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I dream of Loki and cats

every YA author with straight hair who writes curly-haired characters and has them brush/comb their hair DRY is going to the same circle of hell for the incalculable damage they've done to the kids who took that at face value


this should literally be illegal to publish

How much of a problem could is possibly be? People have been brushing out their curly hair for thousands of years. Yes it gets frizzy, but then you just add some scented oils or just plain olive oil for some moisture and you’re fine. It certainly doesn’t harm the growth of one’s hair

Plus, yeah brushing out one’s curls doesn’t seem like the brightest idea now, brushing out one’s hair one or twice a day was an important part of keeping it clean. Curly haired people had to do it, so they did and the were fine

My point being, why is such a big deal? Is it because it won’t keep the curls intact? Because that’s fair


how straight is your hair


Tom Hiddleston and Chris Hemsworth in ‘The Avengers’, (2012). Dir. Joss Whedon.


There are things I still love about Whedon’s Thor, even though he was often caricatured to be a buffoon; more often than not that buffoonery was actually an excessive eagerness to befriend strangers and protect the innocent, and a brash lack of practice at diplomacy … . and there was a softness in Thor, a genuine selfless valor, that I missed in later scripts.  

This scene was one of the reasons I loved Whedon!Thor, both in Assemble and Age of Ultron. Now, this isn’t my original observation: again, someone made it years back, in 2012, and I remember loving it.  I can’t remember the url but again it’s important to me not to take credit for meta that wasn’t originally my own. Anyway the crux of that meta was that in this scene, Thor is aware enough of Loki’s frantic need to exact revenge, and instead of continuing to fight against the glass Hulk cage, Thor stands and stares, very sadly, very woundedly at his little brother, and resolves to ALLOW Loki the narrative Loki needs to achieve emotional resolution. He does not struggle against being dropped to from the Helicarrier.  He steps back, LOOKS UP, and  lets Loki have his taunting victory.  

Interestingly, even through the mental and emotional perversion of the Mind Gem, it works. 

Because milliseconds later: 


Tell me that’s not a face of conflict and ambivalence. I dare you. 

When Tom knew how to act like Loki

No, Loki is not to blame for the chaos in the multiverse:

... it was Sylvie. It was all Sylvie's doing.


Did people who say Loki caused the chaos in the multiverse, even watch the show they defend?

"But its his fault cos he didnt stop her..."


No matter what he does, you people call him villain and blame him for everything. Only when he dies you all suddenly mourn and say he deserved better.

Yeah, it's true and really fucked up that these people only truly care when he's dead. Wtf is up with that...?

mobius @ loki: “Everywhere you go, it’s just death, destruction, the literal end of worlds”
odin @ loki: “Wherever you go there is war, ruin and death.”
Loki who didn’t willingly attack New York, took the space stone bc the avengers were messing with time, spent 1000 years pre-Thor 1 managing Thor’s violent tendencies, hasn’t caused ragnarok in this timeline: if reality broken. then why still being blamed. why scapegoat. hm? what changed? if different timeline, what chaNGED?

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Gray Sweatpants

Alright, so I got the idea from this post here by the lovely @loopsisloops and I could not get it out of my head, so here it is in all its glory. Your boyfriend Loki is staying the night at your place for the first time, but he didn't tell you what he had packed to sleep in.

This wasn’t the first time you had spent the night with Loki, you had been dating for a bit now, but this was the first time that he would be staying in your apartment and something about having a literal god in your small little space was intimidating; surely he would be used to more extravagant accommodations than this. Your nerves were all over the place as you worried about it being enough.


