Land Hermit Crab Owners Society

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Online society for land hermit crab ownersGood friends in a pinch!

Some of my favorite ladies in science! #February11 The International Day of Women & Girls in Science https://www.womeninscienceday.org/

2022 January Calendar Crab Winner

2022 January Calendar Crab Winner - Beth Giles! #hermitcrabs #contest #fundraiser #calendar

The annual hermit crab calendar sales raise money for LHCOS. You can order this year’s hermit crab calendar on Lulu by clicking this text. Our winning photo is from Beth Giles and will be featured January 2023! Our January runner up who will be entered in the December 2022 contest for a second shot at a spot on the calendar.

Hermit crabs inspire me daily but there isn't nearly enough art devoted to them IMO. Let's see YOUR hermit crab art. #hermitcrabs #inspire #art