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Unfortunately, I think this has happened to all of us at some point in time. But, you know what I’ve learned? What others think is none of my business. If a person truly cares for you they will come and talk to you. But, either way, how someone else chooses to react is none of our concern because they aren’t in control of our happiness, we are. 🙄 If you get or feel depressed choose some aromatherapy, clear the negative energy with sage and sit with your personal crystals like rose quartz and amethyst. 🔮Choose citrus essential oils to diffuse to uplift or lavender and chamomile to calm. 💧It will pass. #BeHappy #ChooseHappy #CalmingAromatherapy #SaltLamps #Journal #Sage #CrystalsforDepression #crystalsforanxiety https://www.instagram.com/p/CCM3QtrDa2B/?igshid=181xqif2qsuvv

There will always be people who try to control you and your emotions. When someone isn’t happy with themselves or life choices they become a victim in everything and try to make others look bad so they can look better and/or continue in victim mode. They will try to continue to control you by keeping score of all the things you didn’t or don’t do easily forgetting all the things you did do or even tried to do. They will do it by holding mistakes over your head even though they themselves aren’t perfect. They will do it by making you feel small or less than. They will do it by never admitting fault and pointing fingers at others and sometimes even you. In some cases they will throw religion into the mix ( like you’re not Christian enough or a Christian would never .... ) yet they fail to realize their actions/reactions are just as in-religious. Once you start to recognize these things and understand you are not responsible for the actions or reactions of others, you will no longer participate or even second guess yourself like you once did. Once you realize walking around on eggshells eventually starts hurting your feet, you will choose to stop the behaviors even if it means walking away. It’s very hard to focus on gratitude if you keep opening the door of negativity through other people, things or places. #BeHappy #MoreJoy #StopCaringWhatOthersThink #NotEverythingIsYourProblem #PassionateAboutLife #Spiritual #LoveYourself #MorePositivity #LessNegativity #BeGrateful https://www.instagram.com/p/B5faL6jl_lK/?igshid=18o74dlhrpdvq