Pairing: Pro Hero Bakugou X afab!Reader

Summary: Bakugou gets jealous at a bar/club.

Contains: alcohol, violence, posessive!Bakugou, mention of sex

Word Count: 1.1K

Author’s Note: Just a little drabble to get some creative juices flowing. Part 1 maybe? I have Part 2 floating around in my head already.

He grinned, beer in hand, as he watched the way your shapely hips swayed to the music even though you were standing at the bar and not on the dance floor. Bent over, elbows on the countertop as you waited for your drink… no doubt getting something sugary sweet that didn’t taste like alcohol at all. Part of him wished you hadn’t worn those painted-on jeans tonight, but the hornier part of him was glad that you did.

It had been a rough week. Hero work had been taking its toll, both mentally and physically on the Pro Hero. When Mina asked for the two of you to come out to the club tonight, Bakugou wanted to say fuck no. Hell, he almost did until he saw the sparkle of hope in your eyes as you held your phone in front of his face.

“Please? We haven’t been out with our friends in forever.”

He sighed, staring at the text Mina had sent you. That was true. You had both been so busy lately. Date night had been confined to the couch with takeout and Netflix. As much as he didn’t want to deal with people, he owed it to you to take you out and have some fun. Even if your shared idiot friends would be there to annoy the hell outta him. “Fine. But I don’t plan on staying out all night.”

You squealed, doing a little happy dance as you shot Mina back a confirmation text. He rolled his eyes, but he loved your little dance that never failed to make him smile. Being the reason for it was just the cherry on top.

Now here he was, watching you from afar and wishing he could take you home instead of having to listen to Denki talk about how his date was last night. Luckily, Kirishima was keeping him occupied, asking questions and actually acting interested in dunceface’s love life. Bakugou shook his head as the conversation started to bleed over the sound of the music and took a sip of his beer. Thank god he didn’t have to date anymore, he thought.

“...Do you think I should have waited until our second date?” Kaminari’s voice got louder next to his ear. Bakugou cut his eyes to him. Unfortunately, that caught Kaminari’s attention, and he zeroed in on Bakugou. “What do you think, Suki?” 

Bakugou gripped his beer bottle and narrowed his eyes. “I wasn’t listening to a word you said, dunceface. Now call me that again. I dare you.”

“For real, should I have waited to have sex with her on the second date?” Kaminari asked, ignoring the threat. Kirishima and Mina turned their eyes to Bakugou. Mina was grinning like the Chesire cat, and Kirishima seemed curious at his answer.

Bakugou scrunched up his nose, the tips of his ears going red. What the fuck. Before he could think better of it and make an excuse to get himself out of the conversation, he blurted out, “You had sex with someone on the first date?”

“Yeah. Why? Is that bad?” 

Bakugou blinked once, twice, three times at him. Kaminari looked so earnest in his question that Bakugou wanted to smack him upside the head. He was not the person to ask advice on this kind of shit. He knew after the first date with you that this was it. He had found his person and nothing else really mattered after that. “I don’t fucking know. Ask Mina.” He mumbled.

Mina guffawed, doubling over at the look on Bakugou’s face. “Oh come on, Suki. Haven’t you learned anything about being in a relationship by now?”

He scowled at her. Why had he agreed to come out with these dumbasses in the first place? Oh, that’s right. You. “What the fuck does that have to do with fucking someone on the first date?”

Mina cocked her hip and smirked. “Didn’t you two–?”

“Shut the fuck up, raccoon eyes. Right now.” He pointed a finger at her, a blush rising on his cheeks that he prayed was from the stupid alcohol.

“Uh… Bakugou?” Kirishima’s worried voice came from beside him.

“What is it, shitty hair?” He snapped, his eyes leaving Mina to find Kirishima whose eyes were wide with concern. Kirishima simply pointed over to the bar. Bakugou turned to find you exactly where he had left you only seconds ago. Except now there was some guy with his hand on your ass. 

Bakugou felt a new heat rush to his face. Anger bubbled in his chest. No one touched you. He growled and slammed his half full beer down on the table.


“Wait a sec, bro–” Kirishima made a grab for his arm, but Bakugou jerked away, already stomping towards the bar. 

You had straightened up, trying to pull away from him politely, but the dude wasn’t taking no for an answer. His hand was still firmly on your ass and trying to pull you into him. Bakugou could hear him slurring his words at you. “Come on, baby. Just one dance.”

“I’m good, thanks. I better get back to my boyfriend.” You emphasized the word ‘boyfriend’ loudly and tried to to push him away, but the drunk idiot wasn’t moving an inch.

“Boyfriend? I can take him, baby. How about we ditch this place and go out to my car, yeah?” He leaned down, his lips by your neck. He was probably sniffing your perfume, Bakugou thought. Perfume that Bakugou had picked out for you last Christmas. 


He bristled as he stood behind you, gripping the man’s wrist harder than necessary to remove it from your behind. “Really? You think you can take me?”

The man’s eyes finally left your pretty face. His mouth dropped open when his eyes met Bakugou’s fiery-red stare. “Oh shit. I’m so sorry, Dynamight.” He tried to take a step back away from you, but Bakugou held his wrist in a bone-breaking grip.

“Katsuki, let ‘em go. I’m fine.” You pushed back against him, still trapped between the two of them. But Bakugou couldn’t hear you over the territorial roar in his ears. 


“Do it again, and I’ll break your fucking hand.” He said through gritted teeth, twisting the man’s hand roughly in warning. It wasn’t enough to break his wrist, but it was enough to get Bakugou’s point across. 

The man cried out and began to pull backwards, trying to break Bakugou’s harsh grip. “I-I’m sorry! I swear I won’t do it again! P-please… Please let me go.” He pleaded.

Bakugou stared into his eyes as he finally let his wrist go. The man fell backwards onto the floor with a thud. He scrambled to get up, turning tail to get as far away as he could from Bakugou.


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