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Art is apart of expression. With out it, we would be empty vessels living in a realm of conformity. Mun and Muse 21+ Blog created: May 24, 2013
“Am I?” There was the barest hint of worry in the Malk’s voice. Blue was aware he preferred some form of physical contact, even if it was something as simple as sitting unnecessarily close. But he was also aware Damion preferred his space. The Malk absentmindedly began threading his fingers through the artist’s hair. “It would take a concentrated effort to stop myself.” Blue wasn’t sure how to explain his constant need for non-violent physical contact - not without dredging up his past.
“And… you have a habit of disappearing for long periods of time… At least this way I know you are here.” It was unsatisfactory explanation but it was also the easiest.

Damion, upon hearing the worry in his vampire’s voice, wrapped his limbs around him just a bit tighter and nuzzled under his chin just a bit harder.

“Oh shh... You know if it had bothered me, I would have said something by now.” His fingers drew light, repeated circles on Blue’s back before rubbing into the muscles there.

“I do... I just can’t stay in one place for too long, darling. It feels stagnant for me... I’ve traveled and never stayed in one place for too long all my life. I can’t help it.” He paused before lifting his head from Blue’s chin. “I shall try to let you know when I leave again and if i can, where to” He placed a light kiss on his nose with a crooked grin.

Somehow, through his total fixation on the ink, Blue was vaguely aware of the fingers on his cheeks and that Damion was speaking. He moved closer, reaching a hand out stopping just short of touching the tattoo. A permanent mark he did not make, but was still his. It took a handful of minutes before Blue was able to speak again.
“I… hope no one else…” He slowly pulled his hand back and somehow managed to refocus on Damion. “It was a very well kept secret.” Blue put his full weight on his ghoul to keep him pinned down. “Must have taken careful planning,” he grinned, cheeks still lightly pink.

“Of course it did.” Damion poked Blue’s pink cheek before stroking it with his thumb. A wide grin appeared on his face. “You’re always so handsy...” He chuckled.

The other arm wrapped around his vampires back and pulled him as close as he possibly could while nuzzling the side of his neck.

Anonymous asked:

Interesting. What sort of potential?

-waves hand- I've spoken enough. Go away. 

Anonymous asked:

Any of them really. I just didn’t think you let anyone live.

I usually don’think unless I can see potential in them. Most of the time i do.

Anonymous asked:

Did you just wake up one morning and decide you didn’t want to kill that guy or is this just a plan so you can kill him?

You’ll have to be more specific than “that one guy”, darling....

The sun had risen nearly an hour ago, but Blue was still standing at the window looking out at the dark sky. It was a rare opportunity for a vampire to stare at the outside world without a care for the time of day, and judging from the current view this would last at least until the sun set again. It had started just before midnight and it was still falling - snow.

Blue let the heavy curtain drop back into place and tightened his grip on the heavy blanket draped over his shoulders. Sadly, the blanket didn’t help and he briefly considered putting on a shirt, or his sweater… but what good would that do? He was a creature incapable of raising his core temperature on his own. The Malk huffed and turned his attention to the dying embers in the fire place. Life in Victorian home lost its charm when one had to deal with the consequences of the seasons.

Grumbling about the cold he crossed the room and fell onto bed, gathering all of the bed coverings and burying himself. Here he would stay until the season changed - or at the very least until the snow stopped.

He had only been hidden for a handful of minutes when he felt the coverings shift slightly followed by loud meowing. Blue lifted the blanket just enough to see a tiny sweater clad kitten climbing across the bed.

“Hello,” the vampire reached a hand out to scratch Julia behind the ears.

“Hello,” an unexpected though most welcome voice had responded. From his cold cocoon, Blue couldn’t see his ghoul but was aware he was close.

“It is cold.” Blue pulled his hand back.

“Yes, it is. What happened to the electric blanket?” Damion grinned and sat next at the edge of the bed.

The Malk whined pitifully and pulled his blankets closer. Blue couldn’t pinpoint exactly what it was, but he didn’t trust a blanket that warmed itself. Damion laughed and picked up Julia, nuzzling the kitten while he lazily leaned against Blue; a jealous owl screeched from his perch on the fireplace mantle.

“Should I get you another blanket?” Damion was still laughing. He reached across his vampire and placed Julia on a pillow before peeling back the corner of the coverings to grin at Blue - the vampire grumbled and grabbed Damion, pulling him close and pinning him in place. “Fuck!” It was the sort of involuntary curse one shouted when they suddenly found them self being hugged by an icicle.

For Blue this was better than any electric blanket. “We are staying here until it stops snowing,” the vampire smiled and snuggled as close as possible, burying his face against Damion’s shoulder.

“I think it’s supposed to snow for most of the week,” he pulled the blankets around himself and kissed Blue’s forehead.

“I am fine with that.”

“So am I,” he chuckled and tightened his grip on his vampire.

Absolem hated depositing cash this late at night. Not that he couldn’t defend himself from any would be thief, it’s just that he would rather not. What he wanted more than anything was to get home, shower, have a snack and tea, then slump into bed with a purring cat. 
So lost in his fantasy that he hardly noticed the other man walking towards him before it was too late. He crashed into the stranger, causing Absolem to lose his balance and go sprawling onto the ground. 
He groaned, gingerly pushing himself up off the asphalt as he carefully checked for any sprains or broken bones. “Ah, just skinned my palms. Sorry about that, are you alright?” Absolem asked, picking his glasses up off the ground and sliding them back on. 

Damion had his eyes closed as he inhaled the cigarette. His mind was focused on other things when he suddenly ran into someone.

Taking a step back, opening his eyes to find the other on the ground. He raised an eyebrow while studying him.

“i’m completely fine, darling. I should watch where I was going” They usually never literally run into me. How wonderful. A grinned pulled at his lips as he took another drag of his cigarette. “I do apologize.” He reached a gloved hand out the help the other back to his feet.

Anonymous asked:

My plan is to stay at such a distance that I wouldn’t need to worry. And yet I still wonder what would happen if I was caught.

Why don't you and find out -evil grins-

Anonymous asked:

Optimal results are what we want to see. I’ll just have to stalk from a distance.

“By all means, do but if you get caught in the web, dont blame me.”

Anonymous asked:

Any possibility of sharing where you might make this appearance?

Nope. No one knows not even myself. Must decide in the moment for optimal results.

Anonymous asked:

I never said I knew anything about your friend, my complaint was about you. What happened to sex and murder for the sake of art?

-rests cheek in hand- oh I still do that. Just all the art I have been doing has been for someone. Perhaps I'll make another public appearance. Depends on how I feel.