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House Baratheon { GAME OF THRONES }

tchalla hacks buckys phone location so he knows where he is if and when he wants to beat his ass


he just gets bored and he’s like hmmmmmm bucky’s only two miles away frm me time for pain buck boi


forget the tony and steve man pain, i want to just see scenes of Bucky standing in the self checkout line with a loaf of bread and TP then suddenly tchalla is there throwing a shopping cart at his ass and they start fighting. bucky in the bathroom washing his hands calmly before tchalla kicks the door open and they start fighting. tchalla having a sandwich in the park until he sees bucky coming then he throws it at his face and then they start fighting.

Bucky’s about to dive in the pool, T'Challa runs up, drop kicks his ass and flips out of the splash zone.


it’s very important to me that sometimes t’challa is in a high-level but very boring cabinet meeting about grain prices or smth and his secret Danger Phone goes off and he glances down at it and then grimly says, “i must go.” and everyone’s like, wow. our strong and brave prince. off to protect Wakanda in her hour of need again. meanwhile t’challa’s just hit bucky barnes with a SPECTACULAR flying clothesline outside a Home Depot in bed-stuy


this art established 3 incredible concepts:

1. bucky’s favourite cereal is honey nut cheerios

2. t'challa someHOW knows this?!?!?!

3. t'challa knowing this, had a parody version called honey nut fearios created and hid behind it waiting and then choked bucky out


this is so fucking funny to me for some reason

T’challa and Bucky having an ongoing thing where T’challa just shows up at random to FITE HIM whenever he least expects it and in fact has dedicated extensive time and resource entirely to the goal of getting to get into a fist fight with Bucky Barnes in a walmart parking lot is the kind of utterly fucking nonsensical headcanon that I adore and cherish with all my heart and I want it to be made canon :D


What to do if witchcraft suddenly gets way too intense


► DO NOT walk away from an uncompleted ritual

► DO NOT walk away in the middle of a spell

Grab your notes and close everything down. Dismiss any spirits or entities you are working with. Close down the circle. End the ritual. Diffuse the energy of the spell and close it down. If you were enchanting an item, announce over it that it is closed and nothing more may come in or out.

Spells and rituals are little portals of power; if you leave one open without closing it, all sorts of things could get screwy and come through.

2. End any spooky/witchy atmosphere immediately.

  • Blow out all the candles.
  • Put out all the incense.
  • Turn on all the lights.
  • Turn off spooky chanting music. Turn on some happy music or better yet, a non-supernatural television show or movie you love.
  • If you were enchanting an item, immediately put it in salt.

3. Don’t destroy the items/notes you will need later.

Trust me, do not throw away the spell you wrote or the objects you were working on. If things go wrong in the future you will need these to fix the problem.

► Immediately write down exactly what happened. Write down every deviation from the spell that you did. Write down exactly what you said and saw during any visualizations. Write down exactly when things started to get freaky.

► If you were enchanting an item, keep it in a black bag filled with salt until you are ready to deal with it.

4. Cleanse.

Use an energy cannonball to purify the space you were working in. Burn rosemary and bay leaves to fumigate the area, or spritz a premade water solution if you can’t have smoke. Pay special attention to all ritual tools.

If you feel the need to, cleanse yourself by visualizing the power of the smoke enveloping you and driving away any bad vibes; or take a shower if you really feel something has gone wrong.

5. Get out of the area you were working in.

Go to another room. Leave the house if possible. Seek the company of others or turn on the television if you are alone.

6. Do mundane things for a while.

Eat a nice meal. Drink a big glass of water. Go for a jog. Do some chores. Put anything magical totally out of your head. Absolutely do not focus on how weird things just got.

7. When you are ready, return to the area you were working in.

Relax yourself and judge the energies within the room. Are things still ‘creepy’? A heavy-duty cleansing is in order. Do you feel as if someone else is there? Open a window and command it to leave - if it does not, more fumigation or a banishing is required.

Judge your ritual tools and determine if they will need additional cleansing. If you were working on an object, determine if it has been corrupted or if anything is wrong with it. If so, put it back in the salt and deal with it as soon as you can.

