The native Maori people of New Zealand have tattooed their faces for centuries. They had a complex warrior culture before the arrival of Europeans, and suffered under early colonialism, but have experienced a cultural revival since the 60′s. 

The marks are called moko, and are etched with chisels instead of needles to leave grooves along with the ink. The true form is sacred, unique to each person, and distinct from European tattoos that mimic that traditional style.


There arent many pictures non combat related that look this badass


Actually most Tā moko are done with modern tattoo equipment these days, but some people get them done the traditional way. And, as others have said, they’re not for Non- Māori, as they have specific meanings and significance. If you want a tattoo with Māori style, you can get a kirituhi. These avoid any designs associated with particular tribes or famous people you’re not related to.

Kirituhi is a Māori style tattoo either made by a non-Māori tattooer, or made for a non-Māori wearer. Kirituhi has mana of it’s own and is a design telling the unique story of the wearer in the visual language of Māori art and design. Kiri means ‘skin’, and tuhi means ‘to write, draw, record, adorn or decorate with painting’. Kirituhi is not restricted to only Māori people, and it is a way for Māori to share our cultural arts with people from around the world in a respectful manner, and for non-Māori artists to enjoy our beautiful art form as well. I happily do kirituhi for my clients around the world and it is a privilege to do such work for them. Kirituhi is no lesser an artform than moko, however it is different and I believe these differences must be acknowledged and respected, so that the integrity of our taonga Māori – moko, is maintained around the world.
Moko is uniquely Māori and it is strictly reserved to be done by Māori, for Māori. If either the recipient or tattooer do not have Māori whakapapa, then the resulting design is a Māori Style tattoo or kirituhi, NOT moko. The word moko originated from the Māori atua (god) of volcanic activity and earthquakes, Rūaumoko – therefore the origin of tā moko is divine and sacred – to me this is no small thing, nor should it be dismissed.
As my mentor once told me, ‘moko is about 99% culture, and 1% tattoo’.

It has come to my attention that Aquaman (2018) is just a shameless ripoff of the Mattel classic, Barbie: A Mermaid Tale.

We have the child of a mermaid queen and a regular human guy 

who was brought up in the human world as a free spirit,

who talks to sea creatures,

who is fated to take over the throne of an underwater kingdom (where all the buildings are round and mushroom-y)

which is currently being occupied by an evil, power-hungry relative

with an army of sharks

And their unique position, straddling the human world and the underwater world, is at first a burden but ends up being their greatest strength

… I’m just saying


I started my period when I was 12 and I didn’t have cramps or ANYTHING things were so good and then my freshmen year of HS one of my friends missed a day bc of her cramps and I was such a little brat I told someone she should just suck it up and it couldn’t be that bad and they told her about it and she approached me the next day and said basically almost verbatim “how dare you? Walk a mile in my shoes before you criticize me for something you’ve never experienced.” Which, fair. I’m glad she told me off, I needed it.


a few months later my periods started getting really unbearable and my cramps got so painful and overwhelming that I had to go on birth control and even then sometimes I still missed school and to this day I have some of the worst symptoms of any of my friends and like…

Logic tells me that likely my hormones just changed as I got into my later teenage years but the Facts say that my friend put a Witch’s curse on me 


it’s been ten years @ witch tumblr do you think if I message her on fb she’d break it


Okay @ the ppl telling me to apologize I wanna be clear that I did and we remained friends and I sometimes still hang out with her when we’re in the same state lmao I wasn’t often mean as a kid but when I was someone like her did me a favor by setting me straight and I appreciate it


stop telling me to see a doctor I’m going to see an old woman who lives in a thatch-roofed cabin deep in the Blue Ridge mountains and that’s what’s best for me.

i love this but i GOTTA be that person, i’m an appalachian with a degree in appalachia i’m incapable

there aren’t thatched roof cabins in the blue ridge. Bark or wooden shingles only  I’M SORRY I CANNOT HELP IT


I live in the Appalachian mountains and I’m telling you that I spend most of my time sleeping in various holes I find in the ground so I’ve never really looked at a roof and that’s fair


i took a pic of me watching the pickle rick episode to piss people off but like somehow i managed to take the pic so that the frame on the tv was…. a different frame to the reflection on the desk?

cursed image


this is the most fucked up scenario that accurately depicts that movement of photons through space and time


Einstein would be so upset that you proved his theory in one moment, cause in his day it took fuckin months to setup an eclipse pic to prove relativity n you did it by accident, in ur living room. congrats.


THIS IS SO PURE. The baby is as big as their parent’s head. I’m sobbing


Why babies always trying to eat somebody’s face 😂

from your friendly neighborhood librarian:

all books are good books.  you are not a “lesser reader” if you only read manga or comic books or a “better reader” for reading academic heavy texts.

reading is reading no matter what it is, be it a graphic novel, a romance, a classic, an audiobook, a picture book, a cookbook, fanfiction, fucking whatever, read what makes you happy

reading is supposed to be fun and don’t let elitism sap any joy out of it

Shout out to anyone who’s struggling with their mental health and doesn’t think they can live like this for much longer; if you’re reading this, please stay alive, you’re still here and you’re so strong and i’m proud of you.