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Bad user agreements are those that our societies are built upon. The promises we are taught are true and real and our continued existence in spite of the lies. These are stories of people surviving bad user agreements & ways to game the system.

Philly based sci-fi & other atemporal fantastic tales from accomplices & kin.

18 contributors: • Karga Fantasma • Nora Sinnett • Noah Alexander Flora @phenohype_ • Silvia NoSiri • Dani @prettyboycrybaby • Seren • Tommy Dandelion @tommy.dandelion • Joyce Hatton @adifficultjoyce • Dyke Sundance @dyke_sundance(???) • Malachi Lily @theholyhawkmoth • Dylyn • GVN908 • fishspit • M K SmithVail • Jurassica Lee McClusky @alternatepools • M.Meesh • beckett khaim bauer • parx333

and the crew r.cutlass, Alex Smith, M Téllez, and Rasheedah Phillips

124 pages 6" x 9" linen softcover, cream paper partial color ISBN: 978-0-9981138-1-4


Price includes shipping inside the US.

This book will be available at our upcoming events for $16.

#METROPOLARITY SEEKS ACCOUNTS//ANALYSES//FANTASIES//BROKEN DREAMS//AND OTHER SURVEILLANCE MATERIALS REGARDING LOCALLY GROWN EXPERIENCES OF ♡BAD USER AGREEMENTS ♡ YOU HAVE UNWITTINGLY BEEN ENTANGLED WITH including but not limited to: The american dream, 'safe spaces', nuclear families, youth, beauty, health, xfinity bundles, etc etc Disclaimer: For safety purposes, participation in this inquiry will not require genetic, bio-political, or social mediated data. Participants will maintain the right to manipulate identifying data as they see fit. email us at metropolarity at g m a i l dot com   FLIER TRANSCRIPT: [

METROPOLARITY is seeking participants for an upcoming inquiry to be published in the Journal of Speculative Vision & Critical Liberation Technologies.
Are You Experiencing Feelings Of:
  • Guilt or Shame
  • Anxiety
  • Nameless Frustration
  • Fininacial Doom
  • Self Harming Ideation
  • Truancy
  • Murderous Raging
  • Near-Total Dissociation
  • Forgetfullness
  • Compulsive Scrolling
  • Hypervigilance
  • Forced or Pressured Speech
  • Paranoia
  • Nihilism or Not Caring
  • Losing Time
These may be symptoms of living under one or more Bad User Agreements. Common examples of predisposing factors that increase the risk of experiencing a Bad User Agreement include:
  • Filling a prescription
  • Attending an appointment with a medical profesional
  • Enrolling in post secondary educational programs
  • Getting married
  • Paying into your social security fund
  • Existing as Black, Indigenous, Poor, Trans, Disabled, etc.
  • Opening a bank account
  • Searching for housing
  • Leaving your cell phone on for extended periods of time
DUE BY FEBRUARY 14th, 2018 Send experiential materials, dreams, memories, premonitions, cautionary tales, fantasies, and any supplementary self surveillance materials to METROPOLARITY at GMAIL dot COM with subject line “BAD USER AGREEMENT” and any of the following attachments:
.otf .rtf .doc .docx .txt .wav .mp3 .mp4 .jpg .gif .png .pdf .html URL
Participants will receive at no cost: $$ • 2 copies of the published inquiry $$ • Financial compensation as determined by number of eligible participants.
Disclaimer: For safety purposes, participation in this inquiry will not require genetic, bio-political, or social mediated data. Participants maintain the right to manipulate any of their own identifying data as they see fit.]


</^\> laser life queer sci-fi reading </^\> ***this is the psycho-social, queer liberatory, autonomous, afro-curatorial, queer propulsed pulse, electro light light beam, sigil sub-conscious, navigatory cosmic trance dance on the techno-veldt... this is STYLE OF ATTACK*** METROPOLARITY is a DIY sci-fi collective based, bred, and tested in the colliding future-present of Philadelphia. STYLE OF ATTACK Report contains select work from Metropolarity's four founding members, who contribute theory, practice, and experience of home grown speculative visioning for both historical documentation as well as personal and collective survival. The collection serves as a model and a record of how Black, brown, queer, low-resource, working, ill and in-recovery people can project themselves into the future, conjuring resources, technology, and magic that aid us in the present. Also this sci-fi is FIRE cuz the crew don't play. Laser Life is a queer sci-fi reading documenting the release of STYLE OF ATTACK and a celebration of the book being nominated for a Lambda Literary Award, the highest honor in LGBT letters. purchase and peruse the book here: http://metropolarity.bigcartel.com/product/style-of-attack-report Come here the futurist voices of: Ras Mashramani @rasmashramani Maggie Eighteen @cyborgmemoirs Rasheedah Phillips @afrofuturistaffair x @blackquantumfuturism Camae Ayewa @blackquantumfuturism Alex Smith @theyarebirds + special guests TBA http://metropolarity.net/ FB RSVP **the artist behind the image in the event photo is unknown. the image is a temporarily liberated hold space**

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hey, friends, let me tell you about MOTHERSHIP DOWN

this isn’t like an official official post because it’s still in the early stages - think primordial goo - but i’m starting a fortnightly digest with readings (all free, all online) on the intersections of sci-fi, feminism, & social justice. i’ll basically be providing a summary of the goings-on in the world of speculative fiction whilst also curating a list/link-round up of deeply thoughtful articles on things like cyborg feminism(s), environmental sci-fi & indigenous religion, etc. there’s this whole world of work out here that i feel like i’m only just now discovering because i’ve made an effort to seek out readings beyond tumblr dot com and i’d love to be able to give other people a chance to find this stuff that’s often, like, not necessarily buried, but may just be beyond your frame of reference? 

i’d like to be able to mine the good shit so you don’t have to, and i’ve already got a lot of great shit lined up for issue #1, like a roundtable discussion from the writers of Octavia’s Brood’s thoughts on possible afro futures & discussions of retrofuturist feminist visions in Lidia Yuknavitch’s new literary sci-fi novel retelling the story of joan of arc. 

it’ll basically be a way for me to share with you my influences as a genderweird Black afroturuist writer, connect with you on topics i know a lot of you are interested in, and share with you what’s going on with my writing particularly but also shit i think you’ll all be deeply keen to know about in the sci-fi world more broadly as it pertains to those of us who are often most marginalized by it. 

subscribe here. it’s free. i’d especially love to connect w/ mutuals & writers & just like everybody interested in this shit. 


three of my friends who are all trans people of color were just arrested during a may day protest tonight – one got shot with a rubber bullet. i’m gonna post a link to a youcaring that my friend just made on the fly while she was walking home, but it would be really awesome if you donated — if possible. stay safe everybody. sending you much love.


it’s nine people who were arrested. the brunt of the property damage charges are being put on the t/qtpoc who were arrested, and they are being threatened with first degree felony charges and city charges. many of those arrested are my good friends and the others are all beloved community members. please help if you can!

GoFundMe for VONA/Voices - memoir about mental health in Korean American families

Hi Poc-Creators!

Thank you for all the work you do! Always following and grateful for all the times you’ve shared my work in the past.

I was wondering if you might be able to boost this post about my GoFundMe: http://stabra.tumblr.com/post/159759162688/click-here-to-support-help-esther-attend I am raising funds to attend VONA/Voices to work on a memoir that focuses on my dad’s depression and suicide, as a way of opening a conversation about mental health issues in the Korean immigrant community.

Thank you so much!!

With love,