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Hello! My name is Kim but some people might know me as Tamasaburo. I draw a lot, I read a lot, I love watching cartoons and animated movies and sometimes I have a good mind to do something else. I'm also German.

Hey I just saw your spg quotes drawings and I was wondering if it would be ok for me to use them as my lockscreen/background on my phone?



Anonymous asked:

Do you think you'll ever draw zero?

The Chances are in the Name.

Anonymous asked:

How do you feel about Hatchwork leaving and Zero joining SPG?

70% sad27% indifferent 3% other

YOOOO DUDE That Hatchworth looks amazing!!! How long did it took you to make it?? It's seriously sooo cool!!!


A week.

I was visiting my parents during Christmas and since I couldn’t bring my workstation with me, I kept myself occupied during the holidays by making a tiny Hatchworth sculpture.

Haven’t done this for almost 4 years and I thought I give it a shot.

Originally, I planed to make a Spine, because he is the easiest but then I decided it had to be Hatchworth because of recent SPG news.

Have a nice New Year!

All right so these stories are absolutely horrible and I am so sorry that any of these people had to deal with these things. And it’s absolutely true, we do need visibility for male victims of domestic abuse. And a lot of this is a result of sexism. But that’s not what I’m here to talk about, even if the statistics seems a little iffy (because really, we need multiple sources with more information) I am here mostly because that fourth screenshot from the top that starts out with “I, too, am the victim of a borderline.” I’m sorry that you were a victim of domestic violence, but you were the victim of domestic violence, not “a borderline.” Putting it this way, you’ve put anybody with borderline personality disorder in the role of abuser. Those things are not mutually exclusive, but you’ve made it seem like they are. They are not.


“We need multiple sources”

I literally linked to a list of 221 empirical studies. How many do you need? 1000?


This is abhorrent, These fucking abuses tend to get off Scott-free if they are a woman. I really fucking hope maybe in 2016 we’ll get some law reforms to push down on abusers, Either Male or Female or really any fucking gender.

I’ve luckily never been a victim of abuse, And I hope I never will, But hopefully a Teaching/Law Enforcement degree which i’m pursuing may help me if I ever must deal with abuse. And really guys, If you are EVER a victim of abuse, Hopefully I could figure out a way to help.