Human Right Violation

The rights which we have just for existing as human beings are known as Human Rights. These universal rights are not being granted by any state or authority, they are granted to us all innate regardless of gender, caste, religion, nationality, language, colour, or any other status. These human rights consist of the right to life, freedom from torture, right to food, education, work, health and liberty to speak. If there are rights then there also comes the responsibility to protect these rights. Thus, the obligation to protect these rights falls on Police and India is no exception to this. Here comes another term,” Human Right Violations”. Human rights violation is when a government or society or individual violates the rights of its citizens or any member of society. 

Human Rights violations:

In the present scenario, human rights violation is unbridled, the more people are getting literate and updated with technology, the more violation of these human rights are being reported. Governments and authorized persons abuse the rights of common people and people without power, Women face all kinds of discrimination and assaults either mentally or physically, and even children are deprived of their rights of childhood and education and are being subjected to human trafficking and child labour. The criteria for these human rights violations are very broad and hard to cover in one reading. But the number of people who are suffering from this violation is increasing day by day. A legal professional faces this issue every second day in their career, that’s why many law aspirants learn all information about these rights and their violations from online law certification courses provided by educational platforms.   

History of Human Rights Day

To celebrate a day dedicated to these rights known as Human Rights Day. Human rights day is held on 10 December every year to commemorate the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights(UDHR) by the United Nations general assembly. This UDHR consists of 30 articles and several other treaties which are made up of articles and sections for human rights. The establishment of these rights was after witnessing the abomination during World War II. Therefore, the adoption of this Human right was in response to the cruelty and foundation for justice, freedom and peace. Not just this UDHR, but there are nine international treaties which constitute the legal framework for these human rights. 

Types Of Human Rights Violation:     

The intention behind Human Rights violations is classified into two categories–  intentional and unintentional. Violation can either be done intentionally to cause harm or the state or government failed to protect the rights of the person. Following are some types of human rights violations that are still in practice and are exploiting the liberty of human beings:


Discrimination on the basis of caste, colour, religion, language, sex or any other factors is one of the most prominent factors which is violating human rights. In order to eradicate this discrimination, there is an article mentioned in part III of the Indian constitution, which consists of fundamental rights. The most important of this discrimination that is still in practice in India is discrimination on the basis of caste. This led to the concept of untouchability, along with untouchability there was other ill-treatment toward lower castes such as caste impacting marriage, caste impacting labour, caste impacting educational opportunities and many other problems which lower castes are facing on a daily basis.

Violence against Women:  

The violation against women is a problem that has been reported for decades but no strong actions are being taken in this regard. Not only in India but all over the world the issue is the same, whether it is physical or mental the problems women are facing are uncountable. After the pandemic, the domestic violence cases have increased drastically, according to the National Family Health Survey there has been rising in domestic and sexual cases against women in the country.

Freedom of Speech and Expression:

This is also considered one of the most important rights of every human being to express themselves wherever or whenever they want through speech, photography, words, expressions and any other form. Article 19 of the Indian constitution, also states the freedom of speech and expression as the fundamental right of every citizen. This is also a human right which is being violated regularly, people are not allowed to express their thoughts or opinions freely and are either being punished or their opinion is being dismissed. In today's time, many people are being aware of their rights and they are raising their voices when facing any kind of violation in regards to their speech.

There are other types of transgressions which people are facing regularly such as terrorism, poverty, right to education, civil and political rights, and economical and social rights, for more information related to all human rights opt for the best online legal courses in India is the best option. 

Human rights and their violation is such an extensive range that in order to acquire a complete knowledge about them, there is a completely different section taught by online legal courses, in which they cover all treaties, history and consequences of violation of this human rights. India is a developing country, where progress in all spheres is being made and appreciated by other countries including the Indian legal system. But the protection of these rights is a big challenge in front of the Indian legal system, the young and aspiring youth and law aspirants have to take initiative and work for the betterment of society .