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I’ve officially decided my favorite relationship trope is “at first I was perpetually bothered by your mere existence but somewhere along the way you became my best friend and oh yeah I’m also in love with you.” Nothing else matters.


I would like to put forward ‘you are the most annoying person in the world and at first I hated you because of that. Then I got to know you and we went through shit together and now I would literally die for you because you are my love and my light and the only reason I’m even still on this godforsaken hellhole of a planet BUT YOU ARE STILL THE MOST ANNOYING PERSON IN THE WORLD AND MY LOVE IS BARELY RESTRAINING ME FROM HITTING YOU WITH A CHAIR’ as my favourite variant of this. 

it's a beautiful night, we're looking for something dumb to do

by msermesth

Tang Fan lets out an extended sigh and shifts his gaze to the ceiling.

“I can’t believe Wang Zhi bought me a robe for my fake wedding.”

Words: 2815, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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It's been bothering me that I have so many WIPs that I'll never finish, so I thought I'll just post them to tumblr so at least they exist in the world. These are rough, like just a quick read through rough.

This one's labeled 'eg fixit with holograms', in my google drive if that helps. 17k. It's Steve/Tony, obvs. Post Endgame, with divorce, MCD (they come back and it's comic book-y), and a dead kid (that you don't know). It was going to be a happy ending. I gave up when I realized it was going to be 100k and I didn't have it in me.

I also wrote it in 2020 so if canon's weird, then it's weird.


This year I finally managed to sign up on time for the @fandomtrumpshate​ charity auction and I put up two offerings to make a podfic of a story of your choice!

You, my lovely followers, know that I am a Star Trek nerd and the peeps following my side blogs also know I love comics, so these are the ships I offer to read stories for this year! (I might tackle SW and Inception next year, who knows!)

If you are interested you can take a gander at the offerings page on Dreamwidth for more information on what I am willing to read and what my DNWs are.

Also if you want to sample the merchandise before buying, take a look at the podfics I already made on Ao3.

Podfics take a lot of time and effort and the standard limit I set for the stories is 10-20k. However, this is a soft limit. If you manage to find my favorite authors or a story I absolutely adore I am open to negotiations ;3.

Fandomtrumpshate is a smaller auction and I would love reblogs of this post to spread the word.


Bidding Starts today! <3

I'm thinking of going to a comic book store later in the week. It's been a year since the last time I've gone. I haven't been following comics at all. Is there anything I should pick up?

Ship to Shore (Finished!)

Rating: Explicit Universe: MCU Length: 60k Summary: The Avengers beat Thanos. Everyone is safe.
(If you don’t count those five days they thought Natasha was dead.)
All that’s left is to return the stones, a feat that Tony is sure will end his new friends-with-benefits relationship with Steve.
Notes: Everybody lives. Friends with benefits with Endgame angst. Lots of porn. The longest thing I've ever written.
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Tony joins Steve on his post-Secret Empire road-trip-slash-pity-party.
Turns out the road home is paved with a lot of arguments and sex.

This is the epic road trip Secret Empire FIx-it by @msermesth that has been living rent free in my head since I first read it. I finally had the time to record and edit this amazing story. You can find it here on Ao3.