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Kil'ndar Deep Dungeons Static +1. They made me wear ears and take this Carbuncle family photo. My FC is full of Chaos Elementals. We have the mounts, too. It gets really hard to look at us. XD

my entire attitude towards nick fury has shifted completely and i’m so glad. like yah he was a badass before but now that we canonically know he’s the absolute softest person in the room, its so much better. he swooned over a cute kitty. he immediately acknowledged that it meant a lot to him that carol came back to save him even tho he had sorta sold her out. he instantly had sympathy for the skrulls and when talos was injured, called him “friend” despite knowing him for such a short amount of time. after seeing what an amazing pilot maria was, he offered her a position at shield w no hesitation. he took in the space cat that blinded him in one eye and let her stay in his office. he basically named the avengers initiative after carol. i’m just??? he’s a sweetheart and i love it. 


It also means that his dark and edgy facade that has been established over the past decade is really just him trying to look cool and not admit he lost his eye to a cat and thats the funniest shit ever

A dating service where matching is based on people’s search history exists. You’re a serial killer. You go on a date with a writer.

Serial Killer: metaphorically, if you were to kill someone, how would you do it?

Writer: Air shot between the toes, it’ll look like a heart attack.

Serial Killer who is obviously in love already: *sucks in a breath* ok


Writer: how long would it take to die if you were to potentially stab someone in the guts

Serial killer: anywhere from 2 to 30 minutes

Writer, already bringing a ring out: *shaking* thanks


A++ addition

Writer: *shows the serial killer the murder scene they’re writing* babe, i’m not sure if this would actually work?

Serial killer: *kisses writer on the forehead and leaves, comes back later, a suspicious scent of blood coming off them* it works baby, you’re doing great


Oh no, murder comedy is my jam

I love this, I love all of this, but quick question, does the author know? Like are they aware that their significant other is a serial killer or do they just think that they have a morbid sense of humor? It’d be even funnier if the author had no fucking clue, like how Aurthur Conan Doyle was apparently stupidly gullible, and on top of it they’re a horror or crime novelist. Like the serial killer works at a butcher shop or something so it’s completely normal for them to come home smelling like blood, no murders going on here, no sirey. Just my darling coming back home from a long day at work.

Now fast forward a bit and the author has managed to get their first book published, with loving support from the serial killer who helped them fine tune all the murder scenes, and it’s a big hit. Enough so that a detective with the local police department has noticed some disturbing similarities to several active cases, including details that were never released to the press. Obviously he brings this up to his superior and convinces him that there’s something to the theory, but it’s all circumstantial right now. He stakes out the author’s home and is super convinced that the author is the murderer, but they don’t seem to do anything??? Like they literally are at the house all day, that’s it. Most they do is leave for groceries.

So you get this dynamic of the serial killer mining the author for creative murder schemes, the author being lovingly encouraged by the serial killer, and finally the detective who is just so sure that the author is the killer and that if he sticks it out long enough he’ll FINALLY have proof.


Plot twist, The serial killer and detective use to go out so it gets sub what personal. 

“You need to stop seeing them. I think they are a serial killer.”

Serial killer breaths in. “Look-”


I don’t like actual murder mysteries, but this is perfect

tbh the worst thing about being a self aware mentally ill person is that people assume that because you understand your illness you’re automatically able to actually apply your knowledge to your life and cure yourself

Do I know my brain isn’t making the most sense right now?  Yes.  Can I stop it?  No. 


this is exactly what it’s like

I’m reading the Christchurch terrorist’s manifesto so my followers don’t have to and it’s a really sobering window into a subculture of young-guy-on-the-internet culture that I mercifully don’t really have occasion to interact with. The guy loves the aesthetics of World War II but he hates the actual Allied war aims and reasons the war was fought (one of which (at FDR’s insistence) was freedom of religion). He also seems to think that France was fighting non-European powers in the World Wars, since he describes being radicalized by the sight of a French military cemetery that made him think of “the invaders.” He’s obsessed with the fact that the Hagia Sophia, which hasn’t been an operational mosque since 1931, has minarets, and when he’s addressing potential questions about his motivations he claims that he doesn’t deal with low white birthrates by starting a family of his own because “if we do not destroy the invaders first, our own birthrates will mean nothing”, as opposed to the actual reason, which is almost certainly that no woman worth being with wants radicalized 8channer terrorist dick. He expects that Christians should want to follow the example of Pope Urban II, who reigned over nine hundred years ago in a radically different geopolitical context from today’s; he says that he’s anti-colonialist and anti-imperialist but insists that Australia is “European” because its inhabitants mostly descend from European colonists; he thinks that China is not a diverse country and that Japan is currently in a better sociopolitical situation than the US. All of this is in the first half of the manifesto; I haven’t been able to make myself get any further.

I don’t believe in giving fascists a platform - I’m not going to speak his name or link to his writings. But I too read this, because I think it’s important to know what I oppose and how their arguments work. And there are a few things I think we on the left and antifascist side of things need to be talking about.

