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With The Wicked + The Divine now just two issues from its end, it seems like a good time for reflection. Juliette over on Twitter is leading a mass reread, one arc a week, and we can see our obsolescence creeping over the horizon. 

So, in a desperate grab for a little bit of online immortality (have we learned nothing), we’re creating an archive of TWATD essays, one volume at a time. Archive. Geddit?

They’ll be going up on TimplusAlex.com roughly once a week, to try and keep pace with Juliette’s project. By the end, we’re hoping it’ll serve as a bit of a resource for anyone rereading the series – or discovering it for the first time.

Anyway, never mind all that bollocks, here’s our Complete Guide to The Faust Act. Words on death, sex and adulthood, music and clothes, and one piece of weird journalistic fan-fic at the link.

Katie West of Team Wicdiv is editing her new anthology of interesting voices about an equally interesting period in the development of the Internet.

I dunno how Katie would define it, but from about 1993 (Mosaic) to 2003 was the period when it was still possible to meet people who felt this whole thing was a fad, and a lot of people who felt it was the future. Around 2003, it stopped being both - neither future, nor fad, but present.

We all know what happens after this, but I think I agree it was a brief golden age, and I can’t wait to read the stories it describes.

Tumblr is a huge reason why I made this book. 

I met so many incredible people on this platform. People I still speak to, and love, and cherish. People I know would drop everything for me and be there when I need them. I learned to be a feminist on this platform. I learned about body positivity and self-care. I learned about social justice and how to be a better activist and ally. I also watched a lot of great porn and become friends with a quite large amount of gorgeous naked babes. I was able to travel the world with these babes. Meet them and make art with them. Tumblr was fucking MAGICAL.

I had a hard time connecting with people in real life because I have really bad social anxiety and I was never confident with speaking to people. The internet was a  freaking miracle that I utilised to become this strong, confident person. But the only reason I was able to become that person was because I had tons of internet friends lifting me up, cheering me on, and accepting me for who and what I was. 

If that resonates with you, you’ll probably like this book. You can pre-order it now, along with scoring some sweet exclusive Kickstarter rewards too!

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My girlfriend Katie has launched the Kickstarter for her new anthology!! I am really excited for it, it has a whole bunch of great writers included.

Anonymous asked:

I was just curious, will we ever see your concept designs for the other 1920’s pantheon gods? I know we’ve seen two, the Norns and the morrigan but I was wondering about the others

I believe they’re all in the back of Vol 8, which collects all the specials.


DIEing Thoughts: Impressions of Issue #1

The first issue of DIE, the Image series that looks set to define where Kieron Gillen goes next after WicDiv, lands this Wednesday. Tim + Alex have read a review copy of the first issue, so we decided to talk it over and share the highlights with y’all.

We tried to ensure the discussion is pretty much spoiler-free. But obviously, if you want to go into the first issue knowing nothing, maybe bookmark this and come back on Wednesday.

Alex: So, what did you make of it?

Tim: I enjoyed it a lot. I don’t think it had quite the same immediate impact as the first issue of WicDiv, but there’s a lot I’m excited about.

Alex: That is, unsurprisingly, the first comparison I immediately reached for. Is it the first creator-owned ongoing Gillen has launched since then?

Tim: I think so? Uber launched before WicDiv, and Mercury Heat was only 12 issues.

Alex: Anyway, for me it definitely has that same feeling of, oh, okay, this is what Gillen is interested in doing next.

The Wicked + The Divine #1 surprised both of us, I think, because it was so firmly plot-driven. After years as dedicated Phonomancers, it was weird to see a Gillen + McKelvie pop-music comic that ended on a big cliffhanger.


DIE Alternate Covers Guide

As it’s issue one, various retailers have done their own exclusive covers. Let’s have a walk around them.

  • Top Centre: The A cover by Stephanie, which is the main one you’ll see in the shops. It’s a standard $3.99 comic, but it’s got 35 pages of comics. So a fun intro, hopefully. Content is the same on all of these below, it’s worth stressing.
  • Top Right: Jamie McKelvie and Matt Wilson’s cover, who are two talented young creators who I hope to work with more one day. This is our alternate cover, and also available from all retailers.
  • Top Left: This is the Comic Mint cover, available directly from them. This is another Stephanie cover, and the only one which is a non-heroic character.
  • Bottom Left: This is Stephanie recolouring her work in a gothic mode, and is the Forbidden Planet cover (though it’s also available from Big Bang in Dublin) and available here. Stephanie and I will be signing comics (including this, obv) in the London Megastore on December 6th next week, with details here.
  • Bottom Centre Left: Queen of all things dice-based Emma Vieceli’s cover for One Stop Comics.
  • Bottom Centre Right and Bottom Right: These Mike Rooth’s variants for Sad Lemon comics, available from them with pre-orders starting at 9:30 GMT tonight. Mike does all of Sad Lemon’s variants, and does great stuff. We’ll be signing them at Limited Edition comics in Stevenage on Saturday December 8 from Noon until 2pm.

Issue ones really are a thing, right? But scanning the covers are fun, in terms of seeing our cast being interpreted by artists. It’s a different way of seeing them. Also, oddly, we almost manage to do one cover per our core cast. One is missing, who gets his spotlights soon enough.