Look, I know I write Loki as some sort of dominate sultry sex god most of the time, and I still like to think he is, but if I'm being truly honest this man right here...
...is a romantic at heart ❤ ♥
  • He would recite to you his favorite poetry and passages from leather-bound books that are ridiculously beautiful and remind him of you
  • He would take you to quiet gardens and fields of flowers that are unknown to most, but more amazing than anything you'd ever known
  • He would sit under the brilliant stars with you and point out constellations that are his favorite before admiring your beauty against their light
  • He would sneak into your room in the middle of the night and talk in hush whispers, revealing secrets to you he has never shared with another soul
  • He would hand write you intricate love notes, dozens and dozens of them, and leave them in places only you could find like a little surprise
  • He would buy you flowers and little gifts whenever he thought of you, which was constantly and especially if it was something he saw you admiring
  • He would make any and every excuse to kiss you, no matter if you were in public or private, and they would be so gentle and sweet and full of emotion that you would melt in his hands
  • His hand would constantly be in yours as he would love the feeling of your fingers laced with his, not to mention when he would get anxious it would help ground him
  • He would seek you out after a hard day, holding you tightly in his arms as you would be the only thing that would bring him immediate comfort
  • You would be his best friend, his lover, his confidante and he would be the exact same for you

I could go on, but you get my point. This man has his many sides and one of them is soft and gentle, especially towards his love.

Yes yes yes!!!!


People who think that Loki really wanted to conquer Earth and that ge just didn't succeed, are you serious? This guy became a king of Asgard in few minutes, no one even knew that he stole the throne, and he did it after being almost killed by the dark elves. He didn't even need army for it. He wanted - he got it. And then people say that he "wasn't smart enough to conquer Earth"? Huh?

I'm surely not the only person who liked all 4 Thor movies, right? I think all 4 did things right and did things wrong. Not gonna hate anyone for their opinion on the movies. But that Loki was used as some kind of cash grab after it was shown that he is a favourite has always been evident. Looking at comics is all the evidence you need for that.

Anyway, I think Loki should have gotten his own movie series like most of the others. Just movies alongside their movies. Movies where we eyplore Loki, his side, his story, his heritage, his powers and his mischief. Not not a show that baited us with comic stuff in the trailers, but then watered Loki down to nothing and used him as set up for the TVA and the Multiverse. Pure cash grab on the shoulders of the beloved character they killed off in the most humiliating and traumatizing way for show value about Thanos, only to bring him back like this.

What was the point of having Loki conjure a "blanket"/tablecloth?

Specifically, what was the point of having Loki conjure a tablecloth type material as opposed to, you know, an actual blanket?

Is it just to give Sylvie one more thing to look down her nose at him over as he tries to do something kind?

Is it to make Loki look so bad at magic he can't even conjure the correct object he wants?

Is it to make Loki seem so awkward and goofy he's just messing up all over the place because he's so smitten with Sylvie?

Is it to make Loki seem so weird and out of touch he doesn't even know what a blanket is? (so much for him being a spoiled prince then? A prince would have some familiarity with blankets, surely?)

I just can't think of any reason to write this tablecloth BS into the script that isn't intended to make Loki look bad and make Sylvie seem "better" as she belittles his efforts to be kind to her.

Unless of course the writers knew in advance that they wouldn't be able to use an actual blanket (no budget for real props, after all, gotta keep those costs down) so they swiped a tablecloth from a restaurant nearby and just went with it.

Why the hell did two frost giants need a blanket anyway? I mean, it can't be that cold.

Yes it’s so sweet how ashamed and defeated Loki looks after Sylvie told him to shut up and made it abundantly clear that she doesn’t give a shit about him or what he thinks. This is so disgusting I’m literally gonna puke


Listen. I have been in relationships like this. There is nothing sweet about it. The way he looks down and doesn't say another word? That is a horrible feeling, especially if you think you love the other person. The worst part is, the longer you stay with that person, the more you lose yourself. First it's your self worth (as if Loki ever had any to begin with), then you lose little pieces of your personality that they don't like. You try so hard to fit their mold, but you never will. You'll never be good enough. Eventually, they'll either leave you for someone "better," and you'll beat yourself up over and over again for not being perfect. Or worse, they'll stay and you will disappear completely. They will kill everything about you until you no longer recognize yourself.