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Anonymous asked:

Hello, I collect Wicked + Divine commissions from comic book artists I like. This is just for my personal collection because I like the book and characters. I reached out to one artist for a commission, but he said he fears lawsuits from doing commissions of comic creators owned by indie creators. Do comic artists risk lawsuits if they accept a personal commission to illustrate one of your characters for someone's personal collection? I just want to make sure I am doing things right. Thank you.

Strictly speaking, anyone doing commissions of IP they don't own is risking being sued. In practise, everyone does it and it's an accepted part of comics culture. I can't see any time we'd sue someone for just doing a commission of our work. I take it as a compliment, and love seeing other folks' take.

To be honest: if I were this artist I'd be more afraid of non-indie creators. Sure, the big companies have shown a blind eye to it, but corporate positions change, and if they did, they have lawyers.

Today’s post: Aly fell’s folk horror take on retro British girl’s comics and Rachael smith’s funny and humane graphic memoir. https://www.instagram.com/p/CaKajUDqLG3/?utm_medium=tumblr

Anonymous asked:

Mr. Gillen, what's the status of Uber? I've seen bits here and there but nothing I can make sense of. Will the comic have a published conclusion?

2022 update!

I talked to William at Avatar at the start of the year, to check in on the plans going forward. Basically, they're concentrating on things other than publication this year. As in, no Uber in 2022.

Sorry it's not better news.

I understand frustration. Uber is Avatar's property, so all this is outside my control. I'm still committed to the last four issues, whenever their schedule allows. There are plans of how it will happen, so I'm optimistic it will end eventually. I just don't know when.

Fingers crossed for better news in 2023.