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So, I´m new her so I dont know what to do here So the basics: I´m a Male, Im an artist that likes metal, cars, guns, anthro, sexy stuff and Ponies!

(lovely  ocs go to from the left to the right: @paintmod, me durr, @themetalpony and @cogsymod!! thanks for being here ^^)

so yea, aperantly i should kill myself for not drawing feet that often…..huh

and well, i thought this was it, just a random anon throwing shit, but wait!!!

i actually got a lead of who might was!

seems like @cogsymod and @paintmod have been dealing with this lovely individual, ladies and gents i present you:


this guy!, aperantly he has been sending a lot of hatemail using the anon feature, insulting and harassing everyone, welp, not in my house dude

big version of those two: painty and cogs

so yea, be careful around this guy, block him if necessary, i have a lot of screen caps about the conversation we had but this i dont want this post to be 10 km long, remember, if someone sends you hate with the anon option he is a poopie head :^)

What a fucking coincidence! I got hate mail at the same time and on the same day as Nails here, and guess what? ALL the hate mail was about me not drawing feet. take a look, fellas:

Also, very curious to see the same grammar, insults and writing style that are written on @nailstrabbit ‘s messages. Good job Mr arthuurs! even better, this dude has a pretty big infamy sending anon hate mail to many people (which helped me to recognize this marvelous character) so that is the nail in the coffin. Here you have my wonderful anon –> @arthuurs11-blog

Thank you so much @nailstrabbit and @cogsymod to analyze and help me with this mess


why did this make me feel emotional?

fly free lil space bat


Wing broken, a slow painful fate awaits…

One chance to fly again, just gotta hold on…

Drifting forever, free….


A collection of images dedicated to remembering Space Bat; The bat who boldly went where few dared fly.

They are living their dreams in my heart.

Never forget! <3

“female characters that made you a furry” starter set.

“female characters that made you a furry” expansion pack.

Includes some community suggestions as well as a fiew obvious choices I couldn’t put in the fist post due to the limit on the number of images you can submit at once.   

its getting too deep 

since I’ve drawing a lot of glowy magic/fire things lately,,,,here’s a tutorial with brush settings!! :0