8. Take a break from witchcraft for a couple of days.

9. Figure out what went wrong.

Fear is never a good thing. There is a difference between embracing the darkness and being afraid.

► Fear can be caused if an entity showed up you were unprepared to deal with.

► Fear can be caused if your intuition (or perhaps a spirit ally) was warning you that what you were about to do was a really bad idea.

► Fear can be caused if you tap in to powers that overwhelm you.

You need to figure out what went wrong. It isn’t a situation where you can say “oh well” and try something else later - because you screwed up, and next time you may not get an adequate warning before things go to hell.



i told ya we’ve canceled discourse n we’ve moved on to homesteading skills

it’s just choppin wood and harvesting vegetables and herbs from here on out



unironically this

Please hit me with more homesteading concept drawings


Good reference material here.

My brain during sane hours of the day: “I have a good job with benefits, a stable social network with supportive friends and family, and I’m a nerd who thrives on advanced technology. Also, I dislike the taste of fish.”

My brain on Tumblr at 3:30am: “Y’know, abandoning all technology and leaving civilization behind looks like a lot of fun! And I could teach the kids how to build a fish trap!”

Samhain General Guide

Samhain, or “summer’s end,” has several aspects. For the ancient Celts, Samhain marked summer coming to a close and the beginning of winter. It is considered the final harvest (for meat) of the year, the Celtic New Year, a time to honor one’s ancestors, and a night that the veil between the physical and spiritual world is thinnest. It is thought that divination is more powerful at this time, that the faerie folk are more active and that the dearly departed are nearer to us (and thus easier to contact) for this reason. Today, Samhain takes place on October 31st. 


Orange, red, brown, gold, yellow, and black.

Flowers, Herbs and Scents

Acacia, allspice, almond, angelica, apples, basil, bay leaf, benzoin, broom, burdock, calendula, catnip, cedar, chrysanthemum, cinnamon, cloves, comfrey, copal, coriander, cypress, dandelion, dragon’s blood resin, frankincense, garlic, ginger, hazelnut, heather, heliotrope, marigold, mugwort, mullein, myrrh, nettle, oak, passionflower, patchouli, pennyroyal, pine, pumpkin, rosemary, saffron, sage, sandalwood, star anise, sunflower, tarragon, thistle, thyme, tobacco, wild ginseng, wormwood, and yew.

Food and Beverages

Apples and apple dishes, corn, meat dishes, gingerbread, hazelnuts, potatoes, seasonal fruits (quince, pomegranates, cranberries, kumquats), vegetables, pumpkin dishes, roasted pumpkin seeds, nuts, beets, squash, turnips, soul cakes, sweet potatoes, ale, mead, cider, mulled wine, and herbal teas.

Symbols, Associations and Decorations

Acorns, candles, torches, lanterns, apples, autumn flowers, autumn leaves, bats, besoms, black cats, bones, carved pumpkins and turnips, photos of ancestors and/or dearly departed, corn stalks, corn dolls, crows, cauldrons, gourds, jack-o-lanterns, masks, mirrors, oak leaves, pine cones, pomegranates, pumpkins, scarecrows, scythes, skulls, straw, tombstones, and spiderwebs.

Activities for Samhain

Divination (tarot, scrying, cleromancy, etc), honoring/consulting ancestors, remembering the dearly departed, holding a dumb supper, releasing the old, understanding death and rebirth, past life recall, lighting bonfires, leaving offerings for ancestors and/or faeries, cooking, feasting, pumpkin and gourd carving, lighting candles, and wearing costumes and/or masks.

Crystals and Stones

Black obsidian, black onyx, hematite, carnelian, amber, bloodstone, smoky quartz, and petrified wood.


Black cats, bats, owls, stags, ravens, crows, spiders, and dogs.

Spells and Rituals

Candle magic, divination, casting protection, shadow work, spirit work, and/or rituals/spells for manifesting transformation are all appropriate at this time.

Resources: (x), (x), (x)

writer: this is one of my male characters! he cares about his guy friends and loves them deeply.

tumblr: oh! so he’s gay!

writer: uh…no, he’s attracted to women.

tumblr: ….so he’s bi!

writer: uhh…no…….he loves his guy friends but he’s not romantically/sexually attracted to them.

tumblr: ….so you’re homophobic.



