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My Print stores

I’m often asked if I have prints for sale so I’m going to pop this up here so people can see I do have a shop or two for prints, and more.

I have an INPRNT ♥


Thanks to all who ask, and for all who support me by buying my stuff. It’s as always hugely appreciated.♥

Hi all.

Quick message to say I'm not online much right now. My mum was rushed to the hospital the other day. She's fine at the moment, is going to be home soon and is being monitored. But to make things worse I've caught covid, probably from the hospital despite being masked and anti bac-ed up. So I wanted to say sorry to everyone I owe messages to and the lovely folks who have said great things about my art. Hopefully things will be back to normal soon and I can be back drawing and saying hello to my friends and new followers. 

For those who asked about my new piece as a print. I've put it up on Inpnt and Redbubble. Fingers crossed it stays on Redbubble as they've been cracking down on Stranger things art. I've had an Eddie piece taken down already.

When you both survive to 1987, and your boyfriend takes you to see the hottest new rock act in town. Then feels jealous because his other half is crushing on the guitarist HARD.

‘That better be a packet of lifesavers in your pocket, Munson.’

‘I admit nothing.’

Anonymous asked:

Do you ever take commissions?

Unfortunately not right now. I'm a bit busy at the moment so I don't have the time. Though I would love to do so in the future. I just don't know what to charge, and that's always held me back from doing them. I Have no idea what my art or time is worth????

I just found out about your book and I’m really bummed i missed it by three days. Will there be any future order options? The link won’t even show me your Etsy store to sign up for future alerts.


Hi! I do hope to do more in the future. I felt bad for closing it so quickly. But I've had nothing but trouble with Etsy. Like putting 75% of my profits in reserve for 45-90 days after a ceratin amount of sales. That's why I closed it so early so I didnt get more sales in reserve, and could pay to print the books. Not to mention the fees Etsy charge are huge. I'll be looking into other places like BigCartel which look more user friendly to small sellers. I'll hopefully be offering them again as soon as I know my Etsy sales get to people safely. I just cant say when right now. But thanks for asking.

gaten saying dustin wouldn't pick between eddie and steve bc they both mean so much to him in different ways while also saying he doesn't understand the need to separate them since steve and eddie get along well and he thought that eddie and dustin would convince steve to join in a DnD campaign with them since it would be "his dream" while also saying that dustin likes that eddie is unashamedly himself and he thinks that steve likes it too and i. i need a moment

Anonymous asked:

Whilst I originally followed you for your absolutely wonderful Kylux art (thank you for posting it ;-; it's beautiful <3) and have never watched Stranger Things, your art is single handedly making me ship steddie^^;

I’m happy as Larry that you liked my Kylux works. I had a great time in the fandom and drawing them. Yay, I’m all for creating more Steddie shippers. I love Stranger Things as it has everything I adore from the 80's, horror, great characters, nostalgia, music and visuals. I really recommend it if you don’t mind the horror aspect. The characters are really all wonderful. I love Dustin, Steve, Max, Billy and now Eddie. Steve is a jock who has a wonderful redemption arc and becomes a (reluctant, well not really he just grumbles a lot about it ;D) babysitter, big brother and protector. And, Eddie in his first scene you think ‘Oh no not another asshole’. But, he’s just VERY passionate about DnD and loves to showboat and act out. Very theatrical is our Eddie. He's very sweet and passionate, and very much unapologetic about acting how he wants and is. Especially to Dustin who he supports to be his very self fully. And Dustin can be very Dustin. Haha, I’m rambling at you but I hope you give them a go as together they’ve great. Steves so Mr Grumpy and Jealous of Eddie's friendship with Dustin. And Eddie is Jealous right back and is very Mr Energetic and hella flirty. They make great dads to Dustin lol

Thank you Thank you Thank you for feeding us Steddie shippers with gorgeous art


Thank you for sending me such a lovely ask. I'll admit I've been feeling down about my work. I'm not sure it's a fandom fit and I'm terribly slow at drawing. But getting such awesome support helps me keep drawing Steddie ❤️


I’ll send all the lovely words your way anytime you need it. But that picture where Eddie is telling Steve to stay- took my breath away and I showed it to my friend in pure excitement 🤍 i hope you feel better soon 🤍🤍

You made my day with your ask as I love nothing more than feeding you guys. You do the same for me, feed my inspo. Oh I hope I can do more pics like that one. I love them having tender moments. They deserve it. I have an almost kiss pic nearly done so I'll try post that tomorrow ;)

Thank you ♥ I think I’m going through my annual doubting everything I do moment.

