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『Esoragoto』 English translation version

This cartoon is what I drew in 2013.

English translation is Laika (http://laikagohome.tumblr.com/)  me be done.

I am grateful furiously to Laika.

Laika’s, Thank you very much.

エソラゴト 英訳バージョン





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I'm a hard pillow hard mattress man. I need reliability. I don't want something to change into a completely different shape when I touch it, that's lying and I don't like liars.

Not to sound like a gross gatekeeper b/c I whole heartedly support the folks who do this and want them to have fun— but holy shit nothing is funnier to me, as someone who read the comics, than seeing folks who only know the show write DreamxReader posts that are........... hilariously ooc.

“Dream would gently tuck your hair behind your ear before giving you a soft, tender kiss on you forehead, longing for a world where he could freely love a mortal”

AND THATS INSANE B/C LIKE?? Babygirl he’s like one step away from joining the MGTOW subreddit. This man is a walking red flag factory.

Dream would text you 73 times within an hour and get progressively more and more pissed off that you haven’t answered him yet even though you told him you’d be at work today.

Dream would be awkwardly hanging out with you and your friends, refusing to interact with them or engage in conversation, and when your bff playfully teases him about wearing a black trench coat in the summer, he’d get so offended that he’d storm off and later demand you cut them all out of your life.

Like no offense & by all means thirst away but as of right now where he’s at in his arc from the comic’s perspective he’s more like a possessive incel bitch than he is a brooding romantic and im sorry to rain on your parade and I promise he WILL eventually get better... but if you’re gonna keep watching the show and if he’s gonna be accurate to the books you’re gonna have to get used to simping for someone who’d call you a “female”.

Morpheus: courts a woman then neglects her for his work once she moves into his castle, neglects his girlfriend for his work but does give her an island and dream stone when she dumps him, divorced when he mistreats him and his wife's son, doesn't tell his alien girlfriend he is an Endless thus obscuring their imbalanced power dynamic, knowingly has an affair with a married woman, and famously - sent a woman's ghost to hell for refusing him even after she commits suicide to escape their relationship

forklift who trusts you very much leading you to her nest where a newborn pallet jack is waiting and squealing and squeaking for milk and she is showing you this because she trusts ands loves you so much

i actually think it's p disrespectful to reblog someone's fanwork with "#dumb fandom stuff" or "#[insert fandom] trash" or "sorryyy to my followers for posting cringe" or other things along those lines. like. someone cared enough about that to make it lol. and they can see your tags! not everyone feels shame over their interests or wants to have yours associated w their work!

Just went we thought we’d seen the creepiest cat mask imaginable, along comes a whole clouder of fantastically freaky felines. These fantastic masks are the work of Japanese artist Junko Koguchi, who says, “she enjoys imagining what a cat’s world would be like, and it’s the thought of wanting that enjoyment to take shape that inspires her when making her beautiful cat creations.”

In addition to making a variety of beautiful masks that range in character from downright frightening to incredibly adorable, Koguchi also makes feline sculptures, some of which are inspired by Buddhist imagery and would make great friends with our Dashboard Cat Buddha.

Visit Junko Koguchi’s website to check out even more of her awesome cat art.


all cyberpunk stories are like “If you wanna crack open a cybercroissant this nasty, you’re gonna need a real top notch e-driller. i know a guy- Toledo Killswitch- he’s got the frag ordinance you need to grizzle this bocce ball.”

RIP to Bette but I would call John Dee handsome and mean it. Built different.