My Sexual Awakening

My Sexual Awakening

Chapter 1

I am Mike, 16, I do the normal things a teenage guy does, video games, hanging out with friends, sports, no girl friend fanaticize about sex.And noI have not really been on a date yet. I guess you could classify me as a jock, just not the baseball, football or basketball type. I did like cross country and really liked the long distance runs we had to do.Most of the other guys on the team hated running anything over 6 or 8 miles. Me, I felt I was just getting started at 6. It didnt matter if it was spring or winter season. It was just great to be outside. So I was definitely in shape but not muscular.

For the last few years my dad has been doing all sorts of running races and recently he has been training for triathlons, he wants to do a half Ironman just to do it. I would occasionally run or bike with him. I have just been starting to be able to keep up with him running but was still not strong enough on the bike to do the long rides with him and his training group. I ride a lot during the day when he cant. I have all the right biking clothes too. Dad surprised me one day with a cool King of the Mountain Tour de France jersey and biking shorts. Although I do have to say that I am a little shy about my body and those biking shorts are just a bit revealing for me, I love them on girls but the thought of girls getting a good idea of what I look like down there automatically makes more sport some wood.

When I first put on the shorts and looked at myself in the mirror, yup it happened, hard as a rock! I could not help myself and started to rub my cock as I watched in the Mirror, then dad called for dinner, so that ended that fun, I guess i will be saving that for later.

My summer had been going pretty well and my friend Tommy, we had been friends since middle school and his cousin, Britney, Tommys Moms friends daughter, who was a year younger than Tommy and I, was 15, had come to spend part of the summer with his sister Kelly. Kelly was also 15. Britney was definitely starting to fill out in all the right places and she had started to be one of my masturbation Fantasy girls. Especially since she was spending time with us in Tommys pool. It was hard for me to at times keep from popping a boner in or around the pool. Kelly wasnt too bad either. Kelly and Britney got along well and were always giggling about something, boys I guess. Tommy especially liked Britney. But he did not want to think or talk about it too much since they had spent so much time together growing up. I of course, never mentioned any of my thoughts about Kelly.

Dad signed me up for a race that he was going to do, so it was kinda cool to be training with him and racing. I did most of my training for the race early in the morning before it got too hot. Usually no one at Tommys was up early when I came back from my ride or run. I was also in the habit of putting my bike away or just shedding my bike or running shoes and shirt and taking a quick dip in the pool to cool off. This one particular morning I had already stripped to my bike shorts and was rounding the the patio running at full speed headed for the pool when I caught a glimpse of Kelly and Britney sitting on the patio having breakfast.

At first I was just surprised still headed for the pool at full speed, then it popped into my head that I was wearing by biking shorts. That was ‘oh shit#1 I had Not worn any briefs under my bike shorts so I had no added protection. I didnt wear briefs when I was training by myself in the morning.That was oh shit #2! Kelly and Britney were startled butgiggling when they saw me, there hands were up by their mouths. That was #3.

So I just continued my dive into the pool. All I could think was I hope I dont throw a boner, please not now in front of Brittney.Luckily the water was still cold, I was in luck for a while. One other good thing was I was wearing my black bike pants and not the white ones. Since the white ones got wet they became translucent. Not exactly what I would have wanted this morning.

Even with all the training I did I was still a bit pale without a shirt.The girls congratulated me on my nice dive into the pool. Britney asked why I was out riding so early, Kelly just jumped in and said I was trying to be an iron man like my dad.Right then Tommy came out on the patio and said ‘more like I quarter Ironman laughing he continued ‘more like an 1/8 Ironman. Look at that scrawny body!

I was about to tell him to fuck off but Britney jumped in to my defense and said‘he has a nice body he has more leg muscles than you Tommy!

Wow, I thought, no girl ever said I had a nice body or even noticed my leg. I blushed, Kelly noticed giggled and pointed it out to Britney, who gave me a nice smile and a wink. Which only made me blush some more.

Tommy jumped in again and said ‘dont give him a swelled head, either of them! The girls were hysterical.

