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Your Sims 4 Maxis Match CC finds.

Siena Collection


16 new objects created in 9 matching wood tones with 9 fabric colors

Included are:

Bowl, Ceiling Light in all wall heights, Console Table, Dining Chair, Dining Stool, Dining Table (1x1, 2x1 & 3x1), Fireplace, Flowers, Painting, Rug, Vase & Wall Light

  • Base Game Compatible
  • Shadow, Specular and Bump Map
  • All LOD’s

Terms of Use:

  • Do not re-upload any of my content.
  • Don’t claim my work as your own.
  • If you want to use any of my meshes please send an ask!
  • Recoloring is fine. Please credit and link to the original when you share. Tag me because I would love to see it! 😊

Download:  Early Access - Public Access August 19th!


Sentate x Arethabee 

  • 10 new bgc items (my part)
  • hairs; 24 ea colors, hat compatible
  • more pics & download on the patreon post linked below
  • downloads page / cc tag

 “The Glitch Collection” 

Have you ever felt like you were living in a dream? Or perhaps in a game, in which every move you make is chosen for you. What if I told you that this was actually no dream at all. Would you choose to wake up and fight back? 

THE GLITCH collection will free your sims from the virtual world in style! 

Sentate and I thought your sims would need a fashionable collection of Matrix inspired looks  for when they eventually rebel and free themselves from the game. A collection of effortlessly cool leather and glossy pvc looks that are versatile and wearable for all sims; whether they pick the blue or the red pill! The entire collection is available across a 25 swatch colour palette. 

Each creator’s part of the collaboration will be available on their respective patreons. All items are bgc and come with a non-shiny version if pvc isn’t your thing. The full collection will be publicly available on the 29th of July.

my part of the collaboration - DOWNLOAD

Sentate’s part of the collaboration - DOWNLOAD


Japanese Courtyard Rental

This was built in the Wakabamori neighbourhood in Mt. Komorebi. It has 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom perfect for 1 sim or a couple vacationing in Mt.Komorebi. This is the 2nd build I’ve done from scratch in over a year. The build is on the gallery but as a residential lot because there seems to be a bug where the lot changes to residential when uploaded. You will need to change it to a rental lot yourself. 




Gallery ID: kaiwryplays

floral dress recolor, mesh required

hello! this is my first piece of published cc ever! kinda nervous. 
this is a recolor of the lovely trillyke’s odette dress! the mesh is required, you can find that here 
the floral patterns used can be found here 
you can download this on my patreon for free here
this recolor comes in six swatches - two of which are showcased above :) 
if there are any problems with the dress loading in game, please let me know. as i said, this is my first piece of cc i have actually released and i’m a bit new to the process as a whole. thank you so much! (ꈍᴗꈍ)♡

@vanillapuffcc's Lily Hair Set in Jewl Refined

I finally got around to redoing this lovely set of hairs in the new palette!

Due to the sheer number of swatches included on the original mesh, these hairs are stand-alones, but they do require the meshes, which you can find listed below:

Also note: these are presented as a single merged file because I have texture-referenced all other versions to the adult longest hair. You may un-merge the file if you wish, but note that you will need to keep that adult hair for any other ones to show properly!

Patreon Download (always free!)

Simple Separated Mattresses in 52 shades

This is another recolor born of necessity: basically, I wanted to have a set of plain-colored beddings on hand that weren’t big and fluffy with maxed-out stats, and wasn’t finding them. So I made some.

The Deets:

  • 52 swatches each: full Autumn in August palette with off-white sheets, plus two extra swatches (black + black sheets and white + black sheets)
  • Double, single, and toddler sizes
  • Mesh by @wildlyminiaturesandwich​ included thanks to her generous TOU
  • Properly tagged for University
  • Color tagged for your filtering needs
  • Middle-of-the-road stats (uses the tuning from the BG mission beds)
  • Looks great with @brazenlotus​‘s bed linens

DOWNLOAD (Simfileshare) | Mirror (Google Drive)


  • Mesh: @wildlyminiaturesandwich​
  • Palette: @pleyita​
  • Bedframes in preview: @brazenlotus

Preview of all three sizes under the cut:

UPDATED 7/6/21: All three beds are now compatible with bunk beds! They slot properly and are usable underneath EA and CC loft beds/top bunks.

I also removed a bunch of weird blank duplicate textures from the double bed and added a zip file with all three to both mirrors.

If you downloaded any of the beds previously, please redownload and replace. You’ll have to rebuy the bed in game as well (sorry, it was the only way to get it to actually work.)

UPDATED AGAIN 8/2/22: Now compatible with High School Years!

The toddler bed didn’t need an update (if I understood correctly anyway), but you’ll need to redownload the other two. Thank you to @myshunosun​ for their tutorial!

Serenity Hairs Recolored in AMPified

  • 40 add-on swatches in omicient’s A Moot Point Palette
  • 20 add-on swatches in omicient’s AMPlified Palette
  • Mesh is not included
  • All credit goes to @serenity-cc for these great hairs!

Download: Patreon/SFS - Elise / Karol / Kate / Lucy / Solar Power / Stevie / Quinn / Wolf Cut

Studio updates with batch fix for CC beds

Hi all, the High School Years expansion added pillow fights on beds. Studio’s (Windows and Mac) batch fix updates CC beds so your Sims can pillow fight on them.

