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it’s criminal that the original post didn’t link to the full version:

I’ve been loving jimlapbap’s arrangements for years, but most of his videos get less than 300 views on youtube, which is tragic because they’re works of art!

some of my favorites:

and of course, the Sail shanty above, which I ended up buying as an mp3 because I adore it

basically, this dude deserves way more love, and I’m so glad that he’s finding an audience on tiktok!

You ever think about how crows are acting not unlike how early humans probably did and you're just like. Oh ok

I saw a Thing one time about how the earliest sign of civilization is a healed femur because that shows that we were taking care of each other because if we Didn't a broken leg would mean you Die because you can't. Do things

And I was thinking about this and I remembered also seeing an article about this one mated pair of crows where one of them broke its beak and thus couldn't properly feed itself on its own. So the other one helps

So basically I have connected the two dots ("you didn't connect shit") I've connected them

And also they not only use tools but teach each other how to construct them, so uh

Really makes you think

Realistically I know immortality would kinda suck but I'd love to see where crows are going with this

Fun fact, there is little info on crows (as far as species of interest go) because they're so good at evading human tactics for collection and observation. I had a friend who studied them in grad school. Not only do they describe humans to each other (so crows you've never seen before will avoid you), they also learn the precise distance of net cannons (for trapping and tagging) after 1 encounter and then stand at that distance the entire time (making naive researchers think maybe they can juuuust caych em). So basically you need to befriend them (a common strategy), or find a murder that's never seen you before (researchers wear presidents masks to throw them off, but then they remember and describe the cars). In this case, you have one chance to collect enough in the group to get good data. Whatever crow you catch once, you probably will never catch again, ruling out biosensing devices (like they use with other birds and turtles n junk).

The latest big finding about crows is that they have a grasp of knowledge breadth, meaning they "know what they know" meaning they are conscious (self aware), have subjective experiences and can reflect on their knowledge. (Source) This also implies they have an understanding of the unknown.

Look up Andreas Nieder and Jon Marzluff's work if you want the deep skinny.

“A federal judge on Tuesday restored a wide swath of Endangered Species Act protections gutted by the Trump administration.

The ruling by U.S. District Judge Jon Tigar in Northern California comes as the Biden administration is working on replacement rules for the Trump rollbacks and means the protections will be restored while the review process continues, AP News explained.

“The court spoke for species desperately in need of comprehensive federal protections without compromise,” Earthjustice attorney Kristen Boyles said in a statement from the plaintiffs emailed to EcoWatch. “Threatened and endangered species do not have the luxury of waiting under rules that do not protect them.”

Earthjustice represented the Center for Biological Diversity, Defenders of Wildlife, Sierra Club, Natural Resources Defense Council, National Parks Conservation Association, Wild Earth Guardians and the Humane Society of the United States in a lawsuit to block the Trump regulations passed in 2019. The lawsuit targeted five regulations in particular, according to AP News.

These regulations did the following, according to EcoWatch and the Sierra Club:

  1. Removed the “blanket rule” giving threatened species the same protections as endangered species.
  2. Made it harder to protect species from the climate crisis by giving the government more wiggle room in how it interpreted the phrase “foreseeable future.”
  3. Made it easier to delist species.
  4. Allowed regulators to consider the economic impact of offering protections to a species.
  5. Made it harder to list new species and protect their critical habitat.

When President Joe Biden took office, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and National Marine Fisheries Service said they would work on new regulations, according to AP News. However, this process can take months to years. In the meantime, the services asked the court to remand the case in December of 2021, according to the plaintiffs. However, the judge decided to vacate the Trump regulations instead.

“Regardless of whether this Court vacates the 2019 [Endangered Species Act] Rules, they will not remain in effect in their current form,” Tigar wrote in his ruling, as CNBC reported.

The plaintiffs applauded Tigar’s decision, which restores protections to hundreds of species.

“Trump’s gutting of endangered species protections should have been rescinded on day one of the Biden presidency,” Center for Biological Diversity endangered species director Noah Greenwald said in the statement. “With this court ruling, the Services can finally get on with the business of protecting and recovering imperiled species.”

An Interior Department spokesperson told AP News that the agency was now reviewing the ruling.”

100 year old Galapagos tortoise with a few weeks old Galapagos baby posing for a new family photo, and its own baby photo from 100 years ago.

love that for 100 years people have looked at these beasts and thought “heehee what if the big one wore the little one like a hat”

Sometimes you just have to start 13 shitty wips in order to get to a story you really wanna write.


I… have never considered a mindset where I don’t feel guilty for coming up with a new WIP once a month and then giving up on it within the first 3 chapters.


i had to add these and i’m sure there are more


Oh… so THAT’S why I love Hockey.