Healthy male friendships are almost as rare in mainstream fiction as gay male relationships, and maybe more rare in fanfiction. Let men be wonderful friends without pushing a romantic relationship, just like men and women should be able to be wonderful friends without the pressure of a romantic relationship.


Tonight’s realization: Pokémon is a Solarpunk setting.


  • “Science is amazing!” / Science as a recurring theme
  • Coexisting with nature (pokémon) is a major theme
  • Healthcare is free for everyone
  • Society is generally safe enough for 10-year-olds to travel alone with only their pets. In fact, it’s almost common for children to do so.
  • Urban sprawl is pretty well contained in most regions.
  • Wilderness conservation is a well-kept priority
  • Most people walk or bike everywhere, and those who don’t usually ride pokémon. There are few cars to cause smog.
  • Solar & Wind energy is used in many places, even small towns like New Bark.
  • Cultural love of science coexists with respect for tradition and spirituality (mediums, psychics, aura readers, etc)
  • It’s a possible, nearby, optimistic, future (besides the pocket monsters themselves ofc). Very little of Pokémon’s tech is too far off modern tech.

you know i hate tumblrs “i hope they do something problematic” shit so much? its not only with people like thomas sanders or john mulaney or that comic guy with the bike, but with whole ass shows and projects? like nobody ever said b99 is cop propaganda. nobody was saying that until one single person mentioned it and suddenly its the worst show you could watch because of one aspect of their show, while ignoring the shows diversity and political stances.

same happened to dream daddy, like you cant deny that that game was groundbreaking for the lgbt society, but suddlenly some people started shit like ‘uhhh but 5 years ago the game grumps made transphobic jokes’ and ‘you know that joesph is actually a satanist, right?’ and suddenly no one talked about the game anymore?

everytime someone tries their fucking best to be inclusive, diverse etc. people are digging through everything they can find just to justify that they dont like it? overwatch recently hosted a huge event to raise money for breast cancer research in association with the BCRF and without even doing one second of research people accused them of working with the susan g. komen foundation (which wasnt true) and tried to boycott a fucking charity event?

what im saying is, dont let tumblr ruin everything you love because they are bitter

It’s not just bitterness at work, and it’s not so easy to simply say “don’t let Tumblr ruin a thing.”  I’ll offer an independent creator’s perspective here.

I write a webcomic with my wife and my girlfriend.  The comic’s called Sister Claire.  It’s about gay nuns and witches and giant goopy monsters.  Also, giant robots.  And cats.  Some of which are giant too.  We’re all really proud of our comic.  We devote tons of time and energy and love to it because we’re all profoundly queer in one way or another and we wanted — we still want — to see more representation in the media we consume.  Rather than wait for other people to provide us that representation (let’s face it, we’d die thirsty), we went out and made some ourselves.  Everyone in our comic is queer.  We do our best to make this both obvious and relatable to/for our readers, and for the most part this results in a very positive response from said readers! With that being said, y’all know the saying about how one bad apple spoils the bushel?  There’s truth to that.  We get people complaining all the time on a variety of platforms about how all the characters in our comic being queer is unrealistic.  Sometimes the comments section under pages is intense.  That aside, sometimes people also come after us individually on Tumblr, Twitter, etc. to accuse us of a variety of crimes great and small, and often one of the accusations in the mix is being too much or not enough of something.  Too white to write [insert ethnicity or relationship or identity or ANYTHING] here.  Too gay.  Not gay enough.  Or, our favorite:  “Did you know this creator shipped something once upon a time I don’t like???  Don’t read their webcomic that has literally nothing to do with that ship!!  This person is evil!”

We’re storytellers, so we know better than anyone how words have weight.  They have heft.  They have clout, and because we’re independent creators who rely largely on public opinion to buoy our comic, we generally need words said about us on social media to be positive.  It’s not an exaggeration to say that one person with a grudge and enough determination has the potential to do so much damage to us.