Thank you Thank you Thank you for feeding us Steddie shippers with gorgeous art


Thank you for sending me such a lovely ask. I'll admit I've been feeling down about my work. I'm not sure it's a fandom fit and I'm terribly slow at drawing. But getting such awesome support helps me keep drawing Steddie ❤️

I just found your blog and your artwork and I just have to tell you how much I ADORE your Steddie art. Truly gobsmacked, screeching like a pterodactyl, cannot get over it. Absolutely beautiful work, my dude.


Thank you. I love drawing the terrible twosome so much. It's getting to draw all that hair it's an artists dream 😁

‘Hello, Steve. Miss me?.’

Tell me, tell me the lies you're telling him when you Run away 'cause I wanna know Cause I, I'm sure it's killing him to find That you run to me when he lets you go 'Cause I'm burning, burning, burning up with fire So - come turn me on and turn the flames up higher - Wild Child W.A.S.P

Anonymous asked:

I didn't want to watch the new season (i already thought the one before was boring), but your art is making me seriously reconsider my stance.. it's so beautiful!!

I hope you give the new one a go. I loved the last one, but felt this one was much more emotional than the last. It delves more into the dreamlike horror of Nightmare on Elm Street this time, that was always a fave of mine. Eddie as a character really caught me up and whisked me away because he's not as he first appears. His scenes and him were a real delight. It seems the Duffers love to create characters we all fall for. And, Max really shines this season. As a tomboy in the 80s myself I adore her.

Thank you I really hope I can do more art. I'm very slow because of how I draw,realism isnt a kind style, so worry I dont draw enough. But, will keep cracking on as people have been absolutely lovely toward my stuff ♥

Anonymous asked:

Hi! I’m sure you’ve seen this by now but someone shared your art (with credit) on Twitter and people love it


Oh that's so cool to see people like it over there. I admit I've not been on twitter for ages (okay years) because I'm nervous about returning. But seeing this makes me think maybe I need to poke my head back in.

Anonymous asked:

imagining eddie attaching the chain from his pants to a loop on steve's when he isnt looking "oh nooo~ guess we have to stick close together~~~"

Ah, I love that. He'd totally get Steves grumpy side out for constantly finding himself towing a Metalhead around. 

‘God's Sake Munson, I'm trying to work here.’ ‘And I’m admiring the view. Whatcha going to do about it?.’ ‘Shut up and pick a Horror for tonight.’ ‘Oh, are we on a date, Harrington?.’ ‘Yeah, at Dustins.’ ‘That wasn't a no!. ‘Arghhh! Get your stupid chain out of my pants.’ ‘Is that an euphemism?.’ ‘OHMYGOD!’

But, he secretly loves the fact he’s so close to Eddie without having to admit he wants to be. We know it's going to escalate and Eddie's cuffs will come out to play ;P

Look what came yesterday!!!!!! I’m now busy packing them up and will get to printing out my labels. Then it’s to the post office all of next week to ship them out to you guys. My village post lady is going to LOVE me. I’ll be posting them in batches a day so it'll probably take me a week to get them all done. I can't say when you’ll get them. The UK may be a week, Europe a few weeks maybe, but the US and further will be much longer. But, any questions I’m here to help so don’t hesitate to poke me if anything is wrong. If it’s say taking months definitely get in touch and I’ll sort it out.

Thank you for the support and I hope you like them. To those who missed out this time I do intend to sell them again soon. I’m hoping Bigcartel is better than Etsy and will try them. I just need a break to make sure all these get to their homes first.

Sorry if there won't be much art for a week to. But getting these to their folks safe and sound is important. Not that I won't be thinking of art ideas and I have at least one finished.