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security called me at work today and told me they saw me outside chasing a frog around on the security cameras. i wasnt in trouble they just wanted to let me know they saw me. i didn’t catch him.


So my psychiatrist wanted me to take an IQ test and I wasn’t really sure why, the dude is pretty eccentric but I suppose it’s for demographic purposes and you’ll never fuckin guess what I got

OP don’t leave us in suspense

“jk it was 158″

I’m not sure if that tag is itself a joke or not but 158 it already an incredibly high iq.  You better not be pulled our collective legs here.


No that was the score I got. I’ve taken IQ tests before in high school and was always around 140. It’s just logical intelligence, though. Not social, not artistic, not really even book smarts. It’s basically a score of how good you are at problem solving and isn’t really indicative of your overall intelligence. Honestly I consider myself in all other aspects to be of average intelligence. I have problems with social queues as well and problems retaining information.

also rmemeber the fact that op is a literal fucking astrophysicist. i fucking hope they have an iq like that.


That’s a good point lol I’m good at physics but like….. can’t work an oven and I’m not allowed to use weedwhackers

“Not allowed to use weedwhackers”…plz elaborate


They move fast and cut things including ankles and shins

this is a wonderful post because it shows that people can be a fucking genius but it won’t guarantee they’ll be good at everything

Considered to be extinct in Portugal a bearded vulture has been seen for the first time in over 100 years. | Photo: Francesco Veronesi | #conservation #fieldwork #endangered #endangeredspecies #wildlife #wildlifeconservation #animals #endextinction #science #biologist #hope #ConservationOptimism #KeyConservation Read more here: https://buff.ly/2A8cIoz

Let me tell you about my panda mini-washer

As an apartment dweller, this is a game changer. My current apartment doesn’t have a laundry facility and the closest Laundromat about a 30 min bus ride which is just not practical. The mini-washer is a life saver

The panda mini washer hooks up to the sink, is incredibly lightweight (about 28 pounds, so light even I can lift it) and easy to use. 

It has a surprisingly large capacity. The basket from the first picture represents about one and a half loads. The jeans took up a whole load while the rest filled the bin only half way. 

Here’s the inside. The left is the washer the right is the spin dryer. Yes, it even drys.

Basically you shove your cloths into the washer, fill it up with water and let it go. I use my shower head to fill it up so it goes faster, the sink hook up took about five minutes to fill the whole tub, with the shower head is is down to a minute an a half. I do it in three wash cycles, a five minute rinse with baking soda, a five minute wash with soap and a three minute rinse with water. You have to drain and refill between each cycle so it’s a little more labor intensive than a traditional washer. 

That’s the spin dryer. It’s about half the capacity of the washer so one wash takes about two loads to dry. The spinner is much more effective than I was expecting. A three minute spin gets my cloths about 90% dry. I hang them up to air dry for that last 10%. 

The machine cost me about 150$. When you factor in two dollars for the bus, five for the machines (per week), the mini-washer pays for its self after only about six months worth of laundry. 

I’m not great at expressing emotion, but I’m hoping you can tell how excited I am.  Let me just say that the panda mini-washer is great and I highly recommend it to anyone currently using a Laundromat.  


Read this and immediately bought it on Amazon for $180. I spend $15 a week to have my laundry done so this pays for itself in 3 months for me. THANK YOU JESUS.


@ all my nyc pendejas

Oh by the way, they have table top dishwashers that are pretty much the same thing:

This is one of the biggest technological breakthroughs for the everyday homeowner in the current decade: the realization that refrigerators aren’t the only things that can be miniaturized for better affordability and minimal space requirements.

Can you IMAGINE how this is going to change the lives of college students and apartment-dwellers? Or anyone with a lower income who can’t afford a place with “luxury” appliances like dishwashers and laundry machines?

There’s an even cheaper option called the Wonder Wash where you tumble the thing yourself and you’ll have to line-dry the clothes, but it apparently works very well.


As an apartment dweller, I want to spread this.


Save a life