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I know that the people statistically died pretty young in the middle ages thing is more due the fact that a lot of children died rather than just the fact that everyone was dropping dead at 35. However, people still definitely did not generally live as old as they do now (hell they didn’t live as old as they do now some 60 years ago), so I wonder how the immortals feel about being seen comparatively a lot younger than they once were. Nicky and Joe were probably pretty shocked when someone called referred to them as “young men” for the first time, not only because they’re impossibly old, but because to them they weren’t exactly young men when they died, so suddenly being perceived as  young must have been wild. When they died they were essentially middle aged, and while I hc them as not having families, people probably would have assumed they would have had families, as in them not having families was more of an anomaly. Nowadays and 30 and unmarried/not a father is not weird at all, especially not for men (though men always had more of a leeway with this anyways to be fair). They’re in their sex and the city years! Young wild and free apparently. This is true for Andy and booker as well, both of whom were in their 40s when they died, and they were maybe used to the status of an Older Respectable person, now reduced to just being a regular adult.  


actually wait rb'ing again to add: omg Nile

like the utter confusion of being Nile with these people

who on the one hand think she is a baby in terms of their lives and specific decisions because they span centuries

but on the other hand think she is completely a bona fide adult and ask her earnestly if she has ever married or had children

and she is like “haha wtf I am not a grown up”

and booker is like “by the time i was your age i had bought a house and had a kid”

Booker: “you got someone? Kids?”


i hate this weird sense of internalized queerphobia of like. being visibly and really loudly queer is somehow immature and childish and one day you’ll grow up and fall into cishet line and stop

I love you so much for saying this

this sucks so i went looking for some gnc adults

Love Bites by Della Grace

Tears for the Dying (Adria Stembridge)

Téa Campbell Ada Juarez and Edith Johnson of Meet Me @ the Altar

Dorian Electra


Getty Images (yeah)

Sheena McGrath Mars Ganito Joe McCann and Jade Payne of Aye Nako

most of these people are still relatively young so here’s gorgeous fae trans icon Alexander James Adams


You don’t age out of queerness, you don’t have to “grow out of” it either.

You don’t age out of

queerness, you don’t have to “grow

out of” it either.

Beep boop! I look for accidental haiku posts. Sometimes I mess up.


Genuinely can’t stand the new favouritism towards video format. You want me to spend a whole two minutes listening to someone say out loud a paragraph I could read in 20 seconds?

(This is about tiktok. I hate tiktok.)

It’s not just tiktok, it’s everything. I’m tired of clicking on news articles and instead finding it’s a video I have to watch. I’m tired of being sent to a video when I want to learn about a new thing instead of an article I can skim in less than a minute. You mean you want me to sit through an entire video, listening for the one kernel of information that’s buried in there that I’m interested in? Nah, man, life is too short to waste it like that. I don’t know why any of you like videos lmao.

OH MY GOD I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE. It’s almost a clinical avoidance at this point. I really hate video when I am just trying to read or look at pictures. Unless it’s animals doing something cute in 15 seconds or less I don’t want it. The sound irritates me. The movement bothers me. I get irrationally angry. If I want to look at videos I will go do that later on YouTube or some shit

I’m not a classicist, but I suspect one of the reasons so many of the Greek gods are portrayed so unflatteringly was less because they were seen as villains than because they represented their domains.  Of course Zeus sometimes misuses his power, that’s what a king does.  Of course Artemis’s wrath is wild and painful, that’s what nature can be.  Of course Hades snatched away a young girl from her mother’s arms, that’s what death does.  This is one of the reasons callout posts for some gods comparing them negatively to ‘nicer’ gods are kind of missing the point.

as someone who is partially a classicist, this is a better analysis of Greek mythology as a whole than 99.95% of the takes I’ve seen on here (and a substantial number of the takes I’ve seen in ~academia~)

family appalled that their very quiet well behaved mature child who never caused any problems has grown up and turned out to have many many problems. more news at 8!


The reason it’s called French Toast is absolutely ridiculous and I’m so mad rn about the story


Okay so, Basically the story is that French toast was coined in 1724, by an illiterate innkeeper in Albany New York, Who was named Joseph French

IT’S named French Toast because when Joseph FRENCH STARTED SELLING IT the sign instead of saying French’s Toast- because he was illiterate- said French Toast.


Are you fucking kidding me




We call it “pain perdu” in French; “lost bread”.


This is German Chocolate Cake all over again



Wh…who posted this…?



AO3 is in danger of becoming CENSORED. if you have donated $10 or more BEFORE june 30th, PLEASE exercise your right to vote (as you should have received an email to) and VOTE AGAINST TIFFANY GU, who is PRO-CENSORSHIP and PRO making AO3 “palatable” for outsiders and antis.

this is one of the few places dead dove writers/illustrators have to post our content, which is NOT illegal, immoral, or a threat to society. however, CENSORSHIP IS.

if you have the opportunity to vote, PLEASE TAKE IT.



once you view the block button not as a furious silencing tactic but as a tool to personalize your social media experience...then you will be free