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Skip Google for Research

As Google has worked to overtake the internet, its search algorithm has not just gotten worse.  It has been designed to prioritize advertisers and popular pages often times excluding pages and content that better matches your search terms 

As a writer in need of information for my stories, I find this unacceptable.  As a proponent of availability of information so the populace can actually educate itself, it is unforgivable.

Below is a concise list of useful research sites compiled by Edward Clark over on Facebook. I was familiar with some, but not all of these.

Google is so powerful that it “hides” other search systems from us. We just don’t know the existence of most of them. Meanwhile, there are still a huge number of excellent searchers in the world who specialize in books, science, other smart information. Keep a list of sites you never heard of.

www.refseek.com - Academic Resource Search. More than a billion sources: encyclopedia, monographies, magazines.

www.worldcat.org - a search for the contents of 20 thousand worldwide libraries. Find out where lies the nearest rare book you need.

https://link.springer.com - access to more than 10 million scientific documents: books, articles, research protocols.

www.bioline.org.br is a library of scientific bioscience journals published in developing countries.

http://repec.org - volunteers from 102 countries have collected almost 4 million publications on economics and related science.

www.science.gov is an American state search engine on 2200+ scientific sites. More than 200 million articles are indexed.

www.pdfdrive.com is the largest website for free download of books in PDF format. Claiming over 225 million names.

www.base-search.net is one of the most powerful researches on academic studies texts. More than 100 million scientific documents, 70% of them are free

Anonymous asked:

When are you coming back? It's been too long

Third Shift Society should be back tomorrow (July 21st or 22nd depending on your time zone). I apologize for the delay. D: The episodes have been ready for several weeks, but there were scheduling considerations on Webtoon's end.

I made an announcement on my Creator profile. You can follow me there for future scheduling updates!

Hulloo, stumbled across your webcomic (webtoon?) on, well, Webtoon via Seed which I found via Those Who Sleep which was via Blood Stain which was via Punderworld, lol. It sounds like a season 2 is coming some day (hooray!), and I was wanting to know the best way to keep updated on it? Is Webtoon app the place to be? Someone in the comments said you lost access to that account (no idea if true, ofc), so I wanted to ask how to be able to be updated. :) I don't have a Twitter for reasons, so I'm hoping Webtoon or Tumblr work lol...


First off, thanks for reading! I'm so glad people are still finding and enjoying my little comic. :) If all goes according to plan, Third Shift Society should be back very soon. I'm working with my editor to get everything set up and can't give exact dates yet, but keep an eye out for official announcements in the next couple weeks. Webtoon will probably have info up the soonest, and folks with twitter can follow me for updates as well @meredith_draws. As for the account thing...it's funny how stuff gets distorted. Kind of like a game of telephone. To clarify, I don't have DIRECT access to the account, meaning I can't go and make new posts on my own like you would with Canvas; it all has to go through Webtoon. I'm not shut out, I just have to go through an extra layer and get things approved. Hope that clears things up! :)

I absolutely love your work and Third Shift Society on Webtoon. Just some questions: When is Third Shift Society returning for season 2? And you don't have to answer this one if you want to, "Is ichabod and Ellie going to be in a romantic relationship or be a couple?


Thank you! On the first point, it’s going to be a little while. Season 2 is pretty ambitious art-wise, and I want to make sure I’ve got a sizable buffer before starting uploads. 

Not going to answer the second question. You’ll just have to wait and see. :)

Do you do Q and A's for Third Shift Society?Also just a random question how tall is Ichabod and Ellie?By the way love art


Sure! There are even some illustrated Q&As I did earlier floating around. They’re a bit spoiler-y (contain characters that haven’t appeared in the Featured Webtoon version yet), but you can definitely seek them out if you’re interested. :) As for your question, Ichabod is 6′2″ and Ellie is 5′2″. 

Anonymous asked:

What does “Wumbology” mean?

The study of wumbo. ;)

Anonymous asked:

Can people see Icabod’s head? Like do they just see this pumpkin head dude walking around?

Yup! People usually think it’s a mask and assume it’s for a play, or he’s in a band with a Halloween gimmick or something. His clients quickly figure out that it’s real, but after the initial shock, they mostly just roll with it. After all, if you’re calling someone to deal with the otherworldly horrors in your attic, you’ve probably seen weirder shit than a well dressed pumpkin man.

Your WEBTOON captured my heart back in discover and your art is so beautiful. Thank you for making it and sharing it with us. But I also have to ask, are Ichabod and Ellie going to be a couple? Sorry if that’s a spoiler thing, I’m just genuinely curious


Haha, veeerry spoilery. ;D

Do you do physical copies of third shift society? I found it today on Webtoon (love it btw), but tumblr makes it seems like there's more of it somewhere


I used to, but part of the Webtoon deal is that I can’t have physical copies available for the time being. :( I’d like to do a trade paperback version at some point, though. Nothing against webcomics, but print comics will always have a special place in my heart. C:

Anonymous asked:

Do you do commissions? Hope to hear back from you shortly.

Not currently, but I do open them up from time to time. I’ll be sure to make an announcement the next time they’re available.

Alternately, I do have a tier on my Patreon where you can post sketch requests, and another where you can get a full color commission every other month. :D 

Anonymous asked:

I’ve been meaning to ask; have you read the “Skulduggery Pleasant” book series (art by @tanu-the-avocado)? The basic concept behind is very much like that of Third Shift Society, except with the Detective having a skull for a head rather than a pumpkin. Your series is great I must say.

Thanks! No, I haven’t read the books, but you’re not the first person to make that comparison. XD I really should check them out at some point.  

Anonymous asked:

Hi! I love your Webcomic Third Shift Society and am so excited it's back and tbh, I didn't realize how much I missed Ichabod until he was back.

Thank you! It’s great to be back. Making comics is so much more fun when you can share them with people. :D