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Unfortunately this shirt was only available on Zulilly for a short period of time and it’s no longer available but here I am with another one of my shirt designs for work! It says “I’m Feelin’ Elephantastic” for those of you that don’t have backwards eyeballs

One of my original t-shirt designs through my new job at Crazy Dog T-Shirts is now available for purchase! This is for all you 90′s Kids out there who remember scrapping your knees playing Skip-It and eating dunkaroos until you puked. 

SORRY I never blog anymore y’all. 2016, especially the summer of, has been a wild fucking ride!

In April I got a job as a graphic designer for a local custom t-shirt shop. So I work full time in my field.

All of May and June my boyfriend and I were looking for apartments. In June we found one. We move in on Sunday.

AND last week, I was teaching Illustration at my old college upstate. More on that later!

So between packing and working full time I haven’t had much time to blog or fandom. Thanks to everyone who still follows me and may you all eat a fine fat goose tonight with your goodly wives.

Anonymous asked:

Poussey's death destroyed me more any of the other deaths. Not to mention, being days after Orlando. Talk about bad, unfortunate timing. She was my favorite character. I watched the show for Poussey. I understand the points they were trying to make this season but that doesn't take the hurt away. I even get why it had to be Poussey specifically. I don't know a single person who didn't love her. She was like the show's mascot. That's why it HAD to be her. Still REALLY PISSED tbh but I get it.

I am quite honestly confused as to why people can’t see she was the choice that made the most sense in the narrative (prepare your pitchforks because I’m about to say it)…and it had nothing to do with her sexuality.

Here is where we go down the list of whose death would’ve had the most impact. Right off the bat let’s agree on the fact that it couldn’t have been a secondary back inmate. That’s a given. Now take a second and think of all the prevalent black inmates. They cant kill Suzanne because Uzo is the constant Emmy nominee/winner throughout the years. That immediately cancels her out. Also if it was her, the outrage would be worse because not only is she queer but also mentally handicapped. If you take her out of the equation, you basically have Taystee and Original Cindy left. Taystee wasn’t involved in the social commentary aspect of this season at all. Not even remotely. To be frank, one of the few faults I found in this season actually was the fact that she had direct access to Caputo and didn’t tell him about all the shit that was going down on a daily basis with the COs. She cared about bigger things beyond social reform which is acceptable because a lot of people are like that. They purposefully kept her away from this arc and by playing this angle basically underused her. Original Cindy had her own storyline with Judy, which was maybe the most pointless and weak storyline of the entire season. Let’s be honest, Original Cindy dying wouldn’t have had a real impact. Poussey dying on the other hand makes sense because she had a powerful reason to be on that table. She wanted to impress Soso. She had a romantic motivation and in an all female prison this needed to be obviously queer. Poussey was also socially aware and she was educated. She was someone the vast majority of the demographic of the show related to compared to any of the other inmates. She was the one most like an everyday, middle America citizen. She was loveable and she was “normal”. She was the one who would really drive the point of “this could be any of us” really deeply. If they were going to kill a character that would both fit the racism storyline and would have the most gut wrenching effect on the audience it /had/ to be her. It had to be Poussey for all the reasons I listed and many others. Her dying makes sense to me. The circumstances and the set up are logical and the more I dissect it the more convinced I am that it had nothing to do with her sexuality.


The problem with My So-Called-Life is that both love interests are the worst. Why does Angela THINK about Jared Leto after episode 2? And Fuck Brian!