  • Some of his comments on how everyone needs to live in their own country with their own languages and cultures and never travel or mix or mingle could be lifted verbatim from cultural appropriation discourse here on Tumblr. Cultural appropriation is real, and it’s damaging and diminishing, but if our discourse about it sounds like “no race mixing, no miscegenation” ethnonationalism, we need to change how we talk about it, or we make it easier for white fascists to hide out in our midst
  • He doesn’t care about a specific ideology other than “brown people bad”. He isn’t a Christian, but he uses Pope Urban II and the Hagia Sophia as rhetorical rallying points. He hates communism, but he admires the PRC. He hates capitalism, but only because it lets nonwhite people be successful and earn money in European markets. He says he’s against all forms of colonialism, but he’s not arguing for indigenous people to retake their lands, and in one case he misidentified indigenous residents of Europe as “invaders” because they happen to be Muslim. All sides are going to argue that he was influenced by one of the ideologies he by turns adopted and rejected, but he was really only a racist xenophobe.
  • He tells you straight up that he’s a fascist. He says that very clearly. He’s not making an attempt to hide or distract. If people say he wasn’t Really A Fascist, his own words dismiss them.
  • He’s well-versed in memes, trolling, and Internet culture. At one point he uses the Navy Seal Copypasta in response to a hypothetical argument, and he trolls a conservative talking head to try and get her to acknowledge him. He’s also frank about how social media and the Internet radicalized him. When people in meatspace start talking about how the Internet doesn’t matter, they’re dismissing what he’s saying.
  • All of his arguments can be easily debunked with simple facts and basic education, but they sound compelling and they’re emotionally charged. Learning history, geography, and sociology will help combat the spread of these thoughts.
  • These people don’t care that they’re radical. They welcome the shift of the Overton window. They eagerly anticipate others joining them, and they’re vocal about it. It’s no longer enough to call them out because they’re hiding behind props or nice-sounding names. The scariest part of this manifesto was hearing him talk about how his behavior was inevitable and justified because of how evil “the invaders” are, and how Western society was dying and decaying and pushing white men to be radical because they were getting shoved out of their old roles and places of power.

Don’t give this guy a voice or a platform. But I think we need to educate ourselves on what he’s saying and doing.


The reason that his “ideology” is so self-contradictory is that he doesn’t have one. People like this never do. Umberto Eco was right about fascism: it’s only an aesthetic, not an idea. It’s just a romantic portrait of death and rage that gives the disaffected and the wrathful some place to store their violence.

I also have to wonder, unfortunately, if Huntington’s prophecy is a self-fulfilling one. Did he, by introducing a framework for much of current the discourse about civilizational conflict, actually serve to help create the future he – it should be noted, unenthusiastically and unhappily – envisioned? Or would the public discourse simply have slightly altered forms?


Eli: I’m too tough to cry

Karyn: this morning you were crying about snakes

Eli (tearing up): they don’t have any arms!


Eli: hey Faro, are you all right?

Karyn: yeah, why?

Eli: well I just saw you pour three cups of energy drink into your caf and wondered-

Karyn: *maintains eye contact as she pours in another energy drink*

Karyn: *drinks caf*

Eli: …

Eli: still getting Vader flashbacks?

Karyn: I can hear his breath modulator behind me

feminism never taught me to hate men but it did help me realize that i shouldn’t prioritize them over women & it turns out that alot of men consider that to be hatred lmao.


So if you were in a room with two prisoners; a man and a woman, you’d never met, and the gender neutral soldier with the big gun told you to kill one of them, you’d automatically shoot the man?


tag yourselves I’m the gender neutral soldier


i cannot tell you how many times this EXACT situation has happened to me

When people offer these bizarre hypotheticals, I like to make solid eye-contact and agree with whatever crazy, terrible thing they’ve decided to extrapolate from my values. So yes, stranger on the Internet, I would shot the guy. Probably while laughing maniacally. Do I have time to monologue? I roll to monologue first.


hey guys friendly reminder from your fave Canadian that esk*mo is a slur so please don’t use it!

I see it usually in the context of “esk*mo kisses” which may pop up when people talk about their ships and their headcanon, but it means “snow eaters” in cree and is a slur against Inuit people so please just don’t use it!

and I would appreciate if u reblogged this because people outside Canada don’t seem to know this for the most part

Also if you want to refer to ‘‘eskimo kisses’‘ and not use that term the Inuit term for it is ‘‘kunik’‘. It’s a traditional greeting usually between relatives or a child and an adult, although it’s a little different from nose kisses so most Canadians call it ‘‘Inuit kiss’‘ and I’ve heard other people call it ‘‘bunny kisses’’. Either way there’s no excuse to use ‘‘eskimo’‘ in this context or another.

Thanks for telling us Americans definitely have no idea, so it’s good information. 


Was Elrond in a gay marriage? We don’t know, because it’s none of our goddamn business. … No matter what Elrond got up to, it didn’t effect his ability to perform his job like a boss. And that is to provide travelers with great directions.


i love this man

listened to Bohemian Rhapsody today… i’m so very sorry


If this post gets 100 notes I’ll recreate the entire song through memes


OK so I’ll do my best to get this done soonish–it may be a week or two, but I’m doing it


My masterpiece… is complete.


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I don’t know who to tag… This is a fuckign masterpiece

it’s not “forcing diversity” the world is really like that

As I saw somewhere on the internet not long ago, when people say “forced diversity” what they really mean is “It’s bad enough I have to tolerate your existence in the real world, don’t make me have to in fictional ones as well.”