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Participating in the world as it is does not disqualify you from trying to improve it. ------ It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society -Jiddu Krishnamurti. ------ Multiverse theory is great because if you can think it up, there’s a universe where it’s real and that’s fucking awesome --------- English isn’t a language, it’s three languages stacked on top of each other wearing a trench coat.

To anyone looking for a top surgeon in Seattle: please please avoid Alexandra Schmidek at Virginia Mason.

  1. I’m going to start with the biggest one: She wouldn’t let me ask any questions about the surgery until I booked the pre-op appointment AND the surgery. I’m going to say that again: She wouldn’t answer any of my questions until I scheduled the actual surgery. 
  2. They require you to have all your letters in before scheduling an appointment which I thought was normal. After I decided to go get two more consultations with two other surgeons, I found out it definitely wasn’t. This dragged out the process by a few weeks, and then once they FINALLY got the paperwork processed they accidentally shredded them. It was ridiculous and obviously dragged it out another two weeks.
  3. She would not explain why I couldn’t get keyhole. I was already 100% prepared to get double incision since I was pretty sure I didn’t qualify for keyhole, but I still wanted the surgeon themself to explain why. I also only found a few results/reviews online and it seems she makes everyone get DI without explaining it properly. Once I saw the surgeon I’ve decided to go to now, he explained exactly why I could get it but why people choose not to. Her lack of ability to explain why keyhole wasn’t an option (it was) really speaks to how much she knows of top surgery in general, in my opinion.
  4. The office staff are extremely rude to the point that the last time I called them, one of them mocked me. Genuinely repeated the sentence I said to her back in a high pitched voice. She also wouldn’t let me say more than three or four words before she would yell over me. I’m honestly still a bit in shock from being yelled at on the phone by someone who works at the hospital I almost went to.
  5. They told me that I was approved for surgery by my insurance so they helped me pick out my date for me. I called them yesterday to have them transfer over the approval paperwork to my other surgeon so I wouldn’t have to start the process over and they told me they had no record of my insurance being approved or the surgeon signing a pre-authorization form. They were going to give me surgery before my insurance went through while directly lying to me that it had been. 

The surgeon whose consultation I went to after deciding against her explained the surgery so thoroughly in the first appointment he answered 11/14 of the questions on my list before I even asked them. Both the surgeons I scheduled consultations with after her recommended I bring the letter to the first appointment, but afterwards was fine as to not slow down the process of first seeing the surgeon. They also provided the paperwork I could sign for them to contact my medical professionals directly to get the letters for me. At Virginia Mason, you had to get the letters yourself before you can schedule anything. The reason this doesn’t work well is because the consultation is basically an interview to see if you like the surgeon or not.

The most malicious thing I felt at Virginia Mason was that their system is set up to make you feel like they are your only choice. By not letting me get a consultation until I had the letters (which they have very specific guidelines for) and then not answering any questions until the pre-op, which you have to schedule within a month of surgery, I ended up feeling trapped into getting surgery with her because I’d already invested so much of my time.

I wanted surgery so bad I refused to see all the red flags until it was almost too late, which made me waste another 8 months. I also have found barely anything online about her (even the surgeon I’m going to go to now hasn’t heard of her) and I wanted at least post this review so people will know to avoid her.

If someone isn't available during your most crucial time, then their presence any other time is useless.

This isn’t realistic for adults. I’m sorry it’s just not.

Don’t fall into believing that, “if they’re a true friend they’ll drop everything and run to be by your side!” crap.

As a responsible adult there will be times that your friends are hurting and you won’t be able to go to them.

There are times that you will have to go to work, or take your sick kid to the doctor, or do many other things that will prevent you from being there for your friend.

When your friend calls you and they’re falling apart and it’s ten minutes until you have to leave for work, you’re not a bad friend for saying, “Look, I love you. I’m sorry this is happening, but I have to go. I’ll call you back tonight when the kids are asleep.” Or “I’m so sorry this is happening. I love you and I want to be here for you but I’ve got to get to work. I’ll call and check on you during my lunch.”