I looked at both of the girls and realized that they were already in their 2 piece swimsuits although they did have very short shorts on, they both filled them in well. Not only was Britney very pretty and had nice breasts so did Kelly. I could also almost make out their nipples. Shit! I could feel the beginningsof a chub!I had to plan my escape and get into better clothes.

Britney wanted to hear all about my race, how far, how much training, where was it, who was coming to cheer me on.She had come by the edge of the pool as we talked.I had never talked to a girl with such ease. I think it made Tommy a little mad. We figured out that she would be here for the race and would be my own private cheering section. Thats going to be fun but I had better remember to wear the black biking shorts, as I thought of this a wave a fear passed through me.

Kelly proposed that we play water volleyball, that meant jell and Britneys shorts would come off and I would get a better look at their bodies. Tommy had his board-shorts on and was all excited to play. Off came 2 pairs of shorts and a T-shirt. I stammered thinking about being still in my bike shorts.

‘Ill go put in my swim trunks Kelly said ‘ but you are already all wet why change now?

She was right but, I doubt she knew the stress that was going to be in my bike shorts. They all joined me in the pool. And the volleyball started after Tommy and I horsed around for a bit. The girls just watched and laughed as we bobbed in the water. Once in the shallow end I realized again I had to be careful as I did not have much covering.

Our games went on for about an hour lots of fun, I loved that once the girls were wet I could see more of their bits.Both sets of nipples we alternate from being normal to sticking out a bit, at first it was clearly from the cool water of the pool but then I think when were enjoying seeing both me and Tommy with not too much clothes on. I also noticed that they both would go under water for an extended bit of time thego to the other end of the pool to talk and giggle. Then I realized what it was they were giggling about, same as what tommy and I were smirking at, they liked the way tommys trunks and my shorts were clinging to our bodies, although it wasnt quite see through they could get a good Idea of the shapes of our dicks. This only made me a little more hard when I thought about it.

One time Britney was on my team and went under water when she came up I thought i could see her nipples getting hard, thick only made me a little hard, then I realized that she was trying to get a good look at my dick. Of course I sort of did the same thing to her, i certainly saw her nice ass and i think i could make out the lips of her pussy. I only got harder. shit.

Just then Tommys mom came out with towels and said she had some lunch for us inside. this was a good time for a break for all of us, Tommy, I could see also had a bit of a chub going on. Since the girls got out of the pool on the shallow end it game me and tommy a little time to relax. I popped out at the deep end strategically turned away from the girls. Tommy did the same, we both saw the state were were in and laughed a nervous laugh. I wrapped the towel around me and headed back to my house to change. and said i was going to run back to my house to put on dry shorts since we were going inside to eat.

As I made my way back to my house I started to replay the last few hours. I never had a girl so interested in talking to me and after a while I was pretty relaxed talking to her. And I certainly had never seen 2 girls nipples get hard in from of my eyes. Thats brought back that awakening in my groin. Good thing no one was home at my house. Brittney was making me feel good all over. And I had never gotten so much attention from Kelly either. By the time I was upstairs in my room I was totally hard again. At least this time no one would be staring at it. As I moved to my window I could hear Kelly and Britney, Tommy had gone inside I guess to change.

Kelly said ‘I could sort of make it out, and he did have a cute butt, Brit, so have you seen a guys.... you know in real life?

I could not believe this, here are 2 girls talking about my ass and dick. I only got harder.

Britney replied, ‘no but a few times when I was under water I swear I could see the head of his cock! I think he figured it out after a while!

Wow she was checking out my package. Now I was rubbing my hard cock through my bike shorts.Britney was now helping Kelly with her bathing suit top. She was untying it I guess to re-tie it. But was surprised when I could see Part of Kellys breast, it was bigger than i imagined and very nice, not tan but not pale, I wondered if she had been out in the sun with her top off.I was still rubbing my cock through my shorts, I could feel then getting wet at the head of my cock from pre-cum. I always make a lot of pre-cum when I am masturbating, especially if i have been watching a really hot scene or havent jacked for a while.It felt good jacking over these lycra shorts.

Brittney then said ‘there, now Mike will get a better look at you breasts, that top fits a bit better now and they are sitting right so he can see how big they really are she giggled.

