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The thing about the “you wear fine things well” scene is like. Let’s take this from Ed’s perspective.

You’re the meanest sonofabitch on the seven seas. Everybody knows your name. You reputation alone can win the day before you even fire a shot.

And you are fuckin bored.

So bored that the instant you get wind of some weirdo who appears to not be even a little impressed by you, you run to meet him. And by god, the first thing he says to you and your lustrous black beard is: “Do you work for Blackbeard?”

It immediately rotates your worldview. “Never thought of it like that before. Yeah, I suppose I do.”

But then he tells you about retirement. And you think, yeah. Yeah, actually, that sounds great. How do I do that?

Well, a fuckery of course! A good one, too. Something worthy of Blackbeard, with a tiger or something. But the important part is that there’s a corpse—the corpse of a man you made sure is similar enough to you in height and build to wear your clothes.

So now you’ve got a plan. You’re great at plans! And all you have to do is learn how to be a fancy ponce so you can go live the fancy ponce retirement of your dreams. Easy as that. How hard can it be to learn how to use silverware?

But it all goes wrong, doesn’t it? Catastrophically wrong. You struggle with the basics because you panic, and when’s the last time you panicked? Then you’re laughed out of a room by people who would wet themselves if they knew who you really are, and it occurs to you, suddenly, miserably, that if you go through with this, if you choose this life, you will never have that crutch again, because Blackbeard will be dead.

Worst of all, though, is the blooming doubt that this is what you want. This glittering world is meant to be your scrap of silk writ large. You’re not sure if it is, any more. You’re not sure if a world like that exists.

Now what?

Well. Now, along comes this silly man. You wrote him off as naïve because why else would he ever want to be a part of your world? Why would he claim he wanted to be “like Blackbeard” when he has his secret passages and model ships and summer linens? But you’ve seen what he’s running away from, now. You’ve seen he’s as much a master of that world as you are of yours. And you feel understood. You feel like an equal.

So when he tells you in the moonlight that you belong with that piece of silk, and it belongs with you, you believe, suddenly, that there’s a place in the middle, between your worlds, where you’re still yourself but you wear silk and eat marmalade and talk to handsome men in the moonlight. And Stede fits there, too.

Goddamn beautiful

Edward Teach knows who he is. i think this might be a bit controversial in the analysis perspective, because the idea of Edward teach, fractured identity, doesn't know who he is, is pretty prevalent, but i think this comes from a fundamental lack of familiarity with the experience of being non-white in white society.

what Ed struggles with is the ability to find a landing zone where he can stop code switching. sure, Ed is a social chameleon and changes things up depending on who he's with, but this is a common strategy for people of color in survival mode - managing expectations, experiences, and presentation are essential for not just surviving but thriving in a white world, and that's what we see with Ed -

he's Blackbeard the charismatic celebrity pirate when he first meets the crew because he's putting on the job. he's Jeff the Accountant when he's trying out finer things and high society. he's Blackie with Calico Jack, his oldest living tie to the past, a man who went through hell with him in their youth and a man who clearly thrives on high adrenaline high aggression masculinity. at the end of season 1, he's the Kraken for Izzy, pouring on the danger to keep a known liability at bay (Izzy has betrayed him twice, now. Izzy is a liability) and this isn't a sign of fractured identity, this is a sign of a man who has never been able to show all of himself to anyone and be accepted, and a man who knows he must be in community with others to survive.

no pirate stands alone. you're in a crew, you're a captain, you're a first mate, you're something to someone at all times. Ed can't be on his own if he wants to survive as a pirate, which is all he knows, but he also can't find peace as a pirate, because he isn't known. its not that he doesn't know who he is. he's all of these identities.

it's that it isn't until he meets Stede that he finds a place where he can show all of himself. That's why they bond so closely - they're able to connect because they have common interests. Because Stede isn't scared of Ed, and when he learns more about him he's curious, he asks questions, he shares. Ed is able to relax and share more of himself, to the point that when he panics, he shares too much. He gets nervous. That's why he wants to leave in episode 7 - he has shown too much and they haven't talked about and Ed hasn't been that vulnerable with anyone in a long time.