Adult life is hectic and busy with important things all the time and unfortunately it’s also full of shitty things happening to people we love.

Do your best to be there for the people you love and ask for support when you need it but be understanding when being a responsible adult comes before helping you.


The idea that people need to be there any time you need them is really damaging and unhealthy, too. You can’t place value on a person or a relationship based solely on whether or not they’re available, no questions asked, whenever you need them.

In addition to the above: sometimes, someone simply does not have the energy to help. Maybe they’re coming out of a rough patch themself, maybe they have been busy all day,maybe a chronic illness is flaring up. There are a myriad of reasons someone may not be able to be there.

Obviously, if someone is taking you for granted, and never seems to care how you’re doing, that’s an issue. But to write someone off because their life and your life didn’t line up quite right at a given point in time, or maybe even on more than one occasion, is not a healthy way to handle things.

This is so important

someone’s presence is not “useless”. People don’t need to be useful to you. what an awful thing to say.


What the fuck… netflix only pay in full once a show reaches season 3? And by rebooting daredevil and restarting it as season 1, Disney+ can get away with not paying the crew in full

uh that literally answers why they have a three season model that literally writers never knew about because netflix alway pulls the rug from under them, their fucking greed has always been their business model, there's no saving that company

furthermore i truly believe you should eat a meal before making any big choices, confrontations, vents, etc. i promise 100% of the time you will feel better and more balanced with food in your stomach. you should never do anything that will have consequences on anything less than a full stomach


i want to kiss you on the lips for 1) saying orc instead of hobbit and 2) being like the only person out of 6k people to gender me correctly

The fact that Mark Cuban can do this is just further proof of how much capatalism is f*cking people over.

Billionaire investor Mark Cuban launched an online pharmacy Thursday that offers more than 100 generic drugs at an affordable price with a goal of being “radically transparent” in its price negotiations with drug companies. 

For example, the leukemia drug imatinib is priced at $47 a month on MCCPDC compared to the $9,657 retail price.

The online pharmacy’s prices for generics factor in a 15% margin on top of actual manufacturer prices and a $3 pharmacist fee, the statement said. 


yes this is pretty unbelievable right now—but just look at the replies and reblogs of this post—look at all these people on twitter talking about their own experiences with it now too—this is actually real

and yes everyone is waiting for a catch, but remember it is a PRIVILEGE to think about not sharing this information out of spite for billionaires rather than needing this opportunity regardless of how long it lasts or if mark cuban is doing this for his own gain

so please share. thanks

Ableds be like, if I eat this diet/do this exercise/wear or don’t wear these clothes/live this lifestyle I’ll never become disabled!

Buddy have I got some harsh news for you…

The whole “you can escape disability with the right choices” form magical thinking is so deeply rooted in ableism. It always reminds me of James Fixx who started the jogging for health craze, then dropped dead of a heart attack while out running age 52.

For those of you not old enough to remember the tortuous explanations people went through to make his early death not about the running and make the running still be a guarantee that you’ll live to be 100 in perfect health - it was quite the circus.

Anyway disability is not a punishment for living a “bad” lifestyle and you can’t wish, hope, or plan your way out of it happening to you. Disability is a natural part of life and if you live long enough you will inevitably become disabled at some point.

Wow, you really cannot tell one abled they can’t good-behavior their way out of becoming disabled without three more jumping in to “explain” what the first one “really meant”, can you?

What you really meant was “I can good behavior my way out of disability (and therefore disability is a punishment for bad behavior)”. That’s not how it works. That’s not how any of this works. Also that’s super fucking ableist and if you’re going to defend your ableism instead of ooh, idk, actually learning something I’m going to need you to fuck right off.


mental disorders are just names which group together observed experiences as made visible by psychiatric institutions and i wish this was more widely understood theyre not like some ontological attribute in your brain


literally the way the DSM was started was just some dudes spitballing like "ok so what are the traits of this disorder and this disorder and this one? let's write those down and make a book"

and obviously it's been revised several major times since then but like. there is no like. blood test for a psychiatric disorder. it's all just based on observations. and remember always that there have been things that were once considered mental disorders but we later found out were more like rational responses to oppression (drapetomania) or just natural variation (homosexuality)

Being a mom and an anarchist and trying to figure out the whole “parenting” song and dance from that perspective makes me think 8-year-olds have about got it figured out. I hate school. I hate tests. I hate bedtime.