‘but he was really staring at yours! damn, they noticed,I thought I was more discrete. Brittney held her hands under her breasts lifting them, making them so much more luscious, I reached into my bike shorts and was giving my cock a good squeeze, more pre-cum leaked out making my cock so slick.

Kelly then said, ‘I bet that would make him hard! chuckling.

If they only knew how hard, that was it, all it took for me to cum, i groaned and 4 big shots shot out of my cock into my shorts. Good thing i still had my bike shorts on or i would have made a mess all over the window. I hope they did not hear or see me….oh god now that would be embarrassing!

Lunch was uneventful, no teasing or anything. Tommy and I hung out in his room playing video games and talking about the mornings events.

Tommy practically squealed, ‘did you see the nipples on Brittney? Due they were poking out, like eraser heads! throwing himself back on the sofa in his room as i was playing the game.

‘I couldnt believe it, dude, i never would have expected that from her, she was always go shy and reserved. This might be a great summer repeatedly punching me in the arm. I answered, ‘careful bro you are going to pop another boner! As small as your little dick is, I saw you had one in the pool! Lucky for you its so small else they might have seen it too!

Fuck off he said, then its not like you are some John Holmes. I jumped up and started to punch him, like friends do. We were laughing now. I could remember what i had seen from my window, both of the girls pushing up their breasts almost presenting them to me. Then I thought of Kelly, and that she might like me too. she did have nice breasts too. who but she was my best friends little sister.

Tommy pushed me off of him still laughing, ‘dude I did get a boner in the pool, did you?

‘Yea, I was half freaking out half not caring, but I couldnt hide it like you in those board shorts. Man those bike shorts are almost see through!

Now I asked, ‘so has any girl ever seen you naked?

‘No, never unless someones been you have been spying on me Mikey boy!

I gave him another series of punches. ‘Me either. I made out with Tara a few times but we never even got to any of the touchy feely stuff.But damn did I have a boner while we were making out

‘Did she notice?

‘I dont think so, I had on jeans and boxer briefs and a longer polo, else she might have.

‘Same with me and Jessica, we better stop all this talk its making me horny Tommy said smirking at me.

‘Haha, well at least I have some control bro!

‘Right! Only because you went up to your room and beat that little dick of yours! We were both laughing an uneasy laugh now.

‘I bet you did too! We both laughed again. Then he said ‘yup want to check my cum sock?

‘No I responded ‘want to check my bike shorts?

‘I figured you had to I said smiling.

Nothing much happened for the next few days, I did my training and chores. Tommy Gornall is a few days of work helping someone pack to move. We each made $200 for the 2 days of work.He was good at that kind of think, neither of us wanted a regular mall or office job. We would do what every people needed. We always made more than any of our other friends and more spare time plus i would not need to worry about money during fall, winter and spring track. Plus we got to talk a lot.Now that Britney was staying in his house there was lots of masturbation fantasy material for both of us. Little did he know that one of mine included his sister Kelly.

‘Do you think they are as horny as us all the time? I asked as we packed up stuff in the attic we were working in.

‘Fuck yea! They are always giggling and talking and when ever I get close they get quiet. When I leave then they start again. One time I tried to hide and listen but they caught me so I didnt get to hear much.

‘What were they saying? Come on was it good?

‘They were starting to talk about guys that they liked and just as they started to talk about making out and doing stuff they figured it out that I was listening and stopped and made me leave!

‘Kelly too? She made out with a guy? Who?

‘Bro thats my sister! But I want to know about Britney

‘We need to figure out how to find out if they are as horny as us!

We went back and forth the rest of the day, by the end day I knew I was going to need to rub one out. Not that that was unusual, I would have at least once this afternoon and maybe twice. But talking and thinking about Kelly and Britney Just accelerated my need.

We heard the girls talking on the patio so we were very quiet walking up to the window, it was open so we could hear what they were saying. Damn we were shocked. They were talking about having seenguys get boners in class. They said they had caught lots of guys with boners in class, Tim, one of the soccer players and Andy who was class president both, they said theyve seen them trying to hide their boners when they got up to leave class.

