Reverse Nightmare Comfort Series: Bakugou Katsuki

Pairing: Pro Hero Bakugou X gn!Reader

Summary: You comfort Bakugou after he has a nightmare.

Contains: SFW Fluff, Roommate Trope

Word Count: 923

Author’s Note: Taking new character requests for this series and the original Nightmare Comfort series.

The sound of glass breaking in the kitchen jolted you awake. You blinked the sleep from your eyes, trying to reorient yourself as the familiar surroundings of your bedroom came into view. Slinging your covers to the side, you slid out of bed with a soft sigh, your bare feet hitting the cool wood floor of your shared apartment.

You already knew who was fumbling around in the kitchen even before you heard the low mutter of gruff curses. You squinted against the yellow glow of the lights as you shuffled into the kitchen, eyeing the small pile of porcelain shards of what used to be a coffee mug in front of the kitchen sink. The perpetrator was nowhere to be seen, but you knew he was close by. Without a word, you went to the pantry to grab a small dustpan and brush to sweep up the broken mug. 

As you were tossing the jagged shards into the trash can, you heard a huff from behind you. “I was trying to find a broom. You didn’t have to clean up my mess, ya know.”