Alt-right? More like alt-wrong amiright boys

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Red, 23, Choleric. I can and will unfollow you for posting about Fri*nds

so sad that we are surrounded by birds and most ppl dont even look at them. how can you look at the beloved pigeon and not admire its stupid little waddle and delightful little rump? how can you see the humble house sparrow and not be enraptured by its adorable little cap and splendid black bib? how can you see a seagull and not admire it’s size (very big when you think about it) and it’s tenacity in targeting humans, the most obnoxious and dangerous of all gods creatures? open your eyes 


i hope the debate over whether or not it was misogynistic for bernie sanders to wear a coat continues for at least another three days


A high profile Jewish woman slated to have considerable legislative power in the US Senate would not have been able to roll up to her primary rival's inauguration with messy hair, no makeup, and a "practical" winter coat without being torn apart by her colleagues and the media.

Please read one (1) book on feminist theory please.

Oh you mean like janet yellen, old ass jewish woman and former chair of the federal reserve?

Anyway, get used to this. Anything perceived as less than completely reverential of Kamala Harris is going to be called misogyny for the next four years. That doesn't just mean criticism of this administration; it's going to extend to the way people fucking dress around her, someone perhaps not smiling convincingly enough. This is what #girlboss feminism has gotten.

The solution to “our society demands women put in way more effort into how they look” isn’t “how come this 80 year old dude isn’t freezing himself half to death during a pandemic for equality”

If ur feminist hot take is "everyone needs to suffer as I have suffered" you need to read one (1) book on feminist theory.

if 'old man wear coat' is the most misogynist thing you can think of on a day we elected a man who's committed >1 sexual assault, your feminist theory is not liberatory.


Since there’s so many dudes confused about how to ask out women.... if you’re a decent man & you want to ask a woman you don’t know out on a date in a non threatening manner, let me help you with literally the easiest way that most women will appreciate (this honestly stands true for if you’re a person who wants to ask a person you don’t know out, but like men especially).

Give her your number.

That’s it, that’s the whole trick. No Houdini. No weird conman games! Just walk up to her and say “hi I’m a person with a name, and I can’t help noticing how beautiful/kind/adjective you are. This is my phone number, if you’re free sometime I would love to take you out for coffee”. Then leave. And leave it at that. Compliment: given. Phone number: given. Interaction: complete.

I literally promise you, for a majority of single women, the most cool thing is a compliment & being hit on & being left alone all in one interaction. like trust me on this.

Also don’t get pissy if they don’t call you. You aren’t owed any reciprocation for your feelings from a stranger or even a close friend.

Yes this is true. A few minutes of conversation, if she’s engaged, is fine. Then you can say, “I’m sure you’re in the middle of something. But I’m name, here’s my number if you want to go out some time.” And then leave. If she wants to keep talking, she can tell you she’s not actually busy or whatever. But it goes a long way to show that you see and respect her boundaries. Wayyyyyyy more likely to get a response than trying to convince her to give you her number.


i keep telling myself i can’t handle longer projects but in the last four days i wrote 23,377 words just totally by the seat of my pants

This is the Good Post of seat-of-your-pants inspiration, reblog so you too may add 23,377 words to your WIP without a single moment of hesitation or self-doubt

Bursts like this are like


This queen is rocking a cute outfit while her matching purse is being carried for her.

We love to see it.

that’s actually a boy tortoise! his name is Bon-chan and i love him he has to wear those cute dresses so he doesn’t get too chilly also he’s in his early 20s so even tho that’s around his max size he’s still quite a young boy! the purse is full of treats btw

I always roll my eyes at posts about what "true punk" is/was and how it was always a left-wing thing because, like, the Sex Pistols were on of the first popular punk rock bands and they were recognized right from the start as posers who had no coherent politics beyond trying to shock people

"Nazi Punks Fuck Off" would have not been a necessary statement if Nazi punks were not a very real thing and a very real part of the punk scene, just sayin'

You literally cannot be a Nazi Punk tho. You're either a Nazi, or you're Punk. Punk has ALWAYS been about kindness and freedom and making things better. Punk is about hope. Punk is about being so angry about injustices that you are going to start a fight over it. Being a Nazi goes against everything that Punk stands for and the two cannot coexist within a single movement.

Punk has ALWAYS been about kindness and freedom and making things better.

No it hasn’t! This is literally exactly the kind of ahistorical take on punk that drives me off the wall, and you’re exactly the kind of person I was vagueing about!

Punk hasn’t always been about freedom, from the start it was being subversive, and what exactly punk was trying to subvert has always been extremely broad and open to interpretetion by different groups!

The Ramones were conservatives. The Sex Pistols had no intended political message beyond being offensive and their frontman supports Trump now. These initial groups were not acting to make a statement about freedom or kindness but to push against the increasing conformity, cleanliness, and smooth production of mainstream rock music. That did not necessarily entail standing up for freedom or left-wing causes. Of the initial “big three” old-school punk bands, The Clash were the only ones that were politically progressive!

Lots of punks in the 80s wore Nazi armbands for the express purpose of being shocking and offensive to mainstream sensibilities because that is what punk was about. And soon enough, the “ironically edgy” Nazi punks gave way to actual goddamned Nazis in punk. Fuck, have you even heard of Skrewdriver? Do you even know that Nazi punks were the reason that “skinhead” became modern shorthand for “neo-Nazi?”

It’s not possible to deny punk to fascists by is by playing “no true Scotsman.” All that does is make it easier to pretend they’re not there, and not a real problem. If you want to tell the Nazi punks to fuck off, you have to first acknowledge that they have a deep history in punk, and you have to face that reality and confront it! You can’t just bury your head in the sand and pretend the problem isn’t real.

my favourite artstyle is lesbians in old italy


y’all know what im saying


Just gals being pals. Owning a cat and raising kids. No homosexuality here, Mr Pope!