Then they talked about how big they were at least imagined how big they were in, but Kellysaid that she seen Alan one of the smaller guys on the soccer team with what looked to be a huge one. Kelly was wondering how big Britney thought they were. Britney said she didnt really know but it couldve been at least 7 inches and he was only 5 6. And Britney surprised is again and asked had Kelly ever seen Tommys dick.

Now they really had our attention, Kelly started, ‘well....not exactly, but I have been close a few times to seeing Tommys.

‘Really! Tell me! Please then they both giggled.

‘Like I said I have been close a few times, the first few times it was an accident, the first time we were watching a movies and there were a few hot scenes, 2 teens making out and started to take off their clothes, I could tell it was having an affect on Tommy, he was laying on the couch on his stomach and he was sorta rocking a a little and I could see his butt was moving, not humping the couch but definitely moving a bit.

‘Did Timmy notice that you were watching him?

‘I doubt it, he was focused on the movie! A few times I saw him slip his hand down between the couch and his crotch and was clearly touching or arraigning himself!

‘Maybe we should put on a sexy movie and make Tommy and Mike watch, hahaha! But did you see it?

‘Ok, ok, my mom came in the room as we were watching and he rolled over and I caught a look that he was clearly hard through his basketball shorts. Then he rolled over again and when he got up later it was got, probable mom scared it soft! They both were now laughing hard.

I whispered to Tommy, ‘ dude your sister was looking at your boner and trying to see more of it he punched me, then Kelly continued.

‘There was another time just a few months ago, I went up to his room to tell him that we were back from snappy and were going out for dinner. Tommys door was slightly open normally I would just bang on his door and yell, this time I was curious at what he was up to. I slowly opened the door a little, He had headphones on so unless I made a lot of noise he wouldnt hear me. He was on his laptop wearing his baggie shorts and a t-shirt, I couldnt see what was on the screen, then he moved his hand down to his crotch sorta just rubbing it. Haha definitely some sort of porn, he wasnt exactly masturbating, just rubbing.

‘Well well? Did you see his dick? Britney squealed.

‘Ha ha wait, his hands were back on the keyboard, then hebegins to undo his shorts, first the button at the top, then I could hear the zipper going down. Then I couldnt see his hands but one hand open his shorts and I guess pulled back the waistband of his boxers and with the other took out his cock and you know.... she motioned with her hand up and down a few times.

Tommy was beet red! Glad it wasnt me!

Brittney asked, ‘did you actually see it?

‘No! Damn it! He was blocking my view and then I could heard dad getting close to the stairs so I closed the door all the way and knocked really loud. You should have heard the commotion in his room, I yelled we were home and going out to dinner

‘Thats great! Just too bad you didnt really catch him red handed ha ha ha!

‘No but he did come down with a different T-shirt on! They both giggled.

‘Dude!!!! Do you remember that? Did it happen like that? What the fuck she almost caught you!I wanted to hear more but I really wanted to hear Tommys version of what happened. So we quietly left and went up to his room.

Back up in his room I said, ‘ahhhh the scene of the crime! Hahahahaha!

‘Yea a lot of crimes!! At least I was facing towards my desk and not the way I usually jack off! For sure she would have seen everything. And I remember that day. Everyone was gone so of course it was a perfect time to jack off! I thought I had closed the door all the way, I was watching a movie and got horny so I just started to read one of the First Time stories on Literotica,and I had music on but not soft enough!

‘Thats not all that wasnt soft enough! We both were laughing, I am just glad it wasnt me, or was I? I thought smirking.

‘I was really close to shooting right about then, thats why I was taking my dick out. Another few seconds I wouldve gotten up to get a sock or something to cum in and not make a huge mess. I heard her knock and yell and I almost fell out of my chair.

‘Well I guess you didnt cum, too bad!

‘Errrmmm, I did

‘What? How? Well not how more like really?

‘Yea, it was weird, almost getting caught, and I was already so close and I just shot all over. My cum was in my boxers, on my stomach and T-shirt, so I used that to clean up my dick and balls and stomach. Then put on a clean one, no one the wiser!