No like here’s the thing: children are an oppressed class. I mean that 100% sincerely. Children m are an oppressed class. They quite literally do not have the right to be free human beings.

Reposting from my twitter here, but: you wouldn’t prevent an adult from speaking to their friend or eating when they were hungry. In your personal life that’s abusive behavior, in the work sphere a suppression of workers’ rights. Other places these rights are violated include: prison.

In Education and Peace, Maria Montessori describes the culture of war and identifies it as originating, on a personal level, in the struggle between the adult and the child that begins as soon as the child is born. This is the very first conflict. The adult subjects the child to their own wants and needs and completely disregards the needs, development and personhood of the child. This struggle continues throughout childhood, between both parents and children and other adults and children:

“Both the adult and the child are unaware of their own characteristic natures. They fight one another in a secret struggle that has gone on for countless generations and is becoming more violent today in our complicated and nerve-racking culture. The adult defeats the child; and once the child reaches adulthood the characteristic signs of the peace that is only an aftermath of war—destruction on one hand and painful adjustment on the other—remain with him for the rest of his life.”

This conflict positions children and adults relative to each other as two distinct classes, one with power and one without. Of course, there are other conflicts at play here—race is a huge one, gender another. And that’s not to say children can’t have power over parents, etc. But one of the most fundamental class conflicts is between adults and children.

Children exist in a state of war from day one. Their environment is completely unsuitable to them; they’re treated as if that’s their fault. They’ve literally been alive for less than a decade. Any action they take is done as a result of class conflict.

I vibe so hard w/ this

I work in childcare and multiple parents have been MYSTIFIED that I’m able to handle their “difficult” children (this includes both neurodivergent children and children who are just rude/mean/violent) and it’s impossible to get them to understand that 90% of the average kid’s behaviour “problems” are just frustration at having a lack of autonomy in their own lives. Some kids do have complicated problems, yes, but so many parents are confused by perfectly understandable reactions! Of course your child is acting out; they have no self-determination or right to their own resources and it’s the only avenue they have left to assert themselves! Of course your child just yelled at you and stormed off – you were just bullying them! I heard you doing it! They were responding extremely reasonably to being bullied!

I swear half the people in this world – including those who live with these kids 24-7 – somehow manage to forget or conveniently ignore that kids are, in fact, people, and will act like people in response to situations.


there is no reason a child should not be able to eat when theyre hungry and not eat things they dislike. if they dont like vegetables then teach them how to make it a way they do like. if you wouldnt yell at and hit your grandparents for not finishing their plate why would you do that to a child. they learn from you, not from what goes through your head while you punish them.

I gotta say the notes on this post have been really heartening b/c “Children are people and not property” has historically been one of my more controversial opinions


Look, I’m 27 so I’m actually a millennial, but I hate working from home. I’ve worked the last 10 years in jobs in customer service, so I’m not exactly brand-new to the workplace; I’m an introvert who works best autonomously; and I’m also going fucking insane.

I can go days and not leave my apartment or talk to another human being. My anxiety and impulsivity problems have exploded — I haven’t had this much trouble since I was 17. I’m starting to hallucinate, which I only do when I’m so stressed out my brain has decided it to pretend it hears gunshots to justify it.

I’m isolated from the other people in my company. There’s no water cooler talk if there’s no office to house a water cooler. What am I going to do, e-mail someone I’ve never met to compliment their outfit I haven’t seen? I barely know that other teams exist at this company. In an office, I’d be able to see Jane from Legal and Steve from Accounting and make small talk and chat about the new CEO or the latest developments with the HR platform or what have you. Permanently remote, I don’t know anybody, and changes are announced with no prior notice via mass email.

