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Favorite authors: Neil Gaiman, Alice Hoffman, George RR Martian
Favorite artist: Artemisia, Peter Paul Rubens, Salvador dali..

okay i know it's supposed to be tragic and all but when gay people ask their love interests to run away together with them without warning i kind of get why they always refuse. like. you want me to run away with you now? like right now? without even giving me time to pack my things? i need 3-5 business days' warning just to decide what pizza toppings i want when we order takeout you can't just do this to me


"all i need is you" my dearest beloved, light of my life, that's very sweet but i KNOW you're going to be complaining that we didn't bring any snacks for the road within 5 minutes of us leaving. now what do you want me to pick up while i'm at the store. and DON'T say just a kiss or something sappy like that be practical for fuck's sake. i love you.


one thing the “winter is better than summer” crowd will never have on us summer enjoyers is centuries of tradition wherein spring and summer is conflated with joy and rebirth and fall and winter is associated with depression and death


sounds like someone wasn’t invited to the winter solstice festival celebrating the arrival of the longest night of the year and signaling the end of the harvest where workers can enjoy the fruits of their labor with family and friends

my toxic trait is never tracking my periods so every 28 days i gaslight myself into thinking the world is ending when the pms symptoms hit me like a freight train