Not only that, but:  we see almost everything people say about us and our story, sooner or later.  Especially the bad stuff.  Because people desperately want us to see it, and go to great lengths to make sure we do.  Not that we can’t take or discourage criticism entirely, but I just mentioned damage, and that doesn’t refer only to reputation.  That refers to zeal, and passion, and the drive behind any given story, and the fact of the matter is this, y’all:  the standards to which we’re held as independent creators are so impossibly high, and we’re exhausted trying to meet them.  The attitude lately is that everything is either perfect or it’s a garbage fire.  How are we supposed to cope with that?  We’re not perfect and our stories are never going to be, and we’re not even striving for mediocrity here:  we’re striving to write stories in which people can see themselves and say oh, there I am and understand that they’re not alone the way we always felt like we were, and it’s still not enough. Spend enough time disparaging someone’s story and they won’t want to write the story anymore.  Spend enough time trying to find some small thing to harass a creator about (receipts, receipts, receipts; don’t any of y’all ever throw anything away?  how do you live in all that clutter?  aren’t you choking on it?)  and no, they won’t want to keep creating, but you’ll have missed the point of everything in the first place too.  Stories exist, with all their flaws and their flawed creators behind them, for you, the readers.  Cut away every flaw (cut away every flawed creator) and you’ll be left with nothing. Best, Ash





Clearly somebody hasn’t suffered a TPK


Oh no… what ever shall I do… Having a DM that cares more about character building and telling a story than game mechanics? Can I even CALL myself a True D&D Player if I’ve never suffered a TPK?

Oh wait yes I can eat my dick.


A TPK just means time for an “escape from the afterlife” adventure, TBH. 

I accidentally TPK’d in the Venomfang fight in Lost Mines of Phandelver, normally a completely survivable encounter, because none of the PCs were rolling higher than, like 12.

In the aftermath I decided that the next adventure would be Curse of Strahd and ended the session by establishing the characters waking up in Barovia, “alive” and well, if rattled by the whole “dying of dragon bites” thing, with their objective now being to escape from Ravenloft and return to the mortal plane.




  • my friend can’t stop talking about how they want to set me up with their other friend so we start texting each other and they’re hilarious but shy about meeting and ALSO there’s a cute bike delivery guy who brings my mail at work and winks at me whenever i sign for a package AU
  • i’m obsessed with a food blogger who writes about cheap ways to be gourmet in your 20s and i flirt with them over comments but they never post pictures of their face and ALSO there’s a really cute grocery bagger at the store down the street who teases me and always asks to join me for dinner and i definitely want to say yes AU
  • there’s an overnight IT person at school who always answers the phone when i call about a problem with my computer and i totally have a crush on their voice and their exasperation and ALSO the bakery down the street is always running out of my fave scones and the adorable person behind the counter can’t hide their amusement and i think it’s super rude but also super cute AU
  • my boss is always telling me how perfect her son would be for me and she promises he’s coming to the next holiday party and don’t worry he’s heard all about me too and ALSO there’s this dude i slept with once a couple of months ago and sometimes he still sends me dick pics when i ask him to at 3 in the morning cause seriously dude’s got a good dick AU
  • our kids are bitter rivals and the only time we ever meet is when we’re both called to the principal’s office and whatever maybe i think you’re kind of cute but your kid’s a monster and ALSO someone keeps buying the last everything bagel at my favorite coffee shop 2 minutes before i get there in the morning and has heard about my plight and has started leaving me bragging notes about it AU
  • i hired a dog walking company and i’ve never met the person who comes to my apartment but they leave me really cute notes and they give my dog presents and i kind of love them because my dog does and ALSO one of the artists at this gallery opening is hella cute and i want them to paint me like one of their french girls AU



So this trope actually has an origin! And that origin is the vintage Jimmy Stewart rom-com The Shop Around the Corner, based on a Hungarian play. 

In the movie, two shop assistants have a heated enemy rivalry by day, but fall steadily in love with each other through secret anonymous correspondence. :D

The Shop Around the Corner has also been adapted into the Judy Garland musical The Good Old Summertime, the Broadway musical She Loves Me, and the Nora Ephron Tom/Meg classic You’ve Got Mail, in case you don’t recognize it right away. 