Bonus: That weird phenomenon when dudes will grab a buddy to keep people on the other team from interfering with fights on the ice.


god these guys are so gay

Dude, hockey is so fucking gay.

the stanley cup playoffs said happy pride month

gotta add these because what is more beautiful than nathan mackinnon winning the stanley cup to defend his longtime crush sidney crosby’s honor and THEN attributing the win to staying in a hotel room that contains sid’s jersey number. who wrote this fic? (also: nate eats ass and sid is The ass of the nhl so…)

ok but sidney crosby looks like this:

and has an ass like this:

so i understand the thirst


Are we not even talking about the actualfacts kissing going on or…?

The rituals are intricate 😌



Fun Fact: The Halifax Mooseheads went on to win the Memorial Cup

(other notable players on the team included Nathan Mackinnon, Mackenzie Weegar, and Martin Frk)

oh man @zambonding that article is such a gem this is the kind of sports journalism we need

btw can i also add that straight out of a romcom/bollywood movie moment where two hockey player’s laces get tangled up mid-game


While we do love men’s ice hockey, let’s give it up for the ladies with actual, adorable rivalry romances.

(and now they have another daughter together LOOK AT THIS BLISS)

also if we thirstin’ about sidney crosby on this giant post, i have also got to point out the Power carly jackson holds…

I always have strange dreams when I nap, and this time was no different but somehow it ended up with me an aunt’s house (which one? Not sure), and in said dream I stepped into the bathroom and was overwhelmed with the familiar smell of my nana.

And in the dream I remembered it perfectly, knew it instantly, missed it.

I woke up not much later. Can’t remember it again, not even to try to describe it.

But in that moment of the dream, I had it again, and in the dream it was so good to have even for a little bit.

My relationship with my nana was complicated at best (especially as I got older). And I grieve pretty… straightforwardly. It’s sad, you are sad for a bit, but they’re gone and it’s part of life and I can’t say I miss people precisely. That doesn’t feel like the right word, but I can’t say I don’t not miss them either. I grieve very simply and I move on, I suppose, when it comes to death, and I always have so far in my life. (Death makes sense, death tends to be straightforward, and that makes it easy to understand and accept for me.)

Anyway, the point is, in the dream I got to visit this little piece of my nana, who has been gone for coming up on, oof seven? years now. And it was unexpected but kind of nice.

(The rest of the dream was absolutely wild and involved Star Wars and drinking and secret making out with someone at a party and my sister sick from drinking too much in a bathtub, and the phrase “we keep moving up to higher ground, and pretending the flood waters have always been that high.” which seems oddly deep and was the last thing to hit me as I woke up. Drunk-dream me had some thoughts apparently.)

Time to act!

The FAA will finally obey an old mandate to set a minimum seat size for airlines, and beginning next week, they’ll be opening a 90-day public feedback period. Let’s give them an EARFUL.

Please spread this post!

The feedback portal, once it’s activated, can be accessed here:

In case you don’t know, airlines have been making their seats smaller and smaller for many years now to try to get as many fares as possible out of each flight. Most airline seats are only 16 inches wide. It’s estimated that only 20% of the population can comfortably fit in a seat that size.

That means the VAST majority of people either can’t utilize air travel at all or do so in a state of great physical and emotional discomfort or outright pain.

If you think this doesn’t affect you... I would say it doesn’t affect you *yet* but I know for sure that it actively harms people you know and love. So you should care.

Preparing for air travel is one of the biggest issues I work on with clients. Most of my clients experience severe anxiety and/or panic attacks for days, weeks, or months leading up to a flight. The painfully small seats and all of the many problems that come with them are the main reason why.

This is something I’ve experienced many times. I’ve had full blown panic attacks leading up to flights and on flights because I felt so claustrophobic, was in intense pain because the arm rests were cutting into my hips, and the seats are so small that my body inevitably intrudes on the space of others and I can feel their anger toward me even though I have done literally nothing wrong.

So if you think you don’t know anyone who his affects, you do. It’s me.

So save that link and make a comment next week.


@dadhoc is 6'8" tall, with broad shoulders to match. Me? I'm just fat. I've never been on a plane without discomfort, and flying is excruciating for them.

Please - take 5m to fill this out.


I am all of 4ft11 tall (150cm for the metric folk), my feet don't reach the floor in plane seats. I once had a flight where MY knees brushed the seat in front of me

The direct link to submit comments is here:

They DO NOT CARE about customer comfort and will discard comments about “comfort.”  They are asking about SAFETY DURING EMERGENCY EVACUATIONS so please try to direct your comments in that way.  However, I think being in terrible pain and having seats that leave bruises on your body should qualify as impeding safety and told them so. 

5 August 2022

88 days left to comment