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EA walking back the policy on early access was a mistake considering this was literally what got us into this shithole before. Their previous statement was perfect because people could still decide to support their faves without having to pick and choose which CC to download. And we know what these creators think is a reasonable amount of time to allow access for free is almost never a reasonable amount of time.


Uhm, the comments on Cowbuild's "rant" on patreon are telling.

Let's see what we have: - Blanket statements saying that people who simply want paywallers to follow EA's terms and treat the community right are "spoiled rich brats" who don't understand how to work. - Comparing wanting CC for a game to wanting a BMW? - A SLAVERY COMPARISON. OH BOY. There's other comments too, but these are the "highlights". Yikes on fucking bikes guys. And yes, the post is public, so you can go on cowbuild's patreon and see who wrote these disgusting comments.

I wonder how these people feel now

These are the type of “creators” we do not need in our community. If your’re only coming here for a paycheck, then I’m afraid we’re going to have to ask you to leave and start writing up resumes and looking on indeed for employment. It is not our responsiblity to keep you fed, especially when you are fully cable of working! It’s sad that the only reason you’re leaving now is that you can’t make money off us, it just proves that this whole patreon thing was a signal for people to come and take advantage of us. They don’t give a damn about us, the game, or the community unless they are getting paid. And judging from the responses on this post, a lot of people feel the same way as i do. Just sad.

If they started with anything exported from the game it’s still EA’s property, regardless of what they do in Blender. And if money was their only motivation for creating cc, good riddance.

Order Customs

I don’t believe I’ll even make it to this much but, I owe  $6,019.78 to my universtiy. 

That’s $3541 for tuition and $2478 for housing.  I am a first generation student at Prarie View A&M University, an HBCU here in Texas. I study agriculture and I wish to one-day battle food deserts and food insecurity in Low-income neighborhoods across the states and then the world. Unfortunately, I owe my school this much for tuition AND housing. As of November 6,2020. I will be charged a late fee of $300 and will have to vacate my dorm completely. I will not be allowed to return to my dorm and will not be able to register for my classes nor gain access to my transcript until $2478 is paid to housing. I hope to reach this goal so anything helps, in return, I am giving our mostly free CC with the occasional Early access, and custom orders as stated above.  Thank you



The official site posted another blog post today to tell us a little more about the upcoming updates to skin tones, hairs and makeup. 

Skin tones On December 8 they will update with over 100 new skin tones. The UI will be updated and the skin tones are divided into 4 categories (warm, neutral, cool & miscellaneous). Every skin tone will have a value slider to give you even more customizable options. The update will also include more compression improvements to both new and existing skin tones, including improving the quality of suntans and sunburns.

Makeup The December patch will also add four brand new makeup sliders that let us control, hue, brightness, transparency and saturation of makeup. This will hopefully greatly improve how makeup works on darker skins as well as make some of the more extreme assets more usable.

Hairs Another three base game hairstyles will be updated with improved textures/meshes. This time it’s two children’s hairstyles (braided ponytail with and without baby hairs) and the flat-top texture hairstyle. The big afro hairstyle is still being worked on according to SimGuruFrost and will not be part of this update.

Happy Simming!