I love how Harry just genuinely likes Luna. Not in a romantic way, but in a “I don’t know how or why but I get you and you get me and I’d be honored to call you a friend and if anyone messes with you I’ll wallop them” kind of a way. I think he just marvels at her level of don’t give a fuck and her absolute sense of self. And then he and Ginny partially name their daughter after her (Lily Luna) and that to me is just fucking precious.


You have to at least ship their friendship.

It’s because Luna leaves him alone. Harry feels upset? Luna talks about her newest theory on whatever magical creature she believes exists. He feels down and depressed? Luna distracts him by talking about Amazon river spirits. Luna gives Harry what he needs, in that she reminds him he is not the center of the universe. That’s what he wants. Harry never wanted to be the savior of the Wizarding World. He never wanted any of it, and he hates that his parents died for a prophecy about him, and he hates thinking about his miserable childhood.

Everyone else keeps accidentally reminding Harry of who he has to be.

Luna is so absorbed in knowing she never once cares about his name as a legend. He’s Harry, her nice friend who holds her shoes for her when she wants to walk barefoot in the woods so she doesn’t startle the moss-people.And he never complains about her oddities, like so many people, and she appreciates that.  And for him, she’s Luna, the friend who just needs him to hold her shoes for her. Luna never wants anything from him but for Harry to hold her things and listen to her talk and give his own input to her theories, mad as they might be at times. When Harry is with Luna, it’s always these quiet, content moments. She’s a bit mad, yeah, but she gets him. And he gets her.

Harry will fight anyone who calls her “Loony Lovegood”. Even though she doesn’t care, he does.

*does human transmutation with homestuck alchemy*


this post is not a joke i’ve been thinking about this for months and i’m POSITIVE sburb would, in theory let players do this.  in this panel, dave proves that players can create parts of themselves by trying to alchemize his own brain in a jar.  his only limitation is lack of grist.  also, the game clearly has no issue with resurrecting the dead (see: god tiers, life ring, aradia, dreamselves) or duplicates of characters (dreamselves again, dirk’s whole arc, (vriska)) or just straight up creating people (ectobiology) so i see no reason why you couldn’t bring back dead players this way, or even more upsetting, create a carbon copy of a living player.  youd just need the right combination of items and an insane amount of grist, and not only would it be possible, but thematically relevant to sburb itself


imagine a fucking alchemiter 3d printing a homunculus

Tieflings are capable of having grey skin, orange eyes, black hair and horns of a colour that’s not specified but definitely includes orange. What you do with this infomation is up to you.

I’m gonna use this information to break your god damn beautiful nose OP

it took me awhile, but i’m screaming

It took me a couple of seconds and im cackling. I mean im making a spyro dragonborn character sooooo lol

back to witches 👏👏 and wizards 👏 and magical 👏👏 beasts 👏 to goblins 👏👏 and ghosts and to 👏 magical 👏👏 feasts 👏 it’s all that 👏👏 i love and it’s 👏 all that 👏👏 i need 👏 at ✊✊ hogwarts! ✊✊ hogwarts! back to spells 👏👏 and enchantments👏 potions 👏👏 and friends 👏 to 👌 gryffindor! 👌 ✌️ hufflepuff! ✌ 🖖 ravenclaw! 🖖 🤘 slytherin! 🤘 back to 👏👏 the place where 👏 our story 👏👏 begins 👏 at ✊✊ hogwarts! ✊✊ hogwarts!


it’s gonna be TOTALLY AWESOME !!!


Lunar Witch

  • Pretty sure they’re nocturnal
  • Can tell you when the next full moon is by memory and also what stage it’s in now
  • How do they have time to plan all of this???
  • CATS


  • Living reference guide
  • Publish worthy book of shadows
  • “Actually, historically that means…”
  • Plans spells in advance

Garden witch

  • None of these pots or jars should fit in this room??? How are you filling them???
  • Always smells lovely
  • Dirty finger nails
  • “How are you feeling? Here I made tea.”

