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I briefly awaken from my long hibernation to inform you all that Santana is real, he works at the dollar store and he hates it

Sorry for bugging you, if your just taking a break. I just want to know if your doing okay?


Oh yeah, I’m fine! Sorry for neglecting this blog aaaaaaaaaa orz I just haven’t really had the motivation to work on it lately- It’s not that I dislike it, I still love my disaster kids to death (along with all of my followers), but I kinda. Uh. Hyperfixated on Yugioh a while ago, so all of my creativity has been going towards that lately...

I appreciate the message though!

Your next line is, “It’s a fucking miracle I haven’t murdered you yet”

Happy birthday to Naruto and one of the stupidest and best things I have ever drawn for this blog


I’m at the doctor office and this baby keeps yelling “I want donow” (mcdonalds) and the big brother (I assume) said “all the mcdonalds burnt down, there’s no more mcdonalds”

Hey, I'm the aroace anon from yesterday. I wanted to let you know that you've also inspired me to finally get off my ass and make a blog for the au a friend and i have been working on for a while. the success of your blog made us realize that there might be people out there interested in our content too (and also that people wont be too put off by crazy joestar family tree rearrangements lol). you dont have to follow or promo or anything, i just wanted to let you know how much you inspired me.


That’s awesome!! Thank you, good luck! Writing a Voltron AU as an aspec is a fucking power move tbh and hope it goes well

Anonymous asked:

I just want to let you know that as an aroace your jotaro is the most viscerally relatable character i have ever seen like my qpp is a gay ace rather than aro and for a while i also had a fear that she would find someone else who wasnt aro and ditch me even though i knew that wasnt something she'd do and reading jotaro feel that is the first time i knew other people have had this fear and i was like holy shit is this what representation feels like? anyway i love this au and your writing.

Holy shit, this is one of the best messages I’ve ever gotten. Seriously. I’ve gone back and forth on whether or not I should actually go into detail about Jotaro’s orientation so many times, because I’ve been so afraid of backlash, or that my allo(romantic) readers would get turned away by it... But I decided to bite the bullet and do it anyway, because I’m tired of having no representation in either fandom or original media, and it’s more important to me to make even one aro feel represented than to coddle allos who don’t want to acknowledge our existence. 

I’m really, really glad that I succeeded, and your message especially means a lot to me as a non-amorous aro, because it means I successfully represented you. I’m really glad you liked it, thank you so much for the sweet message friend

ok i NEED to know, who in the most recent vid is caesar and who is joseph? either way i love it lmaoo


Joseph is the one sleeping and Caesar is the one hitting him with a pillow. If it were the other way around, Caesar’s first instinct would be to beat up Joseph.

Just for fun, here are some facts about the Joestar house itself!

  • Aside from some small hand mirrors (which are put away when not in use) and a tall standing mirror in Jonathan’s room, there are no mirrors in the house. Yes, this does mean awkward blank spots above the bathroom sinks.
  • Kakyoin’s room used to be Jonathan’s, and what is now Jonathan’s room was originally his parents’. All of the original furniture is still there, so although it’s a nice room, it looks like... Well, like a room designed for a well-off domestic couple with classical tastes in the 90s, not an unmarried 20-something guy living with 6 housemates who works in retail and barely has enough money to afford groceries. (Admittedly he likes the look of the furniture, though.)
  • Joseph/Caesar and Jotaro’s rooms both have glass sliding doors that open onto a balcony overlooking the pool. Jotaro’s room has several posters (including a massive print of the periodic table of elements), a small TV and a large fish tank on the desk, a dog bed for Star Platinum, and a photo of famous marine biologist Rachel Carson in a dolphin-themed frame that was a mirror until he punched the glass out. 
  • Joseph and Caesar’s room has walls totally covered in all sorts of posters, wall scrolls, photos, and magazine clippings, and also has a large CD tower and a shelf running all along the walls that displays various figures, Lego sets, and other collectibles. There are also several cardboard boxes full of comic books under Joseph’s bed.
  • Josuke and Okuyasu’s room is on the first floor, and used to be a library with a frankly really impressive amount of books in it. A few bookcases are still in there, but the rest have been moved to either the office, Jonathan’s room, or the attic. Aside from the bookcases, their room contains a small bed, a futon, a dresser, and a laundry hamper. They take turns sleeping in the bed vs. the futon.
  • The attic is mostly used for storing seasonal items (clothes, Christmas decorations, etc.) and bins full of stuff belonging to George and Holly that the boys never bothered getting rid of, but don’t have any use for. Some of the things in there date back to the late 80s.
  • There isn’t a basement, but there is a garage, where they keep the washing machine and dryer. They also use it to store tools, gardening supplies, outdoor toys/sports equipment/pool stuff, and groceries that don’t fit in the kitchen (there’s a big shelf unit and a small refrigerator). There isn’t enough room in the garage for cars, so they all stay in the driveway.
  • The kitchen has several different sets of fridge poetry magnets, which result in some... interesting literature. And no I can’t really deny that they have the Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff fridge magnets tbh. Of course it also has normal stuff like photos, takeout menus, shopping lists, etc.
  • There’s an old upright piano in the corner of the dining room that was a gift from George to Holly for their 10th anniversary. It’s a nice piano, but piano maintenance is expensive and not really a priority, so it hasn’t been tuned in several years and would probably sound terrible if played.
  • There is a fully functional fireplace in the living room, which they do use sometimes in the winter (more for atmosphere than anything, since the house does have central heating). Whether or not this is actually a good idea is... questionable, since the chimney probably hasn’t been cleaned in quite a while. There’s also a sword above the mantel, which Jonathan is very fond of.
  • As far as electronics go, there are two TVs in the house: a large HD flatscreen TV in the living room, and a small CRT TV in Jotaro’s room. The three computers include Kakyoin’s gaming computer in his room, Jonathan’s slightly old laptop, and the family desktop in the office. The desktop is old and still uses Windows 7, and runs fairly smoothly thanks to Josuke, but just isn’t up to date enough to run some stuff. An Xbox 360, Wii, and Playstation 3 are hooked up to the TV in the living room, while Jotaro’s TV just has a GameCube, and there’s been some talk of possibly pooling money and saving up for a Switch for the household.

Just in case anyone forgot, I wanted to remind you that the entire household is IP banned from Roblox because Joseph ran a tickets pyramid scheme via a Star Wars fan group

Kakyoin knows how to get around IP banning but he won’t say anything about it because he thinks Joseph deserves to suffer this punishment

Just in case anyone forgot, I wanted to remind you that the entire household is IP banned from Roblox because Joseph ran a tickets pyramid scheme via a Star Wars fan group

The new Overwatch map comes out and Joseph and Caesar are confused because they thought Venice would have more like, spike pits and shit, and nobody genuinely has any clue where the fuck they got this idea but somehow they were both just inexplicably really convinced that Venice is a city full of Indiana Jones-style death traps

Anonymous asked:


Our resident Marvel fan and resident monster fucker have convened and come to the conclusion that Venom is entry-level monster fucking, not that hot, and actually Carnage is where it’s at. Thank you.


I was with you until you brought up carnage bc carnage is just venom for people who think Venom isn’t edgy enough

Actually in this case it’s more like Venom for hipsters who think Venom is too mainstream, but you are entirely correct