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what is the opposite of a blorbo. like a character you hate so fucking much for no reason really you just cannot stand them and seeing them triggers rage. you want them dead. what’s the silly goofy word for that


actually yeah. barfo sounds right.

i would like to know everyone’s barfos please tell me

This piece of transphobic, abusive, sociopathic trash right here is the ultimate Barfo.

“You break the rules, you become the hero.  I do it and I become the enemy.  That doesn’t seem fair.”



WANDA, honey, literally every time you fuck up you have the “heroes” crying, “Aww, you poor sweet baby, you’ve been through so much, you can do whatever you want.”

When people fuck up and hurt people, whether intentional or not, they have to face the consequences of their actions, and most of the time, try to do better. Wanda Maximoff has not only never faced any consequences, but is constantly absolved of any guilt by the characters of the MCU and the fans.

It’s absolutely fucking insanity.

To make it even more insulting, this line was presumably written by the same guy who chose to villain-code Loki in his own show; retcon his motivations into being a power-hungry narcissist who betrays everyone he meets instead of a victim of centuries of neglect and emotional abuse who was pushed over the edge by the revelation that he was kidnapped as an infant and lied to his entire life by the parents he loved, before then surviving a suicide attempt and falling into the hands of a genocidal cult that brainwashed (implied), threatened (onscreen) and tortured (onscreen and implied) him into compliance; and have the evil™ literally and figuratively beaten out of him.

so a character who’s been held perpetually accountable by the narrative and never been allowed to forget he’s a villain™ for a single second gets six full episodes of torture and insults in his own show. and a character who’s never been held accountable for a single thing gets to… whine about accountability. okay.


Why is the MCU and two thirds of the fanbase trying to gaslight me into remembering the first two thor movies and avengers 2012 differently

Na-huh people I know what I watched and it wasn't a bunch of clowns in bad lighting and walmart costumes. Go rewatch phase one at least sillies

Pirates of the Caribbean/Skyrim Mashup by flipboit4midles.
(Bask in the awesomeness of this.)







i literally threw my computer across the loveseat when i heard this. its so epicly beautiful.


Excuse me, I have to go embark on a quest. I don’t know to what end but I have a ferocious need to be a badass. 


Play this on a loop at my funeral.


I feel the immense need to go beat up shit again.


brb guys. im off to save the world. 

I got COVID and while in quarantine, I watched way too much FMA. In the good old tradition of hopeless fangirling, I laser focused on the worst character in the entire series, I mean duh.

Initially I planned for the background to be full of unnecesary details and easter eggs, but later I realized that 1. life is short, 2. I lack the skill and 3. it looked kinda bad. So I reduced it to those dark shadows in the back.

If you are reading this and begin to feel that you are gazing upon the work of a first class hack, then yes, you are correct. P.S. to all the Zolf J. Kimblee stans out there: you’re welcome guys P.S. 2: to the same: my headcanon is that Kimblee writes music, if you think otherwise, fight me.

P.S. 3: to self: WHY do I always try to draw things I obviously can’t draw well (HANDS, argh) and that semi-realistic style of mine is not helping at all P.S. 4: I rewatched / re-read all of FMA a few times over with little break, now I have a nervous reaction of clapping my hands at everything please send help P.S. 5: I rewatched the old FMA 2003 and it was a surprisingly enjoyable experience, although I didn’t remember all that filler. It’s cute

Shut up, Loki

How many times is Loki told to shut up in his own show? As soon as Mobius meets him, he taunts Loki for being “talky-talky.” And despite Mobius’ stated interest in learning what makes Loki tick, he impatiently cuts him off when Loki geeks out about the difference between illusion projection and duplication casting (which made my nerdy ass love him even more), or chatters about strategies for dealing with a trickster. And of course there’s the scene in the time-loop torture chamber where Mobius asks Loki whether he cares for Sylvie, then deadass tells him to shut up when he tries to answer. Mobius pretends to be a sympathetic ear, but his actions suggest otherwise. He’s not interested in Loki for Loki’s sake; Mobius uses him as a tool first to catch Sylvie, and then to discover the truth about the TVA. Otherwise, shut up Loki.

