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Hi! My name is Lisanne but you can call me Lis. I'm 22 and I'm from the Netherlands. Feel free to ask me anything :) You can convert my items to ts2 or ts4, as long as credit is given.

Bronze Office

Here it is, finally. Sorry for the crap preview pictures.

Stuff included / Info

  • Desk Plant
  • Floor Bin
  • Hanging Chalkboard w/ 4 recolors.
  • Sawhorse Desk
  • Swivel Chair
  • Tin Cans
  • Vintage Desk Fan
  • Wall Grid. 2nd recolor removes the nic nacs as displayed in the first picture. The wall grid also snaps onto the hanging chalkboard.
  • Cage Light Sconce Left & Right. Snaps on to the wall grid.
  • Coral Office Sawhorse Desk Solid. Solid version of the Sawhorse Desk included with my Coral Office set. As pictured here

Downloads Here

Media || Mega || SFS


Back soon

Hi everyone,

A quick message to let you know that I will be back soon. I've really missed you. Unfortunately, because of the start of my master, living on my own for the first time and the death of my beloved grandmother, I had no time and motivation for the sims. I'm still not feeling like myself right now but in two weeks my exams are over and my holiday starts, so then I hope to be active again :)

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NAME: Lisanne AGE:  22 NICKNAME: Lis LAST THING I GOOGLED: Restaurants in Paris FAVORITE COLORS: Orange and grey FAVORITE MOVIE: I can’t choose one haha but I love comedies, action movies and now and then a thriller LAST BOOK I READ: Morgen ben ik weer thuis, Simone van der Vlugt (Dutch author)  WEARING: Blazer with jeans LAST MUSIC I BOUGHT: John Mayer - Battle Studies. This was a long time ago haha. I now use Spotify to listen to music :)

Issue 36: All about color

Summer is coming! And issue 36 and it is bursting with color! We have put the spotlight on use of color this issue and we got a stack of beautiful articles on the topic. As it is our habit we also feature a lot of pictures from our community as well as an interview with the amazing daturaobscura. We also welcome LadySpider on to the team and she has done some stunning pictures for us. If you find…
Anonymous asked:

hello!! WCIF the shelves in post/97414241028 and the house boxes in post/82510746086/ ???? :)

Hi! Sorry for my late reply. The shelves are from this set by Around The Sims 3, the deco house is from this set by Steffor and the little house (alarm clock) is by Pyszny16.


Some random TS2>TS3 conversions, mainly from pretty things I saw in Mari’s interiors.

01 - Vases in the far left by WallSims. Books on top of the armoire by ModernSims. Armoire by Tinhouse, recolour by Helen/Casaslindas. Baskets in the far right by Nanu, recolours by Helen/Casaslindas

02 - Clock by Steffor. Film clap by Cassandre. Flour mesh by Nemestnaya, recolours by Chrisaldesigns. Cutting board by Kativip. Shovel by Sugizo.

03 - Masks by WallSims. Leather boxes by Billyjean. Basket by Anye. Cutting Boards by Hannie18. Quill by Kativip. Vase with leaves again by WallSims.

04 - Lamp by Sugizo, wall divider by SimsinParis.

05 - Jewelry hook by MysticRain.

06 & 07 - Coffee table by Teko (dining table here), flower vase by Anye, laptops by Riekus13. Notebook by Lux/Simsbox, recolours again by Riekus13.

08 & 09 - Wall clutter; recolours by Helen/Casaslindas, mesh by Aikea-Guinea.

10 - Wall banners by Pigmyglitter.


Awesome set! Thank you! <3

Anonymous asked:

Hellooo.. I was just wondering, how many GB of CC do you have installed? Thanks! :D

Hi! I currently have 3.2 GB installed. I try to keep a rule for myself; every time I download something new, I remove something old.

Anonymous asked:

Hello, lovely. I was wondering if you could share some of your favourite CC beds with us? I've been looking around for some nice modern-ish beds and I keep using the same one or two over and over again :( Thank you oodles and oodles!

Hi, I shared some of my favourite beds in this post (with download links). I’m still searching for the perfect modern bed as well haha.

Anonymous asked:

wcif the bed in image 98168518127?

Hi, sorry for my late reply. The mattress is from Xerendipity. You can download it here and the bed is from trutjesims :)

Anonymous asked:

can u please link me to the rocking chair?? thank you post/108672631806

You can download the chair here :)

Anonymous asked:

for the other anon i think camillecc or youlust converted the cooker

Thank you!

Anonymous asked:

Hey :) Do you know wcif the little green cooking thing from post/114834232018/mint-for-spring for ts3? (in the bottom right) I don't know what it's called, I'm not an English speaker. And I really love your blog! :)

Hi, thank you! I think you mean the cooker (hot plate) but as far as I know there isn’t one for ts3. Maybe someone could convert it for you to ts3? :)