It’s a cold, impersonal world where there aren’t any cues about how I should be behaving or what success looks like. I’m just depositing worksheets into the void from my apartment, and the void just says “Oh, thanks! Sent from my iPhone”

Is it really that fucking abnormal to want to be able to go into an office every so often?

That article is really interesting, because it's actually about 20-somethings (so gen Z and young millennials) wanting to go back to the office more than older employees who want to work from home. They say gen Z is more concerned with a lack of community, opportunities for networking and mentorship, but also that gen Z is more likely to have a home that's not as nice and has less space than older employees.


Note on statistics: this means 75% don’t regret it!

fucking propaganda

It’s even better than it looks because it’s only counting “people who are currently unemployed”-- everyone who resigned and found a better job they’re happy at aren’t included, and 75% of people who quit with no safety net still don’t regret it

lol, lmao


This is actually something I was thinking about is that rent can not exceed 1/3 of monthly minimum wage income.

So let's say state is on federal Minimum wage which is about 1100 a month so in that state no matter what rent on any place could not exceed 370 dollars.

Even if minimum wage was 15 dollars (about 2400 a month) max rent could be 800

So if landlord want more money they would have to fight bosses and state legislature to get it.

Like average Pennsylvania rent is 1400 and in this world if landlord wanted to charge that the would have to get minimum wage raised to 26 dollars an hour.

Oh good god it's gotten worse

Okay, so I just saw a tiktok saying "hey, ao3 is not tiktok. Do not censor words, especially in the tags." I stg people are losing brain cells. The tiktoker then proceeded to show an example of the tag they saw which was:

"s..cidal ideation"

I don't know who needs to, once again, hear this, but you are stopping the tagging system, and filtration system from working.

People censor words on platforms like tiktok to stop the algorithm from picking up their video and automatically taking it down or restricting it.

A tagging system works so that other people can easily filter the content they do and don't want to see. So if some had "suicidal ideation" in their filtered tags so that they won't see things containing that subject matter, by censoring the word suicidal, you have now stopped the tagging/filtration system from working and now the individual is going to see content that they had made sure to filter out.

Please stop censoring words and/or phrases. Especially in tags. You are literally stopping the system from working and doing its job. Ao3 (and Tumblr) is not tiktok. The tags are there for a reason. Don't censor them.

🚨ppl on T plz read!!🚨

hey friends, please check your 1ml vials of testosterone! there’s been a recall of a Sun Pharm batch because of bacterial contamination. i just checked and i had several from the contaminated lot i had to throw away.

the contaminated batch info is:


EXP: 8/2023

manufactured by Sun Pharmaceuticals

and the number for Sun’s Customer Service Department is 1-800-818-4555


When you’re copying a URL that has a question mark in it, that question mark AND EVERYTHING AFTER IT are completely unnecessary. It’s tracking data telling the website whether you copied the URL from their share function, or visited them via twitter, or what search terms you used to find that page.

So a URL that looks like this:


can usually become


You can delete all that tracking shit, and the URL should still work. You can even test it in a new tab first before sharing it, if you're an anxious mess like me.

Go forth and tell your friends! And maybe I will no longer have to see URLs on tumblr or Discord that take up a full screen.


Note that this is true about 90% of the time, but the other 10%, the stuff after the question mark is doing the heavy lifting. All it is is a dataset given to the web server. So for general browsing most of the time, the server is looking to use it against tracking data. But for something like a Google search, the post-questionmark is the search criteria; if you're sending form data, it lives there, etc. Some sites have a base article.php page that then gets data about which article to fetch from the info past the question mark.

So if you want to be awesome when pasting links, strip off the query fields and /check if the link still works./



This is incredible because it is super difficult to visualise how much 6 feet actually is and most people don’t bother to try

HOLY SHIT ok first of all that is a brilliant use of technology, and second, that activated my flight response bigtime and i bet it convinced people to evacuate that weren’t gonna, which would’ve saved lives. so good job folks, worth the effort.