she never wanted to tell them. So they couldn't sacrifice themselves. That was her part now.

Aelin was ready to die when saving world so noone else have to do it. It wasn't because of arrogance or god complex. She just was tired of thinking that people die because of her.

What do you think about that?

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suggestion for izzy and seb demon eyes parallel !! tysm

here it is ♥ thank you for wonderful idea c:

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