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it is so satisfying watching file sizes go down when you delete unused swatches *u*

wow I’m actually hurt, I was in such a rush this morning before class that I didn’t save my Eddie Munson and now I have to remake him from scratcH

silent screeCHes

mini life update

not that I think anyone rly remembers me but! I just moved to Illinois all the way from Florida last week to start grad school in June. it’s been hard, I don’t know anyone in this state and being so far away from my family/friends while living alone has been tough on me. :( 

so! I’ve been playing a lot of sims, playing a lot of weird/wild saves lol. I’ve been browsing my old saves on this blog and I really miss my old ts3 sims (aka Adonis). I’ve been teetering w the idea of bringing him back for fun

a part of me wants to be more active and post more now that I have a few weeks of free time before classes but idk what my style is anymore. I’d have to find a new photoshop like stress lol

anyway, I’m v out of the loop but I hope the community has been well. *waves*

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hiyo, I don't have Trevor up for download at the moment. I kind of want to edit his giant head/forehead and tweak some things before I consider sharing him. sorry friend!

Anonymous asked:

Could you create Nicki In the Sims 4 and Upload her for download?

tbh I tried to back when TS4 first came out and she wasn’t half bad but I definitely wasn’t satisfied with her. that was back when there was like no CC out too lol. I’ll try making her sometime and if she doesn't come out too terrible haha I don’t mind uploading her. :o) 


so I finally decided to make a discord server for anyone in the sims community who wants a place to gush chat about the upcoming Animal Crossing New Horizons game (ahhh we’re so close!) or just share their love for animal crossing in general.

this is my first server (aptly named Sims Crossing lmao) I’ve ever made so forgive me for how sparse and unorganized it is, still figuring it all out~ feel free to share this link with your other ac-loving friends. all are welcome! :o) 

happy FRIDAY friends!
  • it’s ACNH switch release day! I’ll be working unfortunately but I can’t wait to pick up my preorder and take pics of it 😍
  • still considering the animal crossing x simblr discord server, some people had shown some interest in it!

did you watch the animal crossing stream? uwu


omg yes!! I was at work so I had to sneak in a few minutes here and there but there’s so much I’m so excited for. the island/terrain customization, housing placement, new animals?! I just 🥺💕 — what was your favorite part?