Sylvie’s even worse. Her enchantees in Roxxcart mock Loki (”you sure do love to hear yourself talk”), and she tells him to pipe down idk how many times on Lamentis. Even when they reach the Citadel – despite all they’ve been through together – she tells him to shut up when he gently asks if she’s ok. Loki’s variants shush him in the Void (although to be fair they’re worried about attracting Alioth), and even He Who Remains chides him for “all that t-t-t-talking” (which is especially ironic given that HWR is in the middle of an extremely long-winded monologue about the multiverse). It’s a constant theme: shut up, Loki. You’re not important. This isn’t your story. It’s not about you. 

And in the finale when Loki’s trying to get through to Sylvie, begging her to listen, she deflects and accuses and taunts. His sincerity is heartbreaking, his vulnerability endearing, and she’s having none of it. He’s desperately trying to be heard but it means fuck-all to her. Shut up, Loki. Nobody’s listening. Nobody cares.

Funny thing is, Loki never struck me as the garrulous type. In early scenes of Thor1, he’s quiet and observant. He offers no resistance when shushed by Thor or Odin. His outburst in the vault scene is so uncharacteristic and shocking that Odin has to take a nap. (That’s some weaksauce parenting right there, dude.) One gets the impression that speaking his mind is a new thing for Loki, post-Jotunheim. Even after ascending the throne, he’s not particularly loquacious – his words seem carefully chosen and on point. Ok, he’s admittedly a bit mouthy in Avengers – as articulate villains are wont to be – but even there he isn’t exactly a chatterbox. His verbosity in the Loki show seems to have been constructed just to give the other characters an excuse to dismiss and belittle him. Shut up, Loki. Your ideas are useless. Your words have no value.

And you know what’s sad? I suspect Loki is used to being ignored. Ever wonder why he brought Frost Giants into Asgard on Thor’s coronation day, instead of just going to Odin and Frigga and saying “Hey I love Thor but he’s a numbskull and I don’t think he’s ready to rule”? Or why he made no attempt to explain himself when he faced Odin at the beginning of TDW? Like, “I did some shitty things but to be fair I was tortured and mind-controlled by this scary grapeface dude.” Why not say something?

Loki knew that no one would listen to him, because no one ever did. One thing about being the family scapegoat: people assume the worst about you, and nothing you say will dissuade them. And somewhere along the way, Loki gave up. He may have had a bit of fun calling out Odin’s hypocrisy and Thor’s bad judgement, but he knew that his words – however perceptive they may be – would be disregarded. It didn’t matter what he said; nothing was ever going to change. As he tells Thor in Ragnarok, “Open communication was never our family’s forte.”

Loki doesn’t fare much better in the show. He’s traded his dysfunctional, indifferent family for dysfunctional “friendships” (using that term very loosely here) with people who have no interest in hearing him. He’s bullied, belittled, and literally beaten down – and yet he somehow finds the strength to get up and keep going in the end. Some might call this character growth, but Loki has always been resilient. This isn’t a new thing. Despite all his losses and his trauma, Loki manages to forge a path for himself. No one is going to lift him up or comfort him. He remains alone and unheard.

Loki resonates with those of us who are different, marginalized, devalued – whether it’s because we’re neurodivergent, or queer, or simply prefer to do our own thing. He’s the patron saint of outcasts: we who feel ostracized and othered simply for being our authentic selves. We know how it feels to be silenced.

Loki, find people who appreciate you, who want to hear what you have to say. You are worthy of respect and love. Your trauma is valid. How are you feeling? Are you ok? Come sit down, tell us everything. We’re listening.


It’s especially perverse because not only is Loki quiet in Thor 2011, but the fact that he is quiet and when he dos try to speak he is silenced, is intentionally highlighted by the film. It’s a key part of his character. It’s an important part of his simmering anger and also why he does what he does in thew way that he does it. But I guess Mike wouldn’t know or care given that he never watched Thor 2011 and seems to actively hate Loki. Literally the first Loki Series trailer had Loki being silenced and mocked. And it was all downhill from there. 


Disney: Loki is evil and has no legitimate grievances and also is a huge joke and we should laugh at him and his misfortunes. He’s just a whiny backstabber who makes way too big a deal out of having been lied to, manipulated, used, robbed of his heritage, taught to hate his own race, overshadowed, silenced, disrespected, ignored, tortured, imprisoned without trial, and scapegoated. He just needs to grow up and stop complaining and learn to be better. Smh. 

Also Disney: How DARE you judge Cruella?! Some people?? skin puppies??? to cope????