Celestial Witch

  • Always calm
  • Warns you before planets go retrograde
  • Probably knows your full natal chart (but you’re pretty sure you never told them your birthday???)
  • No one needs all of these essential oils

Coven Witch

  • Somehow knows lots of other local witches
  • Aesthetic
  • Posts amazing witchy photos
  • Will curse you if you hurt their friends

Death Witch

  • All black everything
  • Ownss literally the nicest Ouija board you have ever seen in your life
  • Will murder you for disrespecting their familiar(s)

Tag yourself, I’m Lunar Witch

Customizing Dragons Visually

[In an attempt to make the dragons of my setting more interesting, I have been attempting to make them more distinguishable visually beyond just scale colors. Here are my ideas.]

Black: Black dragons accentuate their already skeletal appearance with bony protrusions and white coloration appears and yellows with age that, to the untrained eye, look like rotting carcasses submerged in swamp muck.

Blue: Rather than scales, blue dragons sport rough hide akin to the real-world komodo dragons. They have top-set nostrils and their notable large horn have a rock-like texture, allowing them to hide below the sands of their desert homes to ambush traveling herders, caravans, and other creatures of the desert.

Brass: Taking suggestions.

Bronze: Taking inspiration from the Monster Hunter franchise’s Royal Ludroth, my bronze dragons sport a larger tail with flatter ends to help propel them through the water, and have “manes” of natural sponge that both grows with age and its upkeep promotes their marine lifestyles.

Copper: There is not much change physically, save for a strong emphasis on their scales turning green as they age; the oldest of which being dubbed “Malachite Dragons” because of it.

Gold: When first born, gold dragons betray their namesake and are a dull gray, and are fairly unimpressive. Their grandeur comes with age and the consumption of the precious metal that they are so deceptively named after. They are essentially divining rods for gold, and before the arrival of man to coin gold into currency in mass amounts, gold dragons would sniff out ore veins to consume. As they consumed more, the gold would begin to layer onto their scales, giving them their brilliant golden hue, and making them one of the purest sources of gold on the planet’s surface. 

Green: Inspired by the “iconic” Jurassic Park dilophosaurus and Monster Hunter’s (similarly colored) Rathian, green dragons sport hidden frills on top of a mane of poisonous quills.

Red: Red dragons sport, on top of their trademark red scales, sport beautiful mane-like plumage, light feathering on their wings, and large feathers on their tails on fiery golden yellows and oranges. They take great pride in their down, almost as much as their hordes, and to insult or damage them is to provoke their wrath until either party expires. The thick oils that coat these feathers allow red dragons to literally erupt into flames without needing to worry about singeing their beautiful displays.

Silver: Taking suggestions.

White: To protect them from the frigid cold and freezing waters of the arctic lands they call home, white dragons are covered in layered, oily, downy feathers (similar to penguins). They also sport nostrils on top of their heads so that they can ambush prey from the water (and with their natural strength, below ice as well). Imagine how fully wyrmlings are!

[Dragons, in my eyes, are not only massive, powerful, and magical creatures, but also majestic and unique enough amongst themselves to warrant some interesting traits.]

wednesday addams makes a friend

okay, but imagine:

wednesday is at the local library with her father, searching the shelves for a book uncle fester told her about dangerous animals in south america. Gomez strikes up a conversation with the elderly librarian mrs. phelps to help wednesday find what they are looking for.

“That one? Or, Mr. Addams - I’m afraid it’s been checked out.”

a squeaky wheel catches wednesday’s attention, and right past her walks a girl with an ENTIRE red-rocket wagon topped full of books. the girl carefully looks over each book and drops them carefully into the book-return

that’s when wednesday sees it - the book she’s been looking for.

wednesday walked slowly up to the girl’s wagon, and touched the cover.

“I just finished that one,” the girl says. wednesday straightens up. “It has a fascinating chapter on the red-bellied piranhas of South America.”

“We’re looking at getting one for Pugsley’s tank,” wednesday says.

“A piranha? It will eat your fish,” she said.

“I’m counting on it.”

“Is Pugsley your fish?”

“My brother.” Wednesday replied.

The girl thought a moment. “You’ll need at least a dozen - they hunt best in schools.”

wednesday just barely smiled, a single corner of her lips turning up. “I’m wednesday addams.” she said, extending a hand.

“Matilda,” the girl replied, shaking her hand. “Matilda Wormwood.”