The batch fix has been tested on double beds, single beds, double mattresses on separated frames, and single mattresses on separated frames. If you encounter a bed or separated mattress that isn’t fixed by this batch fix, please report this so the batch fixer can be updated to work on all CC items.

Choose your version to download HERE.

Image credit: Peacock Bed frame by KiwiSim4

Run Down High School (No CC) | “Daworst HS”

Tired of all the pretty high schools? SassySimsGaming built a run down school! I met them on Reddit,& encouraged them to make a YouTube; so please go show them some love by liking/subbing/downloading!

Lot size: 64x64 | No CC. 

AchillesSims - Old/Unsupported Custom Content

As a custom content creator and artist, I’m always looking to improve and create better content for everyone to enjoy. I have decided to archive everything that I’ve previously uploaded on this blog and will now focus on creating future content. My CC will remain free and accessible without ads, collabs with other Simmers will not surpass an early access period of max. 2 weeks and will be completely free afterwards. Thank you so much to everyone for supporting me, whether you followed this blog, liked and reblogged my content or sent me a kind message, I appreciate all the love the community has given me over the years. <3 Overall, not a lot will change. My style is maxis mix and always be, I have plenty of new hairs, outfits and build/buy stuff coming up for all of you and I’m looking to fix my previously broken Simblr site. If anything in the archive is missing, please let me know. 

The content from the plasma-jane blog will be uploaded to an archive as well.

DOWNLOAD ( free, no ads )

Everything is included in one big zip file, just remove the stuff you don’t want. 

To Peach Their Own Wallpaper Kits

Part 5 (peach) in the NSB series <3

Version 1 is without the chair railing, version 2 is with and version 3 is done in the original way I have done all my previous kits. They all have the same swatches and the same 3 accent colours so you can safely grab just one version or all 3 as you wish. I have moved the paneled versions to the "Paneling" section. Version 3 looks amazing with my Luna palette recolour of Peacemakers Wainscoting, you can find that here  

These swatches are set up in the catalog to load top to bottom from the main pattern, so the top row will be the wallpaper pattern, row 2 under each pattern is the background colour, row 3 and 4 are the additional colours always located under each pattern and background colour. I have made the main swatches a preview picture, so you know what each pattern looks like and what colour options each comes with. I have colour coded all of the swatch icons to make it easier to find the whole set. I have honestly tried my best to make these kits as simple to use as possible, giving us builders more free time to create more houses or *shock gasp horror* make strawberry peach lemonade!

To get your peach on please....

TS2 in TS4 Megahood: Download!

What if the "alternate timeline" aspect of TS4 was stronger?

What if all of the sims we know and love from TS2 were remade for TS4? Well you don't need to wonder that anymore. Answer questions like, "How did Cassandra and MarySue know each other?" and "What was Brandi like as a teen?" "Did Don have game?" Ever wondered how things would be different for Romeo and Mercutio if their mom was still alive? Would things be different for Juliet if her grandmother was? Or Maybe you just want a save file that feels different and lively. I got you, boo.

Chloe’s House (Life is Strange)

A few years ago I built Chloe’s house with CC but since then I don’t use CC in my buildings anymore. Therefore, I decided that it would be nice to rebuild her house with new EP stuff. It differs slightly from the original house in that, due to the small size of the lot, there is no backyard. I also tried to make the general view of the exterior look like buildings from a new town so that this house doesn’t differ much from the others!

I always would love to see your screenshots, so feel free to tag me @alerionjkeee

No CC Lot size: 20x15 Lot type: Residential 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom Located in: Copperdale Playtested

Recommended have all packs. Make sure to enable “bb.moveobjects” before placing the lot!

🟢 Download ZIP file - (SFS)

Separated Bunk Bed Masterpost

July 30, 2022: Updated for the High School Years EP patch! (1.90.358.1030)Please re-download and replace everything!

[Old edit: First of all, a huge thank you to @ravasheencc for helping me with updating these bunk beds. She reached out to me and let me use this Bunk Bed Frame Template (find it here!) to make new clones of my bunk bed frames that didn’t have the cumbersome slotting issues. Additionally, she also let me know that just like cc chairs, cc beds need to have a 32-bit instance in order to properly slot and work under bunk beds.

Armed with that knowledge, I present to you an update of my bunk beds! I’ve made changes to every file, so you should download and replace everything.]

Each set includes:

  • Bunk Bed Frame
  • Bunk Bed Mattress
  • Bed Frame (Can be placed alone or under a bunk bed)
  • Bed Mattress (Can be placed alone or under a bunk bed)
  • Optional Catalogue Hiders for EA beds
  • Original EA mattress swatches
  • Complimentary addon mattress swatches
  • Original EA frame swatches
  • Addon frame swatches in wood or metal tones

Additionally, while the Tiny Living Bunk Bed Mattress and Bunk Bed Frame are still base game compatible, the Tiny Living lower mattress and frame require the Tiny Living Stuff Pack. I’m sorry it’s not bgc, but I wanted to abide by EA’s terms for cc creators.

To make things as streamlined as possible, this is just a masterpost/update post. All updated bunk bed sets are available at their original posts. You can download them from the links below:

Mod Pod Bunk Set (Original Post | Download)

Metal Framed Bunk Set (Original Post | Download)

Tiny Living Bunk Set (Original Post | Download)