But then Lucius helps him see that Stede likes him, that Stede is doing this whole outing for him, that everything is good, and he's settled again. And then in episode 8, he's nervous again, because he codeswitched to hang out with Calico Jack, to enjoy some of the old bygone times, and without the context of the conversation Stede and Calico Jack had and the context of Stede's background, he's left to assume that Stede has seen that Ed isn't classy and doesn't like him anymore. So he backs off.

But he comes back, and knowing himself and what he wants is why Ed can walk away from his whole life to be with Stede. Because he knows himself and what he wants. He starts the season knowing himself and what he wants and how he feels - Ed's arc in the first season is not about finding himself but about opening up, settling into his skin, and understanding where he wants to go next. Stede's arc is coming to terms with what he's done, and then finally gaining base knowledge of himself. Stede and Ed are on totally different levels throughout the season, because Ed knows who he is. He just doesn't know how to navigate to where and who he wants to be next.

So all of this said? At the end of the finale, Ed loses sight of who he is. He regresses and falls back because it's easier to be feared than laughed at, and because Stede has broken his heart and Izzy has made it clear that no one will ever stand by all of him, so he might as well be the self that still has people.

But Stede didn't reject Ed. Stede ran for his own reasons. Which means when he comes back to Ed, when he fights his way back to Ed, he's not going to be all, oh darling I can help you sort out your identity. He'll be like oh my fearsome darling, you really are beautiful as he looks at Ed's frankly terrifying visage (or exhausted visage, who knows how long it will have been since this man took a nap) and he's going to be fully accepting of who Ed is. Because Stede knows and loves Ed for who he is. He's seen him violent. He's seen him aggressive. He's seen him vulnerable, soft, sweet, sorrowful, overjoyed. He knows Ed.

When Stede comes, he won't be fixing Ed. It's not Stede's place to fix Ed. It's Stede's job to walk beside Ed, and be at his side, (and apologize) and navigate with him the pitfalls and ups for their relationship, and continue to be the first person that Ed Teach could ever be all of himself with.



I have no words - this is complete without addition!


How to save pure, virginal GIF from Tumblr and send to fuck WEBP.

As many people already know, they are imposing on us now a rather uncomfortable and smelly file format WEBP Who wants to know the details, paste “WEBP” in the Tumblr search bar, now not about that.

How save pure GIF in Chrome? More on this below:

  1. Open GIF which you want to download in NEW TAB (right click - “Open pic in new tab”) - we will need a direct link to this image.
  2. In the address bar you will see the full path to the file, ending with letters .gifv
  3. Delete the letter “V” from .gifv in adress bar and replace with “?“ sign, after that press “Enter“ - page needs to be refreshed!
  4. Right click on picture and choice “Save pic as…”, in windows explorer - on the line with the file name, add at the end .gif and save your PURE GIF FILE!

*This way worked for me on Chrome, hope it works for you too. 

Below I have made images for those, whose brains cannot boast of their size:

And now I’m going to sleep because you bored me to death, I hope I won’t see you againю :-D


This may be the most important thing you learn this year. Life? Probably.


David Jenkins: I have a really good memory… it was the last shot of the series and we were shooting it outside and we had to run to get it, and Rhys is in the shot and it felt like there were just like three of us down at the beach. We all had to run down [to get it] and it’s like sunset, and it felt like we were making a student film.

Taika Waititi: Yeah, you were like directing it and I was helping Rhys get in the [boat].

David Jenkins: That was magic. (x)

Barbie in the newest movie looks like if Elsa from Frozen was in Mass Effect

Don’t ask me why I know this.

i thought this was a constable frozen edit


Apparently the plot for this movie is that all the stars are dying and barbie needs to find a way to stop the universe succumbing to a cold dark end which is honestly more terrifying than a lot of actual scifi


Barbie and the heat death of the universe

are you telling me that barbie STOPS the heat death of the universe?

i see that the barbie people have finally picked up on what stories little girls actually play out with their toys

So a few weeks ago I photoshopped the Ark Guy (this guy vvv)

into a few more Good Omens scenes. Go and take a look at it. @lifewithoutcosette commented Ark Guy would never break up Crowley and Aziraphale's almost-kiss-moment like Mary Loquacious did so I decided to make up with a little comic :)

Edit 14/August/2019: My second Ark Guy comic.