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Week 5: 8/8/2022-8/11/2022

Weekly Consumption: Bodies Bodies Bodies, DC League of Super Pets, Dimension 20, Futurama, I Am Groot, Make Some Noise, Reservation Dogs, Taskmaster, Homestuck Made This World, and Just King Things.

I just realized I can just do a Friday-Thursday blog on Friday and not have to do a weekend update. I’m an idiot. I’ll figure this thing out eventually. Probably. Movie: “Bodies Bodies Bodies” I have mixed feelings about this movie. The plot is pretty tight and there’s a lot I enjoyed. I especially enjoyed the ending. The humor is pretty good and gets better as it goes, then it hits a scene…

Weekend Consumption: 8/5/2022-8/7/2022

Weekend Consumption: Nope (again), Futurama, Reservation Dogs, The Sandman (again), and Homestuck Made This World. *HONK!*

I didn’t consume much new things this weekend. Mostly I re-consumed things with Toni. That sounds gross and I apologize. Movie: “Nope” Went and saw “Nope” again with Toni. Just as good as last time and Toni loved it too. Such a great movie. Please go see it! In the IMAX if you can. TV Show: “Futurama: S01E11: Mars University” I’m not the biggest fan of “Animal House,” so the references didn’t…

Week 4: Thursday 8/4/2022

Thursday(ish) Consumption: Bullet Train, Reservation Dogs, and The Sandman.

This might be my last daily update and I’ll go back to the once a week format next week (though I’ll probably do a Monday-Thursday post on Friday, then a Friday-Sunday post on Monday). Unless you liked the daily updates? Let me know! Anyway, on with the consumption. Movie: “Bullet Train” First off, this is a pretty decent movie. It has some really good action sequences, the humor is really…

Week 4: Wednesday 8/3/2022

Wednesday Consumption: The Making of Ms. Marvel, What We Do in the Shadows, and Thursday Next.

I’ve been putting the wrong date on these and nobody told me. They’re fixed now, so I probably shouldn’t point out my mistakes. But I’m all about full disclosure here. Couldn’t you tell by me telling you about literally everything I’ve watched and read? Speaking of… TV Show: “Marvel Studios: Assembled: S01E11: The Making of Ms. Marvel” …and Bruno and… That intro was very cute and funny. Much…

Week 4: Tuesday 8/1/2022

Tuesday's Consumption: Nope and Futurama.

This week, I’m doing daily updates about the day prior. If this is better or worse, please let me know in the comments below! Movie: “Nope” Big yep to “Nope.” Loved it. Might be my favorite Jordan Peele movie so far? Definitely the most consistent, at least to me. I thought the comic side character was a bit much in “Get Out” and the logic of “Us” didn’t fully work for me, but everything just…

Week 4: Monday 7/31/2022

Monday's Consumption: Futurama, Dimension 20, and Wolves of the Calla.

This week, I’m doing daily updates about the day prior. If this is better or worse, please let me know in the comments below! TV Show: “Futurama: S01E09: Hell is Other Robots” This feels like the show has fully clicked into place now. Great jokes, a wonderful musical number (the Robot Hell song, not the Beastie Boys (though they are also great)), and Bender doing some sinning! (Then the…

Leverage Did It Well

I didn’t notice this the first time I watched Leverage (or the sixth), but when I posted a GIF of Hardison last week I noticed something…


The line is adorable, the writing fantastic, but the big thing I noticed is YOU CAN SEE HARDISON. Aldis Hodge is lit up so you can see his face easily.

Here’s another GIF.

And another…

So, here’s the thing. In most shows black actors fade in the background. They’re lit incorrectly and the dark background combined with the dark skin means the character vanishes. Especially on shows with cops and a lot of white people. 

Poor David Sinclair (Alimi Ballard) of Numb3rs is invisible in every night scene because he’s not lit up correctly. 

Before the advent of colored TV there were more black actors. They were common almost. But with color came the problem that a dark background makes a fair skinned person stand out while making a darker skinned person vanish. The Hollywood solution was to stop hiring darker skinned people. (Not a good idea).

In the first GIF Hardison is in a darker room. He should have vanished, they back-lit him, had ground lights, and framed him well. 

Same with the second on, notice the light on his head. He’s glowing like an angel.

Third GIF… notice the lamp placement? The light almost washes out the color of the green towel behind Hardison, but it means the viewers see him perfectly. And isn’t that really the goal? 


this is obviously about racism but also some part of you looks at this gorgeous human and thinks “OF COURSE THEY WANTED HIM BATHED IN SOFT LIGHT SO THAT WE COULD ALL GAZE UPON HIM AND BASK”


There’s a bit in one of the DVD commentaries where they talked about working with the lighting and not shooting until everyone is lit.

To be honest, yes to the above but also the real skill is when Hardison and Parker share a scene. Because they’re about as polar opposite as can be in terms of ideal lighting … But if a cable show produced on the smell of an empty rag can pull it off, no one has any excuse.


Goddamn right.

It’s a very distinctive lighting technique.

The Weekend Update: 7/29/2022-7/31/2022

A Weekly Consumption Weekend Update featuring Taskmaster, Thursday Next, and The Sandman.

This week, I’m gonna post daily with the media I consumed the day before. Well, today I’m covering the whole weekend because that’s easier. But you know what I mean. I’m still gonna keep like content together rather than in a chronological order. Let me know what you think! There’s a comment thingie at the bottom of the page. So leave a comment thingie in the comment thingie. TV Show:…

Week 3: 7/23/22 - 7/29/22

This week, #MarcelTheShellWithShoesOn, #TheGuest, #Dimension20, #Futurama, #MakeSomeNoise, #NewsRadio, #Taskmaster, A SECRET, #ThePlayThatGoesWrong, #StephenKing, @burnnoticedpod, and @ElSandifer.

This week, I’m not breaking things down by day, but instead by content. Just seeing if that makes things more coherent. Also, I’m not posting about chunks of podcast anymore. Only when I finish an episode. I’ll still keep book chapters, because those tell a whole segment of something, whereas when I’m listening to 5-10 minute chunks of a podcast, I sometimes struggle with things to talk…